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Player Feedback

"I've had my copy of Snappy Nappy for a few days now, and have enjoyed reading it several times. It is a pleasure to have a set of wargame rules that are so clearly expressed and easy to read."

"First impressions are that the rules are well written and in an easy to understand format, I didn't need a lot of flipping back and forth to understand them. Simple as advertised, but I think the subtle may be there as well...What intrigues me most is the scope of the games, these are not grand tactical, I would describe them as operational."

"One thing I'll say. At the end of each turn, you see progress. I can't tell you how many games I've played where nothing happens."

"Had my first Snappy Nappy game last night at a friend's house…and had a great time. I think we played around 6-7 divisions a side. I love the decisive nature of the system – none of the slow attritional grind…There were clear and speedy results – infantry being seen off by artillery fire, heavy cavalry trounced and routed in melee, plus flank charges by the same as well as infantry. What I've noticed playing this and seeing another Snappy Nappy games is that at the end of the engagement the field looks like many of those prints you see of post battle positions with units all over the place, lines pushed back and interpenetrated etc etc....The best thing is we were able to get a game done in an evening, rather than having to look at all the ongoing melees on the table and having to try and call the outcome…So, great game : )"

"I played my 1st game of SN Thursday night at Hcon09, had a great time, went back to my room and joined the Yahoo group."

"Hi I really enjoyed my first game last night, Russians heroically thrashed by the French and Poles...Hope to have a bigger battle this weekend. Thanks for the rules guys, exactly what I have been looking for."

"Played our first "Snappy Nappy" game last night. It was a simple scenario set in Italy in 1809. The Austrians deployed 2 corps...French force was equivalent, with two corps...That scale is what requires players to make a mental adjustment, each turn is an hour and an inch is 150 yds. One is far more concerned with the broad sweep of action not the minutiae covered by other sets of rules...The game started well and the author is absolutely correct when he says that these rules have a short learning curve....Nothing but positive comments around the table, and the game was apparently enjoyable enough for us to schedule another one next week."

"Played a solo game here and quite enjoyed it for much the same reasons you stated above...Product works as advertised :)"

"I picked up my copy at Hcon09, played my 1st game there on Thursday night (Thanks Russ!) and am hooked. We played a corps-level battle with 6 mostly new players in about 1 3/4 hours (including teaching session). To be fair it wasn't quite to conclusion because a couple of players (I think) needed to leave but conclusion would've taken another half-hour at most...My impressions: The rules flowed very quickly; the turn sequence, at first glance, makes you think "This is going to be a real grinder" but my fears were groundless, the game moving along at a smart pace. After about a turn 90% of what I thought about was what I wanted to do on the table, not how to do it per the rules...The game was fast but that doesn't equate (as it often does elsewhere) to flavorless, SN gets high marks from me because it doesn't bog down in the sort of pseudo-tactical-detail that would be more properly addressed in a battalion-level game that I've seen in other games at this scale, play is very intuitive and smooth-flowing, and most of all, it is fun!"

Magazine Review Exerpts

Miniature Wargames

Miniature Wargames (#317: Sep 2009, page 74) was the first to run a review of Snappy Nappy: Simple, Subtle, & Ultrafast Miniatures Rules for the Napoleonic Era. A summary excerpt from reviewer Gary Mitchell:

"The rules deliver what they say -- easy to understand and rapid to play."

"You can pack in a fair sized army on a budget -- not a bad consideration under the credit crunch."

He also noted that the free issue of Napoleon Magazine included with purchases from OMM (US) and Caliver (UK) was a "real fan's delight" and a "useful back issue" although he gave thumbs down on the included free music CD. (Supplies of both are still available).


After this positive review from MW came another positive review from: Battlegames (#19: Sep-Oct 2009, page 36). Excerpts from reviewer Arthur Harman:

"It's catchy title makes no reference to Glory, Eagles or Victory (and throws some American Francophiles on TMP into paroxysms of rage that their hero is being called a diaper -- but this may not be so inappropriate to those who can remember Gen. Kleber's caustic comment on Bonaparte's abrupt return to France, abandoning the Army of the Orient in Egypt: 'That little 's left us with in his pants.')…

"Most of the concepts and rules can be understood pretty well on a first reading, thanks to Mr. Lockwood's congenial, clear prose style, which makes Snappy Nappy as pleasant to read as some of the 'classics', and careful explanations, without the undue use of jargon, acronymns, or initials that has bedeviled so many wargame rules. I soon felt that I had a good grasp of the rules, which is not often the case these days, and could play aided only by the Quick Reference Card"…

"It is heartwarming in these days of style over substance, to see a concise, reasonably priced set of wargame rules that have been thorougly playtested."…

And after these two good reviews…

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy 47 (Sep 2009) posted a news item (page 12). (no review)

Yahoo Group

Please note that one purchaser was so taken by Snappy Nappy that he started a Yahoo group. This discusses SN and Napoleonic topics. Author Russ Lockwood responds to all questions and queries on the group, and floats around TMP as well.

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Simple, Subtle & Ultrafast Miniatures Rules for the Napoleonic Era

by Russ Lockwood

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(Published June 2009)

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