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1-916440 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 440 Articles include:

* Battle of Dove Creek: Texicana scenario that also includes some self-assembly Wild West Real Estate card models
* Command Decision: Scenario with Kesselring in Italy in 1943
* Send Three and Four Pence: Concluding part of an ACW Kriegspiel scenario
* Frost And Fear: Northern Alliance versus Nighstalker battle report for Kings of War's new 3rd Edition
* Dark Side of the Moon: Lunar Skirmish sci-fi rules and a scenery build
* Kill The Rabbit: Intro scenario for new ACP164 skirmish system
* Ragna-Rock The World: Scenario for Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age
* Gordon's Alive: Scratch build a classic pulp spaceship from household items
* Club Spotlight features the Black Wolf Wargames Club
* Last word: Warlord's John Stallard on today's hobby
1 vol, 96 pgs 2019 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-softcover ......$9.00 rct

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1-192564 Ballou, Tom TONKIN GULF YACHT CLUB: CHECK YOUR 6 Scenario Book Scenario and campaign book for clashes between the United States Navy and North Vietnam's Peoples Air Force between 1965 and 1968 during Operation Rolling Thunder. Includes four campaigns, a mini-campaign, and 28 scenarios. The scenarios can be played individually, linked to form campaigns, or combined as one grand campaign. The campaigns cover the battles that occurred during the annual southern monsoon fighting season. The missions changed during the course of Rolling Thunder, so each campaign is different. Includes Historical research and stats.

* The first campaign 1965: Hard Lessons Relearned -- covers the initial battles between the USN and VPAF and the failures of initial tactics and weapons at the start of Rolling Thunder.
* The second campaign 1966: The Grind -- covers the period where the operational failure of Rolling Thunder's restrictions became clear to the men fighting even as their weapons and tactics improved, the skill of the VPAF improved as well.
* The third campaign 1967: The Gloves Come Off -- covers many of the restrictions of Rolling Thunder's restrictions were lifted, large strikes on VPAF airfields and the push to destroy the VPAF. Included within this campaign period is the mini-campaign 'A Birthday Gift for Uncle Ho' covering the Bon Homme Richard's audacious mission to deliver Walleye glide bombs to a power plant in downtown Hanoi, and the running air battle that ensued.
* The fourth campaign 1968: The End of the Beginning -- covers the period post Tet Offensive. The US ended their operations over the heart of North Vietnam, and thereby created a safe haven for VPAF MiGs North of the 19th Parallel. The VPAF began to sweep south and with bait and killer teams, and the Navy had to change tactics again, counter to these attacks till the end of Operation Rolling Thunder.

* HISTORICAL RESEARCH: The book includes sections containing historical background, the training, tactics and weapons of each side, an annotated bibliography for further reading, a color scheme guide, and a campaign map.
* AIRCRAFT STATISTICS and CAMPAIGN INFORMATION: The book contains aircraft statistics for 14 US and Soviet-built aircraft and their variants in Check Your Six Jet Age format for use in the scenarios. The book also contains detailed notes and pictures of the various aircraft featured in the campaign.1 vol, 60 pgs 2019 US, J&D PUBLICATIONS
NEW-softcover ......$25.00 rct

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1-222180 Titterington, Carl CONTACT FRONT: Modern Platoon-Level Rules for 15mm to 28mm Take on the role of a young officer about to take the Platoon Commanders' course. During this course, you will learn how to move your units on the table top (measurements in inches), use them to put fire down on the enemy and many other mechanics you will need to successfully complete your mission and get everyone home.

Included in this book are army lists for British and American forces during the early part of
the war in Afghanistan (2001-2006) and two army lists for the Taliban or Afghan insurgents during the early insurgency period (2002-2006). These lists provide you with the basic forces you will need and a list of support options. These lists have been created from information we could find, however,due to the extremely limited information about the Taliban and Afghan insurgents, the lists are more themed than exact. Therefore, as a gamer feel free to create your own lists within your groups if you wish to. We feel this is part of the hobby and for those who enjoy doing so, they should be able to.

We have also included some mission types for players to play as one-off games. These are
designed to give players a starting point. However, we appreciate that many gamers enjoy creating their own scenarios and we would encourage you to do so.

The rules are designed for historical modern gaming offering guidance but are not overly prescriptive, thus encouraging players to use the feel of the game to guide themselves into making decisions on various aspects of tabletop combat.1 vol, 96 pgs 2019 US, GODSEY GAMES
NEW-softcover ......$30.00 rct

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1-222190 Palinckx, Werner WINTER UNIFORMS OF THE GERMAN ARMY: Heer, Luftwaffe, Waffen-SS Intended for collectors, historians, model makers, and military history enthusiasts, the book describes the creation of the Winteranzug 42 winter uniform, the first of its kind, and the following versions for the army, air force, and Waffen-SS later in the war. First the complete winter uniform - balaclava, parka, trousers and mittens - is illustrated schematically in all its details.

More than 250 original photos, most never published before, and more than 1,100 color images -- complete views and close-ups -- of contemporary pieces in 15 different camouflage patterns are used to provide a detailed description of the development of the winter uniform during the Second World War. It also deals with several uniforms derived from the original design by Neckermann and describes recognition bands and rank badges created specially for winter uniforms.

This work is based on thirty years of research and collecting by the author. Thanks to the generous collaboration of renowned collectors and museums it is possible to illustrated a unique wealth of original pieces, including several very rare examples.1 vol, 448 pgs 2019 GERMANY, BERLIN ZINNFIGUREN
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$126.00 rct

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2-89432 Bennett, Bob WAR OF ALEXANDER'S SUCCESSORS 323 - 281 BC: Volume 2 -- Battles & Tactics When the dying Alexander the Great was asked to whom he bequeathed his vast empire, he supposedly replied 'to the strongest.' There ensued a long series of struggles between his generals and governors for control of these vast territories. Most of these Diadochi, or successors, were consummate professionals who had learned their trade under Alexander and, in some cases, his father Philip.

This second volume studies how they applied that experience and further developed the art of war in a further four decades of warfare. This is a period rich in fascinating tactical developments. The all-conquering Macedonian war machine developed by Philip and Alexander was adapted in various ways (such as the addition of war elephants) by the different successors according to their resources. Siege and naval warfare are also included.1 vol, 224 pgs 2019 UK, PEN & SWORD BOOKS
NEW-softcover edition, available late November 2019 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-222160 Bishop, M.C. THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE ROMAN ROADS IN BRITAIN Offers an in-depth examination of Roman roads' long-term strategic impact, not only in the Roman strategy of conquest and occupation, but how they influenced the course of British military history during subsequent ages. Includes 24 maps and plans and 8 pages of plates.

The author starts with the pre-Roman origins of the network (many Roman roads being built over prehistoric routes) before describing how the Roman army built, developed, maintained and used it. Then, uniquely, he moves on to the post-Roman history of the roads. He shows how they were crucial to medieval military history (try to find a medieval battle that is not near one) and the governance of the realm, fixing the itinerary of the royal progresses. Their legacy is still clear in the building of 18th century military roads and even in the development of the modern road network. Why have some parts of the network remained in use throughout?1 vol, 224 pgs 2019 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-222140 Matyszak, Phillip THE RISE OF HELLENISTIC KINGDOMS: 336-250 BC When Alexander the Great died in 323 BC, he left an empire that stretched from the shores of the Adriatic to the mountains of Afghanistan. This empire did not survive Alexander's death, and rapidly broke into several successor states. These states, substantial kingdoms in their own right, dominated Asia Minor, Greece, the Levant, and Egypt for the next 300 years.

While covering their remarkable contribution of the Eastern Greeks in fields such as philosophy, science, and culture, the main focus is on the rivalry, politics, and wars, both civil and foreign, which the Hellenistic rulers constantly fought among themselves.

As in other fields, the Successor Kingdoms were innovators in the military and diplomatic field. Indeed, their wars and diplomatic skirmishes closely presage those of eighteenth century Europe and the superpower rivalries of the twentieth century. The complex interaction of these different kingdoms, each with its own character and evolving military systems, combined geopolitics and grand strategy with diplomatic duplicity, and relentless warfare. The epic story of the successor states is full of flawed heroes, palace intrigue, murder, treachery, incest, rebellion and conquest.1 vol, 176 pgs 2019 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available late November 2019 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-954133 Various ANCIENT WARFARE: Volume 13.3 Theme: The Rise of Septimius Severus
* Historical Introduction - The Rise of Septimius Severus
* Deciphering the Double Burial - Murder in Canterbury
* The Battle of Lugdunum, AD 197 - Clash of the Titans
* Defense on the Fringes of the Roman Empire - The Permeable Border

* Arms & Armor Reuse in the Roman Empire - Old Weapons for New Soldiers
* War in the Archaeological Record, part III - Siege Warfare
* Combined Arms in Macedonia - The Peak of Integrated Warfare
* Evaluating Herodotus's Statement - 'Naked' Persians at Plataea
* Macedonian Armies Before Philip II - They will not prove Formidable
* Putting Hoplites on Horses - Riding to War1 vol, 84 pgs 2019 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$10.00 rct

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2-194510 Nicolle, David CROSS AND CRESCENT IN THE BALKANS: The Ottoman Conquest of Southeastern Europe (14th - 15th centuries) It is the history of a quite extraordinary century, one which began when a tiny of force of Ottoman Turkish warriors was invited by the Christian Byzantine Emperor to cross the Dardanelles from Asia into Europe to assist him in one of the civil wars which were tearing the fast-declining Byzantine Empire apart. It ended with the fall of the Byzantine capital of Constantinople to what was by then a hugely powerful and expanding empire of the Islamic Ottoman Turks, whose rulers came to see themselves as the natural and legitimate heirs of their Byzantine and indeed Roman predecessors. Includes 33 b/w photographs and 4 maps.1 vol, 272 pgs 2019 UK, PEN & SWORD BOOKS
NEW-softcover edition, available late November 2019 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-962095 Various MEDIEVAL WARFARE: Volume 9.5 Theme: Cyprus during the Middle Ages
* Sailors, Soldiers, and Merchants - Cyprus and the Crusades
* 'Wonder of the World' versus Righteous Baron - The Battle of Agridi

* Henry I of England versus Louis VI of France - The Battle of Bremule
* Bringing the Vitalian Brotherhood to Heel - Scourge of the Hanseatic League
* 'The Hielanmen, wi their Lang Swords' - The Claymore
* Fighting Against England in the Fourteenth Century - The Scottish Knight
* Alfonso IX of Leon and the Challenge of Mediocrity - Failure is Always an Option
* Crushing a 9th-Century Heretical Revolt - The Siege of Al-Badhdh
* Christopher Columbus and the Movies - Filming the New World1 vol, 84 pgs 2019 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$10.00 rct

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1-222151 Dawson, Paul NAPOLEON'S IMPERIAL GUARD UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT: Volume 1 - Infantry The author has collected copies of almost all the surviving documents relating to the Guard, which includes a vast amount of material regarding the issuing of dress items, in some instances down to company level.

This information is supported by an unrivaled collection of illustrations, many of which have never been published before, as well as images of original items of equipment held in museums and private collections across the globe. In addition, the renowned military artist, Keith Rocco, has produced a series of unique paintings commissioned exclusively for this book. Includes 100 illustrations.1 vol, 248 pgs 2019 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-222152 Dawson, Paul NAPOLEON'S IMPERIAL GUARD UNIFORMS AND EQUIPMENT: Volume 2 -- Cavalry From the green and gold trappings of the Chasseurs a Cheval, to the multicolored Mamelukes, the Guard cavalry was among the most brilliantly dressed formations ever to grace the field of battle.

In compiling this magnificent volume, the author has collected copies of almost all the surviving documents relating to the Guard, which includes a vast amount of material regarding the issuing of dress items, even in some instances down to company level.

This information is supported by around 100 contemporary prints, many of which have never been published before, as well as images of original items of equipment held in museums and private collections across the globe. In addition, the renown military artist, Keith Rocco has produced a series of unique paintings commissioned exclusively for this book.1 vol, 248 pgs 2019 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-218972 Lyall, Charles UNIFORMS OF THE ARMIES AT WATERLOO: Volume 2 - Allied Armies This volume presents the Allied armies of 1815 with Dutch-Belgian, Hanoverian (including the King's German Legion - KGL), Nassau, and Brunswick units.

The volume addresses the foreign units that took part in the 1815 campaign in the Netherlands with the Duke of Wellington, whose British Army was presented in the first volume. Along with the Hanoverian units, either as the KGL or as new formations that were created in the Kingdom of Hanover starting in 1813, these were primarily troops from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
They consisted not only of the original Dutch but also Belgian units plus a small Nassau contingent. The smallest body of troops was the contingent provided by the Duke of Brunswick.

Drawn from authentic sources by the artist Charles James Lyall, one of the classic English uniform artists at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1894 Lyall launched a series of uniform plates on the armies at Waterloo in 1815. Lyall compiled series of numerous uniform prints of British, Indian, and various European armies and epochs.1 vol, 96 pgs 2019, GERMANY, BERLIN ZINNFIGUREN
NEW-softcover ......$44.00 rct

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1-938008 Various STRATEGY & TACTICS QUARTERLY # 8: Tet Offensive Tet Offensive: Appearances can be deceiving. In 1968, the leadership of North Vietnam was convinced victory in the decades-old war for control of the nations of Indochina. A massive country-wide offensive exploded during the lunar new year. Viet Cong guerrillas supported by regular units of the North Vietnamese army overran towns and cities across the south as the surprised soldiers of the US and the Republic of Vietnam flailed helplessly. They recovered quickly, crushing the offensive behind devastating airpower.

Although the offensive failed, we now look on it as the war's turning point in the communist favor. Magazine includes plentiful maps, diagrams, weapons descriptions, and images of people and events. A map poster is included depicting the whole of the Tet Offensive across South Vietnam and a detailed infographic of the amount of men, equipment, and munitions that took part in it on the reverse. 1 vol, 48 pgs 2019 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available late November 2019 ......$16.00 DISCOUNT:25% rct

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1-222150 Baxter, Peter SELOUS SCOUTS: Rhodesian Counter-Insurgency Specialists Formed in 1973 by the legendary Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Reid-Daly at the behest of Rhodesian military supremo General Peter Walls, the Selous Scouts were to write their name into the annals of military history as one of the finest counterinsurgency units of all time, through their innovative pseudo-guerrilla tactics, brilliant reconnaissance operations into Zambia and Botswana and daring flying-column raids into Mozambique.

Feared and hated by the liberation movements ZIPRA and ZANLA, the Scouts wreaked untold havoc and destruction on their Soviet- and Chinese-backed enemies, accounting for 68% of guerrilla casualties within Rhodesia alone during the bitter bush war of the 1970s. Uniquely ahead of its time, the regimen - a brotherhood of men that traversed cultural and racial barriers; their Shona motto was 'Pamwe Chete' (together only) -- was to produce the type of soldier that earned for the unit one Grand Cross of Valour, nine Silver Crosses, and 22 Bronze Crosses of Rhodesia. Includes 8 pages of color photos, and many b/w photos and maps.1 vol, 72 pgs 2019 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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