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1-EMPNY049 Wilson, Mick EMPIRE BUILDINGS - 28mm Assembled Church 1 vol, 1 pgs 2017 UK, EMPIRES AT WAR
NEW-softcover, available mid November 2017 ......$89.00 rct

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1-215700 Kiroff, Jurgen & Zaloga, Stephen REAL COLORS OF WW II: Germany, USSSR; British and Commonwealth, USA Real Colors of WWII is a limited edition and accurately printed book devoted to the original colors of WWII, authored by experts in the field. A journey through the research of official, private and industry archives about the development and use of colors on German, Russian, American, and British AFVs. Includes hundreds of color photographs, camouflage schemes, profiles, general camouflage rules, and more. A must book for modelers looking for a definitive guide to WWII colors.

German Colors and Camouflage: RAL system & color cards; OKH regulations; Pre-war; Early war; Russia; Africa; The Tricolor system; The beginning of the end; The end; Dunkelgelb and Rotbraun color comparison; Original color parts and analysis; WWII color photographs

Soviet Camouflage: Camouflage of the Red Army vehicles; Description of paints; Original color parts; WWII color photographs

British Camouflage: The color standards; Pre-war, B.E.F. and Home Forces; New colors and changes; US supplied vehicles; Middle East Colors: The Caunter Scheme; Other areas; Caunter canceled; October 1942 and post-Alamein; Tunisia, Sicily, and Italy colors; Change of color; The Far East

US Army Camouflage: Olive Drab; Camouflage paints; Camouflage manuals; Field camouflage; Camouflage in the Pacific1 vol, 200 pgs 2017 SPAIN, AK INTERACTIVE
NEW-hardback ......$79.00 rct

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1-908362 various WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue # 362 THEME: A Little Gatling Music
* Machine Guns in the Great War: 1914-1918 - and how to use them in games
* The Dawn of the Dogfight: Evolution of aerial warfare
* Where You Going Now? History of WWII MGs
* How to Make a 15mm Machine Gun Nest

* Observation Post: What's New
* Rules Showcase: Frostgrave - Ghost Archipelago scenario
* Twas the Krampusnacht Before Christmas: Holiday game
* Gaslands: Designer's Notes
* Django: Rules for Dracula's America
* Buffalo Soldiers
* A Sharpe Looking Game: 40mm Napoleonics scenario
* Painted Rusted Armor: Painting tips
* Operation Hannibal: German WWII evacuation scenario
* Port Arthur: Naval battle from the Russo-Japanese War of 1904 - 1905.
* Hobby Talk: That collection of miniatures that are just waiting for a little bit of attention1 vol, 108 pgs 2017 UK, WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED
NEW-softcover ......$9.00 rct

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1-916416 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 416 Articles Include:

* How to Build 28mm ruinous building for use in eastern Europe
* Street Fighting Man: WWII Warsaw uprising scenario
* Gaslands: Scenarios
* Personal guide to worthy YouTube locations for wargamers
* Reinventing an Old Friend: Scenarios and army lists for his re-invented Ancients Hoplite rules
* Shows: Recap of shows Derby Worlds and SELWG.
* Building Fenris: Build a host of robots
* Reviews: Releases from Lucid Eye, Titan, Osprey, North Star, Ion Age, Skull & Crown, and Brigade.
* Forward Observer: Wargaming reports on Rubicon, Warlord, Deep Cut, Daemonscape, Stoessi and Victrix.
* Recce: Dozen book reviews
* Club Directory1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-softcover ......$9.00 rct

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1-215640 Hall, Simon MORTEM et GLORIAM: Rules for the Ancient/Medieval Covering 2000BC to 1500AD Mortem et Gloriam starter set containing 55 Command Cards, 10 Death Dice, A4 4-ring Binder, 120GSM Colour Rules, 1 x foldable A3 reference sheet (playing the game) and 2 x A4 Quick Reference sheets (Pre Battle Strategy and Set up). Over 500 Army lists are online.1 vol, 114 pgs 2017 UK, THE WARGAME ZONE
NEW-boxed set, back in stock ......$72.00 rct

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1-215690 D'Amato, Raffaele DECORATED ROMAN ARMOUR: From the Ages of the Kings to the Death of Justinian the Great From the time of the Bronze Age, the warriors of all tribes and nations sought to emblazon their arms and armour with items and images to impress the enemy with the wealth and power of the wearer.

Magnificently decorated shields were as much a defensive necessity as a symbol of social status. Decorative symbols on shields and armour also defined the collective ideals and the self-conceived important of the village or city-state its warriors represented.

Such items were therefore of great significance to the wearers, and the authors of this astounding detailed and extensively research book, have brought together years of research and the latest archaeological discoveries, to produce a work of undeniable importance. This book is richly decorated throughout, and details battlefield, tournament, and parade armor from Rome's earliest days.1 vol, 392 pgs 2017 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-dj, available mid December 2017 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-993136 Chapis, Stephen 136 ALLIED JET KILLERS OF WORLD WAR 2 Allied fighter pilots began encountering German jets - principally the outstanding Me 262 fighter - from the autumn of 1944. Stunned by the aircraft's speed and rate of climb, it took USAAF and RAF units time to work out how to combat this deadly threat as the Luftwaffe targeted the medium and heavy bombers attacking targets across the Reich.

A number of high-scoring aces from the Eighth Air Force (Drew, Glover, Meyer, Norley, and Yeager, to name but a few) succeeded in claiming Me 262s, Me 163, and Ar 234s during the final months of the campaign, as did RAF aces like Tony Gaze and 'Foob' Fairbanks. The exploits of both famous and little-known pilots will be chronicled in this volume, detailing how they pushed their P-47s, P-51s, Spitfires, and Tempests to the limits of their performance in order to down the Luftwaffe's 'wonder weapons.'1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-993134 Forsyth, Robert 134 JAGDGESCHWADER 1 'Oesau' Aces 1939-45 Formed shortly after the outbreak of World War 2, and equipped with Messerschmitt Bf 109Es, Jagdgeschwader 1 was initially tasked to defend the regional North Sea and Baltic coastal areas and Germany's main port cities and naval bases. The greatest task for JG 1 though came after 1942 in its defense of the Reich against the US Eighth Air Force's B-17s and B-24s, bearing the brunt of defense against increasingly regular, larger and deep penetrating USAAF daylight bomber raids with fighter escort. Levels of attrition subsequently grew, but so did experience among the leading aces, who were often the subject of propaganda films and literature.

Many of Germany's most famous World War 2 aces flew with JG 1 including Herbert Ihlefeld (132 victories), Heinz Bar (220) and Walter Oesau (127), piloting Bf 109Es, Fw 190s and the Heinkel 162 jet fighter. Packed with photographs and profile artwork and revealing first-hand accounts, this is the compelling story of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots who battled to defend the skies of Germany.1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-999515 Esposito, Gabriele 515 ARMIES OF THE FIRST CARLIST WAR 1833-39 The First Carlist War broke out after the death of King Ferdinand VII, the king restored at the end of the Peninsular War thanks to Wellington's victory. The crown was claimed by both his daughter Isabella, backed by the Liberal party and his brother Don Carlos, at the head of northern ultra-conservatives centered in the Basque provinces and Navarre.

The Liberals or 'Cristinos' were supported by a 10,000-strong British Legion of volunteers led by a former aide to Wellington as well as the British Royal Navy, a Portuguese division, and the French Foreign Legion. With both armies still using Napoleonic weapons and tactics, early victories were won by the Basque general Zumalacarregui. After his death in 1835, a see-saw series of campaigns followed, fought by conventional armies of horse, foot, and guns, and supported by many irregulars and guerrillas.1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$18.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215670 Scales, John R THE BATTLES OF CONFEDERATE GENERAL NATHAN BEDFORD FORREST 1861-1865 Retired Special Forces Brigadier General John R. Scales offers an examination of Forrest's wartime activities and how his actions affected the war in the Western Theater. Includes four images and 109 maps. Each chapter covers specific raids or campaigns, all arranged chronologically. Each action is augmented with detailed driving directions to allow readers to examine his battlefields and the routes his cavalry took during its famous raids.

Describes the environment within which Forrest operated, which helps readers understand the larger situation within which his movements were made and his battles were fought. First-hand sources, including heavy use of documents and reports from the Official Records, coupled with 109 original maps, make it easy to understand the often complex background, movements, and engagements involving Forrest and his command.1 vol, 480 pgs 2017 US, SAVAS BEATIE
NEW-dj, available late November 2017 ......$33.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-950122 Various GBM: Blindes & Materiel: # 122 Articles cover: 1940: Corap et le desastre sur la Meuse, 1re DCr le 26eBCC a Flavion, Berry a Bac 2017, 1914-1918 Tranchaes, 1940 mimoires dragon a chevel, and more.1 vol, 100 pgs 2017 PARIS, HISTOIRE & COLLECTIONS
NEW-softcover [French text] ......$20.00 rct

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1-215680 Skulski, Janusz BATTLESHIPS YAMATO AND MUSASHI: Anatomy of The Ship Equipped with the largest guns, heaviest armor, and with the greatest displacement of any WWII ship, the Yamato proved to be a formidable opponent to the US Pacific Fleet. The book contains a full description of the design and construction of the battleship including wartime modifications, and a career history followed by a substantial pictorial section with rare onboard views of Yamato and her sister ship Musashi, a comprehensive portfolio of more than 1,020 perspective line artworks, 350 color 3D views, and 30 photographs. The wreck of Musashi has been recently discovered to great excitement in Japan, renewing interest in these iconic warships.1 vol, 336 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid December 2017 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215650 Gilbert, Oscar FIRST TO FIGHT: The U.S. Marines in World War I 'Retreat, hell! We just got here!' -- Captain Lloyd Williams at Belleau Wood in June 1918.

The Marines went to war as part of the American Expeditionary Force, bitterly resented by the Army and General Pershing. The Army tried to use them solely as labor troops and replacements, but the German spring offensive of 1918 forced the issue. The French begged Pershing to commit his partially trained men, and two untested American divisions, supported by British and French units, were thrown into the path of five German divisions. Three horrific weeks later, the Marines held the entirety of Belleau Wood. The Marines then fought in the almost forgotten Blanc Mont Ridge Offensive in October, as well as in every well-known AEF action until the end of the war.

This book will look at all the operations of the Marine Corps in World War I, cover the activities of both ground and air units, and consider the units that supported the Marine Brigade. It will examine how, during the war years, the Marine Corps changed from a small organization of naval security detachments to an elite land combat force. 1 vol, 360 pgs 2017 US, CASEMATE PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available late November 2017 ......$33.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215660 Heidkamper, Otto VITEBSK: The Fight and Destruction of Third Panzer Army The city of Vitebsk in Belarus was of strategic importance during the fighting on the Eastern Front, as it controlled the route to Minsk. A salient in the German lines, Vitebsk had been declared a Festerplatz-a fortress town-meaning that it must be held at all costs. A task handed to 3rd Panzer Army in 1943.

Otto Heidkamper was chief of staff of Georg-Hans Reinhardt's 3rd Panzer Army, Army Group Center, which was stationed around Vitebsk and Smolensk from early 1942 until June 1944. His detailed account of the defense of Vitebsk through the winter of 1943 into 1944, right up to the Soviet summer offensive, is a valuable first-hand account of how the operations around Vitebsk played out. Twenty maps accompany the narrative.

During this time, 3rd Panzer Army undertook numerous military operations to defend the area against the Soviets. They also engaged in anti-partisan operations in the area, deporting civilians accused of supporting partisans and destroying property.

Finally, in June 1944, the Soviets amassed four armies to take Vitebsk, which was then held by 38,000 men of 53rd Corps. Within three days, Vitebsk was encircled, with 53rd Corps trapped inside. Attempts to break the encirclement failed, and resistance in the pocket broke down over the next few days. On June 27, the final destruction of German resistance in Vitebsk was completed, with 20,000 Germans were dead and another 10,000 had been captured.1 vol, 256 pgs 2017 US, CASEMATE PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available late November 2017 ......$33.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-933377 Various RAIDS #377 1 vol, 70 pgs 2017 PARIS, HISTOIRE & COLLECTIONS
NEW-softcover [French text] ......$12.00 rct

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