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1-215730 1980's CIVILIAN CARS: 15mm What does every 1980's terrain need? Cars. They were everywhere. N-FX have designed six commonly seen European cars to add to your Cold War gone Hot tabletops. 15mm sized resin models, supplied unpainted.1 vol, 6 pgs 2017 UK, NFX
NEW, available early December 2017 ......$12.00 rct

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1-BRIG338 Bunde, Peter 338: KINGDOM OF WESTPHALIA: Light Infantry Battalions 1811-1813 Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side.1 vol, 1 pgs 2017 GERMANY, PETER BUNDE
NEW-uniform plate, available mid December 2017 ......$14.00 rct

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1-954115 Various ANCIENT WARFARE: Volume 11.5 - Riding into Battle Theme: Riding Into Battle
* Historical Introduction - Riding Into History
* Roman Dromedary Troops - Patrolling the Sesert Frontier
* Anti-WarElephant Tactics and Stratagems - Bane of Behemoths
* The Battle of Thapsus, 46 BC - Final Fight with Elephants
* Running with the Horses - The Hamippoi
* Veterinary Services in the Roman Army - Keeping the Horses Fit

* The Paullus Monument and The Battle of Pydna - Physical Sources
* The Tombstone of Q. Atilius Primus - A Man of Many Talents
* Tekne Taktike, part V - Pila on the Battlefield
* Who Were Hyginus' Vexillarii?1 vol, 84 pgs 2017 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$10.00 rct

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1-215750 Davies, Sean EDWARD I's CONQUEST OF WALES Edward I's conquest of Wales was a key formative event in the history of Britain, but it has not been the subject of a scholarly book for over 100 years. Research has advanced since then, changing our perception of the medieval military mind and shining fresh light on the key characters involved in the conquest. This gives the Welsh and English perspectives on the war and on the brutal, mistrustful, and ruthless personal motives that drove events.

Set in the context of Welsh warfare and society from the end of Rome to the time of Edward's opening campaign in the late thirteenth century. The narrative describes in vivid detail the military history of the conflict, the sequence of campaigns, Welsh resistance, Edward's castle building and English colonization, and the cost of the struggle to the Welsh and the English - and the uneasy peace that followed.1 vol, 232 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early December 2017 ......$45.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-666123 Abad, Ruben Saez CONTRA FRANCESES Y PROTESTANTES: La Guerra Total 1542-1559 The 1542 appointment of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, third Duke of Alba, as Captain General of Spain made him the main military authority of the peninsula. His successful defense of the Perpignan Square would oblige the French monarch to desist from continuing his war effort in the Pyrenean front.

Alba became chief Imperial Commander in time for Germany's 1546-1547 campaign, when he showed tactical superiority over his opponents despite having inferior material and human means. In the Battle of Muhlberg, he played a pre-eminent role, although his triumph would be of little use. After the revolt of 1552, he suffered a period of failures, including in front of the walls of Metz. He recovered during the Italian campaign of 1555-1557, where he managed to defeat the Franco-Papal armies and subdue the Levantisco Pope Paul IV. 1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$28.00 rct

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1-666124 Blanco, Joaquin LOS TERCIOS de FLANDES de ALEJANDRO FARNESIO: El Plan Combinado Con la Gran Armada, y la Invasion de Inglaterra In discussions about the Spanish Armada, much is made of naval warfare, but little about the land forces of Alejandro Farnese. This new study examines the land force that would have landed in England, how it fought, and what would occur after the army landed.1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$28.00 rct

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1-215790 Riley, Jonathon THE LAST IRONSIDES: The English Expedition to Portugal, 1662-1668 The author's detailed but lively text is fully supported by a range of illustrations and specially commissioned maps. Includes 50 illustrations, with 8 pages in color, and 22 maps.

When Charles II returned to England, he began the search for a dynastic marriage. He fixed upon the Infanta of Portugal, Catherine of Braganza, whose dowry included the possession of Tangier, Bombay, and valuable trade concessions. The Portuguese had been fighting for their independence from Spain for 20 years and needed alliances to tip the scales in their favor.

In return for the concessions, Charles II agreed to send to Portugal a regiment of horse and two of foot, which provided an excuse to ship away the remnants of the Cromwellian armies that had not been disbanded at the Restoration. The prospect of service was at first well received. However, there were also officers and men who had remained loyal to the crown to them Charles owed a debt of employment, Former Royalists therefore made up the balance of the regiment of horse - uncomfortable bedfellows for their former enemies.

The English and French regiments fought with courage and discipline at the series of major battles and sieges that followed, most of which have never been properly described. This is, therefore, the rediscovery of a lost episode in military history. It was the English and French soldiers, under Schomberg's leadership, who proved the decisive factor in winning back Portugal's independence. But in return for their courage in battle, the English soldiers were rewarded with insults and want of pay.

At the conclusion of peace in 1667, only 1,000 out of the 3,500 men who made up the force were left standing -- 400 of these received what was effectively a death sentence: they were shipped to Tangier to join the fight against the Moors. The remainder returned to seek service in England or abroad, but places were hard to find.1 vol, 192 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215780 Johnston, Arran ON GLADSMUIR SHALL THE BATTLE BE! : The Battle of Prestonpans 1745 In the summer of 1745, a charismatic (but inexperienced) young Prince sailed to Scotland - determined to wrest the crowns of Great Britain from the head of George II. In a few short weeks, he raised an army large enough to challenge the government's forces in Scotland and, against the odds, stormed to a shocking victory over them at the Battle of Prestonpans.

Celebrated ever since in song and art, Prestonpans nevertheless proved to be a false dawn on the road to defeat at the Battle of Culloden seven months later, but without his victory at Prestonpans and all the opportunities it provided, Charles Edward Stuart ('Bonnie Prince Charlie') could never have invaded England and his short uprising would then have been but a footnote in the history of Georgian Britain. Includes 25 black/white illustrations and 13 maps.

This book - the climax of years of on-site investigation and source analysis - pieces together the events of the Prestonpans campaign in unprecedented detail. Focusing on the week of the battle, the author's knowledge of the towns and villages through which the armies marched brings their motions vividly to life.

Combined with eyewitness testimonies and close scrutiny of the evidence presented to the Board of Inquiry in 1746, this allows the reader to understand the buildup to the battle from an individual, as well as strategic, level. Such an understanding is revealed as critical, as the effects of morale, landscape and personality are shown to have determined the fate of the battle far more than the relative power of broadsword and bayonet.1 vol, 232 pgs 2017 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-dj, available mid December 2017 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215740 Schneider, Wolfang PANZER REGIMENT 1 The oldest Panzer regiment of the Wehrmacht has not yet been documented in the military literature. On 112 pages the creation of this unit is covered in an impressive photo review with the first years before the war, the campaign periods in the Sudeten, in Poland, Belgium, France, Russia, Greece, Italy and in Hungary. Included are detailed inventory tables, campaign maps and unit structure organizations. The photo story also shows the different vehicle markings throughout the war. Almost all of the 300 photos taken from veteran albums are hitherto unpublished. 1 vol, 112 pgs 2017 UK, SCHNEIDER ARMOUR RESEARCH
NEW-hardback, available early December 2017 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215760 Ailsby, Christopher HITLER'S SKY WARRIORS: German Paratroopers in Action 1939-1945 Images of War Series During World War II, the German Fallschirmjger (paratroopers) carried out many successful and daring operations, such as the capture of the Belgian fortress at Eben Emael in 1940 and the invasion of Crete in 1941. This is a detailed examination of all the battles and campaigns of the Third Reich's airborne forces, illustrated throughout by many previously unpublished photographs. Includes detailed accounts of all the ground campaigns of the parachute divisions, especially in Italy and defense of Monte Cassino, and information on the specialist weapons and equipment .1 vol, 248 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-215800 Harper, Glyn THE BATTLE FOR NORTH AFRICA: El Alamein and the Turning Point for World War II In the early years of World War II, Germany shocked the world with a devastating blitzkrieg, rapidly conquered most of Europe, and pushed into North Africa. As the Allies scrambled to counter the Axis armies, the British Eighth Army confronted the experienced Afrika Corps, led by German field marshal Erwin Rommel, in three battles at El Alamein.

In the first battle, the Eighth Army narrowly halted the advance of the Germans during the summer of 1942. However, the stalemate left Nazi troops within striking distance of the Suez Canal, which would provide a critical tactical advantage to the controlling force. Narrates the events, strategies, and personalities surrounding the battles and paying particular attention to the Second Battle of El Alamein, a crucial turning point in the war that would be described by Winston Churchill as 'the end of the beginning.'

Moving beyond a simple narrative of the conflict, The Battle for North Africa tackles critical themes, such as the problems of coalition warfare, the use of military intelligence, the role of celebrity generals, and the importance of an all-arms approach to modern warfare.1 vol, 279 pgs 2017 US, INDIANA UNIVERSITY PRESS
NEW-dj, available mid December 2017 ......$29.00 rct

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1-215770 Tucker-Jones, Anthony T-54/55: The Soviet Army's Cold War Main Battle Tank Images of War Series The Soviet T-54/55 is probably the best-known tank of the Cold War, and it was produced in greater numbers that any other tank in history. It first went into service just after World War II and over 70,000 were made. The design was so successful that it even outlasted its successor the T-62. For a generation it formed the backbone of the armored forces of the Warsaw Pact and it was exported all over the world, remaining in the front-line until the 1990s.

This photographic history in the Images of War series by Anthony Tucker-Jones is the ideal introduction to it. In over 150 archive photographs and a detailed analytical text, he traces the design and development of the T-54/55 and records its operational history. He describes how it was conceived as a main battle tank, an all-rounder, contrasting with the light, medium and heavy tanks produced in the past, and it proved to be extraordinarily effective.

It was as adaptable as it was long-lasting, different versions being produced by China, Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania. Its relatively simple design also meant it was easy to maintain even in difficult conditions and it was used by armies across the Third World, in particular in wars in Angola, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Somalia.1 vol, 248 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-softcover, available mid December 2017 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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