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1-453010801 Warlord Games, Clockwork Goblin KONFLIKT '47: Soviet Siberian Terror Squad The pack contains five 28mm metal figures. This product is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included.

Through a combination of espionage, scientific exploitation of prisoners, and defecting scientists, the Soviet Union gained substantial knowledge of the German super-soldier and gene-splicing programs and produced its own versions of DNA enhanced soldiers. In an effort to make soldiers immune to the cold, a method of making monsters out of men was discovered. With a form of anti-freeze in their veins, these 'ghouls' are immune to cold and fire and have a freezing touch that can cause immediate damage.

These fast fanatical nightmarish creatures can cause havoc in amongst your enemies lines, move up fast (don't worry about flame weapons as they're immune) to take advantage of their combat prowess!1 vol, 5 pgs 2016 UK, WARLORD GAMES
NEW-blister, available early January 2017 ......$24.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-916405 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue #405 Articles include:

* Forward Observer: New products
* Send Three and Fourpence: Solo wargaming using The Men Who Would be Kings
* Wargaming My Way: Andy Copestake on the hobby and his collection
* Puissant Pike: ECW Rules
* Grid-Based Wargaming: Part 2 on gaming without a ruler
* Darker Horizon (non-historical section): Reviews, Achtung! Cthulhu scenario, Frostgrave scenario with new Barbarian type, and Dragonmeet show recap
* Big Sage, Small Figures: Bigger actions in 10mm
* Recce: Book Reviews
* Warfare 2016: Show recap1 vol, 96 pgs 2016 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-pb ......$9.00

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1-908351 various WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue # 351 Theme: Extreme Conditions

* Going to Extremes: environmental-related rules
* This is My Last Pigeon: WWI assault upon Fort Vaux
* The Land of the 50mph Fog: WWII
* Modelling Sewers: Underground battles
* Frozen Chosin: Korean War

Other Articles

* Observation Post: New products
* Horse and Musket Blitzkrieg: Part 3 Great Northern War
* The Panzers of World War III: Team Yankee East Germans
* Warband of Ragnulf Ragnarsen: Norse-Gael warband
* Unleashing the Battlegroup: Rules analysis
* Three Continents, Three Conventions: USA, Australia and the UK shows
* SwordPoint Army Lists: Two army lists
* Chosen Men: Review of Napoleonic-era skirmish rules
* Henry Hyde's Battlegames: Modifying rule sets
* Figure Directory: A list of miniatures1 vol, 108 pgs 2016 UK, WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED
NEW-pb ......$9.00

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1-213001 SWORDPOINT: Dark Age Armies Dark Age Armies provides you with all the information you need to field Dark Age Armies in your games of Swordpoint. The book covers the period 300 AD to 1066 AD and contains 48 army lists with many variants.1 vol, 66 pgs 2016 UK, GRIPPING BEAST
NEW-softcover ......$28.00

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1-213050 Mersey, Daniel THE PIKEMAN'S LAMENT: Pike and Shot Wargaming Rules Recreate the action and drama of 17th Century warfare -- including the Thirty Years' War, the English Civil Wars, and the Great Northern War -- with core mechanics based on Lion Rampant rules.

Start by creating your Officer - is he a natural leader raised from the ranks, the youngest son of a noble family, or an old veteran who has seen too many battles? As you campaign, your Officer will win honor and gain promotion, acquiring traits that may help lead his men to victory.

Before each skirmish, your Officer must raise his Company from a wide range of unit options - should he lean towards hard-hitting heavy cavalry or favor solid, defensively minded infantry? Companies are typically formed from six to eight units, each made up of either six or 12 figures, and quick, decisive, and dramatic games are the order of the day. 1 vol, 64 pgs 2016 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late January 2017 ......$19.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-BRIG323 Bunde, Peter 323: KINGDOM OF NAPLES: 8th Infantry Regiment del Re 1811-1815 Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc.1 vol, 1 pgs 2016 GERMANY, PETER BUNDE
NEW-plate ......$14.00

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1-975052 Pegler, Martin 052 COLT SINGLE-ACTION REVOLVERS In 1836, Samuel Colt changed the face of warfare with the production of the first of a series of iconic and influential single-action revolvers, including the .44-caliber Colt Walker and the seminal .45-caliber Colt Single Action Army, which remains in production today. These weapons shifted the role of the pistol from single-shot weapon of last resort to a practical and powerful sidearm that gave the user the ability to defend himself once his primary armament was discharged. It transformed cavalry tactics and relegated the sword to a largely ceremonial role in many armies.

Featuring full-color artwork, expert analysis and gripping first-hand accounts, this is the absorbing story of Colt's family of single-action revolvers, covering their origins, development, use and lasting impact on the modern world.1 vol, 80 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late January 2017 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-995242 Hampshire, Edward 242 SOVIET COLD WAR GUIDED MISSILE CRUISERS Heavily armed and formidable, guided missile cruisers formed the core of the Soviet Navy during the Cold War. From the last class of conventional Sverdlov-class cruisers through to increasingly complex and formidable missile cruisers, these ships ensured that NATO took the Soviet naval threat seriously. Soviet Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers covers all classes of these impressive warships, from the early Sverdlov through the Kynda, Kresta, Kara, and Slava to the enormous Kirov classes.

Together, these vessels marked the apogee of Soviet naval technology and capability and they remain today the largest non-aircraft carrier warships built since 1945. Containing material previously only available in Russian and fully researched from specialist defense journals, this comprehensive volume examines the design, development, and intended role of these impressive, hi-tech warships, and recounts their dramatic operational history as NATO and Soviet warships faced off against each other during the long Cold War at sea. 1 vol, 48 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late January 2017 ......$18.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-996303 Fields, Nic 303 LAKE TRASIMENE 217 BC: Ambush and Annihilation of a Roman Army Following Hannibal's crushing victory at the battle of the Trebbia, the reeling Roman Republic sent a new army under the overconfident consul Caius Flaminius to destroy the Carthaginian invaders - unbeknownst to him they were ready and waiting. The destruction of the Roman force at Lake Trasimene firmly established Hannibal as one of the Ancient World's greatest commanders thanks to his use of innovative tactics, including the first recorded use of a turning movement. The Romans would not send another major army to confront him until the battle of Cannae in 216 BC.

This new study, based on recent archaeological work on the battlefield itself, tells the full story of one of Hannibal's greatest victories with the help of maps, full-color illustrations, and detailed sections on the make-up of the armies and their commanders.1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late January 2017 ......$24.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-997216 Rottman, Gordon 216 VIETNAM WAR US & ALLIED COMBAT EQUIPMENTS Over the eight years of the Vietnam War, US forces used three major types of equipment sets, with numerous modifications for particular circumstances. Different equipments were also used by Special Forces, the South Vietnamese, and other allied ground troops.

Offers a comprehensive examination of the gear that US and allied soldiers had strapped around their bodies, what they contained, and what those items were used for. Fully illustrated with photographs and artwork detailing how each piece of equipment was used.1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb ......$19.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-213040 Dr. Lesley Prince & Laurence Spring RUSSIAN INFANTRY FLAGS OF THE NAPOLEONIC WARS The aim of this book is simple: to provide the reader with as complete and accurate a catalogue of Russian Infantry flags used during the Napoleonic Wars, systematically set out and easy to consult. The authors have consulted contemporary sources and informed commentary widely and have produced what is perhaps the definitive source book on the subject.

Each of the illustrations has been prepared with accuracy and clarity in mind, and there is an accompanying text which clarifies some of the ambiguities in the source material. So far as the authors are aware, there is nothing like this book in print either in English or Russian anywhere else in the world.1 vol, 144 pgs 2016 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-hardcover, available late December 2016 ......$60.00

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1-972022 Zaloga, Steven 022 PANZERGRENADIERS vs US ARMORED INFANTRYMAN: European Theater of Operations 1944 WWII encounters between German Panzergrenadiers and US armored infantrymen in Operation Cobra and Battle of the Bulge in 1944. Includes specially commissioned full-color artwork and maps.1 vol, 80 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late January 2017 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-213060 Poole, Eric COMPANY OF HEROES: A Forgotten Medal of Honor and Bravo Company's War in Vietnam Now published in paperback, this tells the remarkable account of a Medal of Honor recipient Leslie Sabo Jr., whose brave actions were forgotten for over three decades. Sabo and other replacement soldiers in Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 506th Infantry (Currahees), 101st Airborne Division, were involved in intense, bloody engagements such as the battle for Hill 474 and the Mother's Day Ambush. 1 vol, 320 pgs 2016 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late January 2017 ......$15.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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