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1-210672 Bollands, Wayne WILD GEESE: Living on the Front Line - Post-1945 Rules for Mercenary Units The life of a mercenary depends upon the accounts you read or your approach to the topic. On one level, mercenary life can seem a romantic adventure, where often noble Soldiers of Fortune venture forth to save lives, right wrongs and vanquish the evil within our world. On another, mercenary life can appear fraught with danger, hardship and eventual death, with little or no support from uncaring employers.

The truth is, the reality can be seen as a blend of these and many other factors. What is known is that mercenaries in one form or another have been instrumental in toppling governments, creating nations and preserving peace / ensuring war across the globe, especially during the post-1945 period and up until the modern day.

Wild Geese is a skirmish level game using suitable miniatures from 15 to 28mm size, plus buildings, vehicles and other items that are scaled to fit. Games can represent one-off encounters or be a part of a series of battles, perhaps even a narrative campaign where the units you and your fellow gamers come up with develop over time.

Remember: Get in, get out, get paid - where the Wild Geese roam, lesser men fear to tread.1 vol, 56 pgs 2016 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-softcover ......$24.00

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1-970025 Delaitre, Fabrice LES CHAMPS CATALAUNIQUES 1ER-2 SEPT.451: ATTILA VAINCU DEVANT TROYES Huns, led by Attila invaded Gaul in 451 and were defeated in the Catalauniques fields. But we know exactly at what time, what (s) location (s) and how the Romain Aetius and barbarian allies inflicted this crushing defeat the wild hordes? Many scholars have tried to reconstruct this clash of titans, which took place under the walls of Troyes. The author realized the synthesis of current work by retaining their most relevant elements and then together, in order to create a coherent and complete picture. 60 color & b/w and illust.1 vol, 88 pgs 2016 FRANCE, HISTORIC ONE
NEW-pb, [French text] available early January 2017 ......$28.00

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1-949041 Various PRETORIEN # 41 On the cover: the battle of Kosovo Polje that permanently dedicated the Turkish rule in the Balkans. Also: La Bataille de Couroupedion, Les Premiers Vexilla d'la Armee Romaine, La Chareau de Dunnottar, Amedee VI de Savoie le comte vert, Sur les pas de Guillaume le Conquerant, and more. 1 vol, 68 pgs 2016 FRANCE, LCV
NEW-pb, available mid January 2017 [French text] ......$18.00

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1-942069 Martin, Yves GLOIRE & EMPIRE # 69 Articles include: 1809 Les Operations en Europe du Nord, La Campagne de Pologne, L'epique Chevauchee de Schill, La Folle aventure du duc de Brunswick-Oels, and more.1 vol, 132 pgs 2016 FRANCE, LCV
NEW-pb, available mid January 2017 [French text] ......$28.00

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1-942070 Martin, Yves GLOIRE & EMPIRE # 70 Articles include: 1811 La Retraite de Massena Portugal, La Exploits du Marechal Ney, Le Combat de Redinha, La Battaille de Sabugal, and more.1 vol, 132 pgs 2016 FRANCE, LCV
NEW-pb, [French text] ......$28.00

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1-932023N Various LA REVUE NAPOLEON # 23(New series) Articles include: Admiral Nelson: La Face Cachee du Heros, La Revolte des Demi-solde, La Vin de Constance Porte-t-il Malheur, and more.1 vol, 84 pgs 2016 FRANCE, LCV
NEW-pb, available mid January 2017 [French text] ......$26.00

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1-961011 Various TRADITIONS # 11 Articles include: L'incontournable Pipe du General Lasalle, Les Gardes d'Honneur par L'image, Valmy par Horace Vernet, and more.1 vol, 100 pgs 2016 FRANCE, LCV
NEW-pb, (French text) ......$18.00

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1-213070 Simmer, Mark PATHAN RISING: Jihad on the North West Frontier of India 1897-1898 The story of the large-scale tribal unrest that erupted along the North West Frontier of India in the late 1890s -- a short but sharp period of violence that was initiated by the Pathan tribesmen against the British. Although the exact causes of the unrest remain unclear, it was likely the result of tribal resentment towards the establishment of the Durand Line and British 'forward policy', during the last echoes of the 'Great Game' that led the proud tribesmen to take up arms on an unprecedented scale.

This resentment was brought to boiling point by a number of fanatical religious leaders, such as the Mad Fakir and the Hadda Mullah, who visited the various Pathan tribes calling for jihad. By the time the revolts ended, 11 Victoria Crosses would be awarded to British troops, which hints at the ferocity and level of bitterness of the fighting. Indeed, although not eligible for the VC in 1897, many Indian soldiers would also receive high-level decorations in recognition of their bravery. It would be one of the greatest challenges to British authority in Asia during the Victorian era.1 vol, 272 pgs 2016 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available mid January 2017 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-213090 Thorton, Neil RORKE'S DRIFT: A New Perspective The Battle of Rorke's Drift is established in history as one of Britain's most incredible actions where approximately 155 defenders held off a Zulu force of over 4,000 warriors, in a savage, bloody conflict with no quarter given by either side. The battle led to a display of incredible fortitude, courage and tenacity resulting in mutual respect between British red coat and Zulu warrior. Illustrated with previously unpublished artwork -- 49 illustrations (21 in color). The actions of each of the 11 Victoria Cross recipients are looked at in detail, together with those men who were awarded the DCM. 1 vol, 208 pgs 2016 UK, FONTHILL MEDIA
NEW-dj, available mid January 2017 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-84016 Tilson, Tim THE GORDON CAMPAIGN: Colonial Campaign Scenarios This book features 10 action-packed scenarios from 1882-1889 covering before, during, and after the 1st Anglo Sudanese War. It features the following battles:

1. Om Waragut, November 4, 1882 An Austrian Soldier's Finest Hour
2. El Teb, February 29, 1884 First Blood
3. Tamai, March 13, 1884 Breaking Up Osman Digna
4. Abu Klea, January 17, 1885 Breaking the British Square
5. Kirbekan, February 10, 1885 The River Column Triumphant
6. Hashin, March 20,1885 Breaking up Osman Digna Again
7. Tofrik, March 22, 1885 The Mahdists Come for Lunch
8. Ginnis, December 30, 1885 The Last Wearing of the Scarlet Coat
9. Handub, January 17, 1888 Colonel Kitchener is Wounded
10. Toski, August 3, 1889 The Rebirth of the Egyptian Army

Organized to be played with The Sword and the Flame, they can be adopted to any rule set. Also includes a 14-page campaign history along with information on unit organizations and uniforms.1 vol, 64 pgs 20116 FAIRFAX, J&D PUBLICATIONS
NEW-pb ......$25.00

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1-914131 various VAE VICTIS #131: Operation Cauldron 1942 At daybreak on 19 August 1942, the Allied ships and landing crafts approach Dieppe -- Operation Jubilee has begun. A few kilometres from the port, two coastal batteries represent the armada's principal threat. One is located at Berneval and the other at Varengeville. Composed of six 155mm guns, Varengeville will be the target of Commando 4 under the code name Hess.

Wargame covers this raid - the Anglo-Canadian forces' one and only success on this disastrous day. This game is an improved and enriched version of Raid sur Bruneval : 1942 (VV104). This is a solo game in which you command the British and the game system commands the Germans. A turn represents 15 minutes and the game is played in 12 turns.

The distances between points on the map range from one hundred to several hundred meters. A complete unit represents 10 men, a machine gun or artillery post and its gunners. The Commandos include a howitzer section and some snipers. A commando mission is only successful if all the men leave unharmed. The game includes two different captivating and immersive phases: the infiltration and destruction of the principal target followed by the exfiltration up to re-embarkation. The victory conditions reflect this double objective.

Several game elements render each game play unique: Unforeseen events for the fleet (encounter with a German convoy, fire by a coastal battery, error in course, and/or mechanical trouble), Masked activation markers that reveal the number and nature of activated units (infantry, machine gun nest, and barbed wire), and The uncertain arrival of German reinforcements (strength, location, and time).

Finally, the optional rules permit the player to progressively increase the difficulty for the British. These elements all contribute to multiple times playing the game and allow the player to begin a new game quickly. This game is the first in the solo player series 'Raid' which will be based on actions prepared and executed in the style of commandos.

Complexity : Low to medium, Duration: 60 to 90 minutes, and Solo play.1 vol, 84 pgs 2016 FRANCE, CERIGO EDITIONS
NEW-pb [French text] English rules for included game, available early January 2017 ......$24.00 DISCOUNT:35%

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1-213080 Barlow, Eeben COMPOSITE WARFARE: The Conduct of Successful Ground Force Operations in Africa Composite Warfare presents African soldiers and scholars with a true African 'Art of War'. As a continent, Africa presents her armies with a vast, dynamic, and multidimensional operating environment. It has numerous complex and diverse ethnic, religious, cultural and tribal interests and loyalties, along with many multifaceted threat-drivers coupled to varied and infrastructure-poor terrain plus vast climatic variations.

The continent is, furthermore, characterized by numerous half-won conflicts and wars fought by incorrectly structured, inadequately trained and ill-equipped armies. For many reasons, these forces have difficulty adapting to the complex, demanding and rapidly changing environments they do battle in. Similarly, the armies have difficulty in decisively defeating the various threats they face. Many of these problems stem from the fact that numerous modern-day African armies are merely clones of the armies established by their once-colonial masters, their Cold War allies or their new international allies. Many of the principles and tactics, techniques and procedures they were - and still are - being taught relate to fighting in Europe and not in Africa. Some of these concepts are not even relevant to Africa. B/w drawings & charts, color & b/w photos

This book is intended as a guide and textbook for African soldiers and scholars who wish to understand the development of hostilities, strategy, operational design, doctrine and tactics. It also illustrates the importance of nonpartisanship and the mission and role of the armed forces. Officers, NCOs and their subordinates need to, furthermore, understand their role in defending and protecting the government and the people they serve. They additionally need to know how to successfully accomplish their numerous missions with aggression, audacity, boldness, speed and surprise.

The book provides the reader with valuable information relating to conventional and unconventional maneuver. It also discusses how African armies can, with structured and balanced forces, achieve strategic, operational and tactical success. It covers the role of government along with operations related to war, operations other than war and intelligence operations and how these operations, operating in a coordinated and unified manner, can secure and strengthen a government. Composite Warfare draws on the author's experiences and lessons in Central, Southern, East, West and North Africa where he has served numerous African governments as a politico-military strategist, division commander, division adviser, battalion commander, and special operations commander.1 vol, 576 pgs 2016 UK, HARPIA PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid January 2017 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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