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Updated as of 9/12/019

ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
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1-219710 MORTAL GODS: Core Box Set Greece has proven her might and the forces of the vast Persian Empire have been repulsed. Each City-State believes it played a key part in the victory and this new-found pride has brought about rivalry, greed and conflict. Generals and statesmen vie for power and wealth in the chaos, risking exile or execution while the boldest and ambitious gather to them their Hoplites; these tough warriors, armour clad and trained in war, stand loyal to their archon's city or ideals. The price of failure being exile or death.

Mortal Gods is a skirmish tabletop game played with roughly 15-25 models on each side. Players select their force before each game based around a single heroic leader, or 'Lochagos', along with a number of loyal companions.

Players alternate activating one warrior or a group of warriors - moving and fighting to achieve the scenario objectives, whether that be cutting down the enemy, defending an outpost or finding and protecting an important character. As you play through the game, your hero can acquire new gifts, and perhaps even catch the eye of the gods to gain victory - such choices are what create Mortal Gods.

Box Contents
* 38 x plastic Victrix Ancient Greek miniatures, made up of the following:
* 2 x Mercenary Hoplite frames (16 miniatures)
* 1 x Unarmored hoplite frames (8 miniatures)
* 1 x Peltast frame (8 miniatures)
* 3 x Mini slinger frames (6 miniatures)

(The above provides two equal sized medium forces or one large force. The box contents can be used to represent Mercenary Greek Lochoi or other cities, with a simple painting solution. The 28mm miniatures in this box require assembly and are supplied unpainted.)

* Bases - singles and groups
* 2 x movement sticks
* The Mortal Gods Rulebook
* 10 x Mortal Gods Dice (white & black)
* 15 x Damage Dice (red & white)
* 1 x D6
* 2 x Quick Reference Sheet

* 98 x Lochos Roster Cards, including Phalanx Cards
* 30 x Gift Cards
* 30 x Omen Cards
* 5 x Injury Cards
* 20 x White activation markers
* 20 x Back activation markers
* 3 x Red Omen markers1 vol, 38 pgs 2019 UK, WAR BANNER
NEW-box ......$68.00 rct

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1-219720 GANGS OF ROME: Bread and Circuses Scenario Starter Box Set Election day looms, and the young dominus Hostilius is standing as a candidate for the plebeian aediles. Hostilius has gained and cemented great support from the plebeian electorate by forcibly seizing control of bakeries and giving away bread to the masses. Now Hostilius has his sights on the next bakery. Said to be the best in the Subura, this bakery is run by the famous freedman Eurysaces. Hostilius, therefore, dispatches his lieutenant Vermio to seize the bakery.

Hostilius' plans, however, have been unearthed by a rival gang. Vermio's sister, Bruttia, hates her brother with a violent passion, and-caring not for bread or politics-she determines she will ambush Vermio at the bakery and finish him off once and all. These two gangs converge on the bakery at sunrise, just as a host of the Subura's hungry citizens gather, enticed by the smell of Eurysaces' famous bread.

This scenario box set contains:

* Gangs of Rome A4 Full Rulebook
* Bread and Circuses scenario
* 6 x Single piece fighters
* 15 x Mob miniatures
* 1 Eurysaces the Baker, Incola card and base
* 6 x Named fighter cards
* 16 x Equipment/Skill Coins and cards featuring four unique coins for this scenario
* 6 x Activation pebbles (3 x 2 different colors)
* 7 Roman numeral dice
* 2 x MDF Movement rulers
* 6 x Jigsaw Base
* 3 x Mob Base
* 6 x Sets of flesh tokens
* 2 x sets of ID markers ( 1 - 3, two colors)
* MDF Bakery scenery by Sarissa Precision
* 9 x Objective tokens1 vol, 38 pgs 2019 UK, WAR BANNER
NEW-box, available early April 2019 ......$72.00 rct

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1-219780 SAGA: Age of Magic (Supplement) Dragons, sorcerers, and paladins descend upon SAGA's gaming tables in the Age of Magic. Assemble a warband from one of six factions, recruit new units like Monsters, Creatures and War Machines, and confront your opponents with the aid of powerful sorceries.

You will need a copy of the SAGA Rulebook to use this supplement. This 108-page book is accompanied by six Battle Boards, which cannot be sold separately. You can use existing collections of fantasy figures, and to create their own gaming universe.

The Age of Magic includes:
* 6 archetypal factions from the worlds of fantasy so you can use your collections of fantasy figures to play SAGA.
* Legendary units and warbands for each faction to let you personalize your units.
* New rules and equipment to represent these worlds' most iconic units.
* Complete rules for Magic.
* A Grimoire of more than thirty spells divided into six Domains of Magic.
* An impressive photo gallery of armies and battle scenes to inspire players in building their own warbands.1 vol, 108 pgs 2019 UK, STUDIO TOMAHAWK
NEW-hardback ......$50.00 rct

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1-198513 Hamilton, Alan MAD MULLAH & OTHER OPERATIONS IN DARFUR: British Operations in Somaliland The Latest in the SETTING THE EAST ABLAZE series. Detailed background, 10 scenarios, maps, OOBs, and Army lists.1 vol, 8 pgs 2019 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$32.00 rct

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2-43280 Johannsen, Hans WHERE THE IRON CROSSES GROW:Eastern Front Scenario 8.5x11, (21) scenarios 1941-45 based for SPEARHEAD1 vol, 46 pgs 2019 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ......$20.00

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1-219760 RFCM Team PIECES OF EIGHT 140 + pages of rules covering historical sea fights, land raids, and campaigns. All focused on the buccaneers, pirates, and privateers of the 17th century. The three books are bound into one. The usual Peter Pig lay flat wire binding. Three great games all in one publication. rules include Playsheets bound in and separate.

Extra sheets can be downloaded, free of charge from the Peter Pig website.1 vol, 140 pgs 2019 UK, PETER PIG
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$40.00 rct

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1-219670 Swan, Chris TEXICANA BEFORE THE ALAMO: Wargaming the Fight for Freedom 1812-1835 Large format full color paperback. Contains 10 scenarios, OOBs, maps, and detailed background on the actions and the armies. Also includes campaign, army lists, and a section on adapting the Black Powder rules. Includes color uniform plates by Mike Blake.1 vol, 90 pgs 2019 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$32.00 rct

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1-219680 Whitehouse, Howard and Foley, Daniel A GENTLEMAN'S WAR: Or, Glossy Coats and Tin Bayonets A simple game involving toy soldiers of the classic style. It is a relaxed and relaxing game, where enough depends on the turn of a card and the roll of a handful of dice to say that our disasters are pure chance, but enough cunning decision-making to claim our victories as acts of brilliant generalship.

Our model soldiers are very brave, obedient, and generally do what we want them to. Players
are expected to behave in a friendly manner, and conduct themselves as gentlemen (or ladies,
as is appropriate). There are lots of six-sided dice, saving rolls, proper distances in inches,
and a general sense that there ought to be salmon-and-cucumber sandwiches and tea or beer.1 vol, 170 pgs 2019 US, WINGED HUSSAR PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$30.00 rct

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1-1947632 Rocco, Samuel THE LEGIONES CANNENSES The legiones cannenses (Cannae's legions), formed by the veterans of the battle of Cannae (216 BCE), developed from a citizen army into a professional army under the Roman Republic. Three events accelerated the transformation: the stripping of civic right from common soldiers as a consequence of the Senatus Consultum of 215 BCE; the peculiar commitment and loyalty to each of the successful Roman commanders; and the evolution and changing of the tactical composition of the legions into units that emphasized the primary importance of the cohors and the centuria.

Includes 20 color plates.1 vol, 90 pgs 2012 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, available late April 2019 [English text] ......$36.00 rct

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1-DG1725 VIKINGS: Solitaire Wargame Vikings: Scourge of the North. Europe in the last centuries of Dark Age was beset by Scandinavian raiders. Their longships sailed the high seas, reaching lands as far as the Volga and North America. While mainly known for their pillaging, the Vikings were also explorers, traders, and colonists.

This is a solitaire game. You lead a band of warriors with their ships and weapons. Units represent historical Viking leaders such as Leif Erikson and Harald Hardrada. You can recruit elite huskarls and fanatic berserkers, and build more longships. You are in pursuit of gold, glory, and new lands to settle on a map running from Russia to Vinland, from Scandinavia to the fabled lands of the Byzantine Empire.

Saga cards send you on four different voyages of discovery and quest fulfillment. Voyage cards bring in special actions such as forming a shield wall in combat and ending the game with a Viking funeral.

Game Contents: One 11x17-inch map, 40 die cut counters, 18 Campaign Cards, and eight-page rules booklet.1 vol, 4 pgs 2019 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available late April 2019 ......$15.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-1947519 Peruffo, alberto LA BATTAGLIA DI DESIO 1277 On January 21, 1277, the Archbishop of Milan Otto Visconti led a raid on the fortified village of Desio against the Torrians. Violent clashes along the streets and town squares, without having a precise tactical performance, decided the battle in favor of the Archbishop, leading once and for all the decline of the Guelphs Torriani.1 vol, 80 pgs 2019 ITALY, THE SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, available late April 2019 [Italian text] ......$36.00 rct

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1-219730 Hall, Robert FLAGS & UNIFORMS OF THE FRENCH INFANTRY 1688-1714: 2nd Edition (2019) This 2nd edition compilation is a CD (not a book). If you purchased the 1st edition CD from OMM or Dan Schorr and we have a record of the purchase, then you can purchase the 2nd edition at 30% discount.

The first edition of French Infantry was published in 2001. In 2015, a supplement was published with additional information gleaned from archival research. This 2nd edition contains both as well as new research. This book is the most comprehensive study of French Infantry available.

A number of visits to the Minutier Central des notaires de Paris in the Archives Nationales in Paris in 2018 generated the analysis and documentation of over 190 notary contracts for uniforms. Over 290 regiments are detailed in 548 pages, including all of the Irish regiments, with over 102 of the 290 updated with new information.

The 2nd edition CD contains all text along with b/w and 296 color plates of which 121 are new or have been updated.1 vol, 1 pgs 2019 US, DAN SCHORR
NEW-CD ......$65.00 rct

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1-930316 STRATEGY & TACTICS # 316: The Campaigns of 1777 The Campaigns of 1777 is a two-player, point-to-point wargame in which you command the Patriots or the British in the northern Colonies during 1777 -- the critical year in the American War for Independence.

The battles fought in the northern Colonies include the Sieges of Fort Ticonderoga and Fort Stanwix, the battles of Brandywine, Germantown, and Saratoga as well as the surrender of Burgoyne's army at Saratoga. The objective of the British player is to control certain spaces in order to fulfill their Victory Conditions. The Patriot player's objective is simply to prevent the British Victory.

One inch on the map represents about 20 miles. Each Strength Point (SP) represents an understrength regiment of roughly 300 to 500 men. Each game turn represents one to three weeks. Components: One 22x34-inch map and 228 counters.1 vol, 84 pgs 2019 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-219740 Henk, Toorenvliet NAPOLEON'S FAITHFUL VICEROY : Eugene de Beauharnais and his Italian Army A military biography of Eugene de Beauharnais and a study of the organization and uniforms of the first Italian Army. Well illustrated in color. 1 vol, 236 pgs 2019 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$49.00 rct

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1-37015 Hopper, Michael assisted by Griner, Terry THE ROADS TO VIENNA: 1809 (Scenarios) Contains 18 scenarios providing detailed orders of battle and maps for battalion/brigade level rules.

* Raszyn
* Scharding (1st)
* Scharding (2nd)
* St. Martin
* Salzburg
* Eferding
* Ebelsberg
* Worgl
* Linz
* Gracac
* Aspern-Essling (1)
* Aspern-Essling (2)
* Gospic (1st)
* Aspern-Essling (3)
* Gospic (2nd)
* Zutalovka
* Jedlinsk
* Gorzyce1 vol, 64 pgs 2018 CANADA, MICHAEL HOPPER
NEW-softcover ......$34.00 rct

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1-37016 Hopper, Michael assisted by Griner, Terry BLOOD ALONG THE DANUBE: 1809 (Scenarios) Contains 18 scenarios providing detailed orders of battle and maps for battalion/brigade level rules.

* Berg Isel
* Pressburg
* Nossen
* Wagram (1st day) - center
* Wagram (1st day) - west
* Wagram (2nd day) - east
* Wagram (2nd day) - center
* Wagram (2nd day) - west
* Wagram (2nd day) - south
* Wagram (2nd day) - grand
* Korneuburg
* Gefrees
* Laa
* Hollabrunn
* Schongrabern
* Znaim (1st day)
* Znaim (2nd day) - south
* Znaim (2nd day) - north1 vol, 56 pgs 2018 CANADA, MICHAEL HOPPER
NEW-softcover ......$34.00 rct

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1-219690 Lubomski, George POLISH GUARD LANCERS: Uniforms and Equipment 1807 - 1815 Richly illustrated with many pictures and sources never seen before. This is the complete history of the famed Polish lancers from their founding as an honor guard for Napoleon. The lancers are easily one of the most famous and recognizable units of the Napoleonic Wars. With over 250 illustrations, most in color, this is a must have for students of history or people interested in the era. This book is full of many hard to find photos of uniforms, weapons and standards.1 vol, 256 pgs 2019 US, WINGED HUSSAR PUBLISHING
NEW-hardcover, available late March 2019 ......$60.00 rct

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1-219700 White, Kenton THE KEY TO LISBON: The Third French Invasion of Portugal, 1810-11 This study details the preparation, planning, and execution of the invasion of Portugal in 1810 by the French Armee de Portugal under Marshal Massena, the defensive measures taken by the British and their Portuguese and Spanish allies, and the practice of all armies involved during this campaign.

The work focusses on the strategic, operational, and tactical planning undertaken by both sides in preparation for the invasion and the actual progress of the campaign. A narrative of the battles and sieges, with analysis at the tactical-level, also brings out the differences in planning and intelligence gathering.

This particular campaign was crucial as a turning point in the Peninsular War. This was the last time that Portugal was invaded by the French during the Peninsular War and the allies' handling of the campaign contrasted sharply with that of the French. Its success also gave Wellington political security against the 'croakers' back in England. The research demonstrates the difficulties both armies had in prosecuting their plans during the campaign, and highlights the stark differences in the approach taken by each commander.1 vol, 256 pgs 2019 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-dj, available mid April 2019 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-2151515 Christini, Luca LE UNIFORMI MILITARI DELL'ARMATA SARDA: 1840-1855 The tables presented in this book come from two ancient and very rare volumes containing some dozens of beautifully illustrated lithographic tables in large format.

The first is the work of two distinguished contemporary artists: Lorenzo Pedrone and Francesco Gonin and refer to His Majesty's army the King of Sardinia in the years immediately preceding the first War of Independence of 1848. These Are 30 tables accompanied by paper blocks showing some uniformological notes.

In the second part we present a collection of 20 lithographic tables to which two tables of double dimension were added at the end of the volume, related to the Crimean War of 1854-55, to the Battle of Cernaja and to the Piedmontese under the walls of Sevastopol. Each table is accompanied by a descriptive note of the event represented on the second page. 1 vol, 104 pgs 2019 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] available late April 2019 ......$49.00 rct

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1-ATO049 AGAINST THE ODDS # 49: A Gate of Hell (wargame) Magazine includes ACW wargame A Gate of Hell.

During the summer of 1863, in the aftermath of the Gettysburg and Vicksburg campaigns, battles on land and sea were fought over control of the birthplace of the Confederacy, Charleston, South Carolina. A Union victory here would send an unmistakable signal to the states in rebellion as well as the rest of the world that the Confederacy's cause was lost and further fighting a waste of lives and effort.

A Confederate victory in the face of the tremendous Union host, that included every Union Ironclad on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, as well as some of the most seasoned regiments that numbered among them the first formations of all Black soldiers (free US citizens as well as former slaves), would signify the war would go on and that two nations, not one, could be the result of this 'second' American Revolution.

A Gate of Hell uses an interactive design to portray this decisive battle of the American Civil War. Players use military support points (MSPs), representing the logistical and political support for the campaign, to mobilize and support their forces (ground and naval) on one of the most inhospitable battlegrounds of the war. Both sides have a variety of military assets to deploy, but the planning and effective use of MSPs throughout the game will determine in large measure who is the victor.

Units represent mostly regiments for the ground units, and each ironclad for the naval units. All of the famous batteries and forts, including Sumter and Wagner, are portrayed.

This issue also features an extra game, All or Nothing. By late October of 1777, the British had repulsed the American attack at Germantown, and were occupying Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. American forces still occupied two forts south of the city, blocking the only viable British supply line out to sea via the Delaware River. The British made plans to eliminate these two redoubts.... Can you as the American player hold off the British attack on Fort Mercer? The Pennsylvania State Navy, proud but inexperienced, stands ready to assist. Will you as the Hessian player take the Rebel strong- hold to really secure Britain's grip on the American capital, avenge the defeat at Trenton last year, and perhaps end the rebellion once and for all?1 vol, 60 pgs 2019 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-SS10263 Doyle, David UH-60 BLACKHAWK IN ACTION In January of 1972, guidelines were issued for a new utility helicopter to replace the Bell UH-1 Iroquois type. The Huey had served admirably in the Vietnam Conflict, but it lacked engine power, was vulnerable to small-arms fire, and was limited in lifting/transporting heavy external payloads.

Under the UTTAS (Utility Tactical Transport Aircraft System) competition, the new clean-sheet design intended to rectify all of the UH-1s shortcomings, while integrating the latest technology developments in helicopter construction and power-plant design.

This new helicopter would be capable of a cruising speed of 167-201mph/145-174kts (269-324km/h) and be able to maintain this speed for a minimum of 2.3 hours. It had to carry an 11-man infantry squad, with all of their gear, in hot temperature/high altitude scenarios. If troops were not to be carried, that same lifting power provided by two engines would instead lift underslung cargo loads, up to a maximum of 8,000 lbs./3629kg. The cargo cabin space had to be able to be converted with a minimum of effort for use in aeromedical evacuation, utility roles or as an infantry assault transport.

The result was the UH-60 Blackhawk. Illustrated with over 250 B/W and color photos.1 vol, 80 pgs 2018 US, SQUADRON/SIGNAL
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-SS10262 Doyle, David M911 & M1070 HEAVY EQUIPMENT TRANSPORTERS IN ACTION While battlefield recovery is most often done through the use of armored recovery vehicles, such as the M88, retrieval under less hazardous circumstances is often done by wheeled vehicles, the very same vehicles that are used to transport tanks to the front. For the past several decades, the US Army has relied on two vehicles produced by Oshkosh Trucks (now Oshkosh Corporation) for this duty.

These vehicles, the M911 and the M1070, are both massive trucks, as you would expect for vehicles tasked with winching and hauling tanks and other armored vehicles and heavy equipment at highway speeds. On these pages we will explore the characteristics and use of these vehicles, but the photos on these pages do not fully show the size and robust construction of this equipment.

Illustrated with over 220 black and white photos, color photos, and data tables.1 vol, 80 pgs 2018 US, SQUADRON/SIGNAL
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-DG1728 RED EAGLES: Air War over the Kuban Peninsula 1943 Red Eagles: Air War over the Kuban Peninsula, 1943. The Red Air Force challenged the Luftwaffe in a series of air battles over the Kuban Bridgehead in early 1943. The lessons learned by the Soviet airmen would help them gain air superiority on the Eastern Front later that year.

This is a two player game in the Air Wars series. Units represent one or more Soviet air regiments or German Gruppen. Aircraft include IL-2 Sturmoviks, Lend-Lease P-39s, Bf-109s, He-177s, and more. Bombing missions are needed to take out ground targets, while fighters fly escort or interception missions. The map covers the area from Rostov to Sevastopol.

Each player has a set of cards providing additional capabilities, improved logistics, and special orders from the high command. Victory goes to the player hitting the right targets and protecting friendly assets.

Game Contents: One 11x17-inch map, 40 die cut counters, 18 Campaign Cards, and four page system rule booklet plus exclusive scenario rules.1 vol, 4 pgs 2019 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available late April 2019 ......$15.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-963041 MODERN WAR # 41: Sixth Fleet Sixth Fleet is a two-player, strategic-level wargame of the struggle for the Mediterranean set during a hypothetical Warsaw Pact versus NATO war during the 1970s and 1980s. It is primarily a naval-air conflict, with some elements of power projection using ground forces. The game map represents various sea zones (or zones) within the Mediterranean, as well as adjoining land areas. Critical bases for both sides, including neutral nations are also depicted.

Aircraft units represent one to six squadrons, with the counter displaying the primary type of aircraft. Ship units represent one fleet aircraft carrier or battleship and divisions of four cruisers or nuclear-powered submarines with destroyers being represented in squadrons of six to eight destroyers or non-nuclear subs.

Other ship types are represented at the division level and represent various numbers of ship types. On the map, each inch equals 20 miles. Each turn represents from one day to one week of activity, depending on the level of activity. Sixth Fleet is based on Red Dragon Rising. Changes have been made based on the situation in the Mediterranean during the Cold War.

Components: One 22x34-inch map on one sheet and 228 counters.1 vol, 84 pgs 2019 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available late March 2019 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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