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rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
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1-CC60203 Corgi CORGI German Sd. Kfz. 171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. D Medium Tank 1:50 scale - Unidentified Unit, Leningrad, Winter 1944 Pictured here is a 1:50 scale replica of a German Sd. Kfz. 171 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. D medium tank that was used on the eastern front and painted in a startling winter camouflage scheme

Features: Diecast construction, working vinyl treads, rotating turret, elevating gun, and accurate markings and insignia.

One model with winter camouflage and one in summer camouflage (no box). First come, first served.1 vol, 1 pgs 2004 UK, CORGI
NEW-(1) in box, (1) with no box, both fully assembled and painted ......$48.00 rct

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1-CC60604 Corgi CORGI MARK VII CROMWELL TANK: 95mm Howitzer 1:50 Scale Cruiser Tank MkVII, A27M Cromwell Mark VI - Squadron HQ, B Squadron, 5th Royal Tank Regiment, 22nd Armored Brigade, 7th Armored Division, Holland 1945.

Tank regiments in the 22nd Armored Brigade were equipped, in the main, with British cruiser tanks including Cromwell Mk VI close support tanks with 95mm howitzer.

This particular tank had an additional stowage box added to the turret side and the so-called Normandy Cowl deflector at the back. Those regiments involved in Operation Blackcock were also given a coat of whitewash over the normal olive drab color. The various tactical signs should have been left visible, although this tended to defeat the purpose of the camouflage and was often ignored. Operation Blackcock was mounted in January 1945 in order to clear a pocket of land between the rivers Maas and Roer.

Two models only. First come, first served.1 vol, 1 pgs 2004 UK, CORGI
NEW-box, fully assembled and painted ......$48.00 DISCOUNT:25% blk

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1-CC60605 Corgi CORGI Cruiser Tank A34 Comet Mk1 1:50 Scale The 23rd Hussars was one of six regular cavalry regiments reformed for the duration of the war. As the senior regiment in the 29th Armoured Brigade, it carried the number 51 on the red arm of service square and displayed red squadron symbols.

Prior to 1945 the 23rd Hussars had been primarily a Sherman equipped unit but in January of that year, as Germany was? entered , they traded them in for Comet Mk.1 s, a batch of 95mm gunned? Cromwell Tanks for close support work and turretless Honey tanks for reconnaissance purposes. The Hussars? had originally handed in the Shermans in December but the German's Ardennes offensive forced them to take them back as the Comets had not arrived in time.

One model only. First come, first served.1 vol, 1 pgs 2004 UK, CORGI
NEW-box, fully assembled and painted ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:25% blk

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1-US51003 Corgi CORGI US51003, M4A3E8 SHERMAN TANK W/ FLAMETHROWER - USMC - 1:50 Scale The Sherman tank took the Allies through World War II and was upgraded for service in the Korean Conflict. The USMC used this tank's flame-throwing capability very effectively. Corporal Jerry Ravino was a Marine Corps tank loader and relates a harrowing story of bravery and courage that occurred on February 3rd, 1953, during 'Operation Clam Bake.'

In honor of its achievement, Corgi has come out with an amazingly accurate 1:50 scale diecast replica of the famed US Marine Corps M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 Sherman medium tank equipped with a flamethrower. Like the other vehicles in the 'Forgotten Heroes' Collection, this vehicle has been 'muddied' to give it a more weathered appearance.

Two models only. First come, first served.1 vol, 1 pgs 2004 UK, CORGI
NEW-no box, fully assembled and painted ......$48.00 DISCOUNT:25% blk

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1-213671 Oliver, Dennis TIGER I and TIGER II: Tanks of the German Army and Waffen-SS -- Eastern Front 1944 In spite of the relatively small numbers produced, the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks are arguably the most famous armored fighting vehicles of WWII. This book, the first in the TankCraft series, uses archive photos and extensively researched color illustrations to examine the tanks and units of the German Army and Waffen-SS heavy panzer battalions that attempted to hold back the Red Army during 1944. 200 illust.

A large part of the book showcases available model kits and after market products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales. Technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also examined providing everything the modeler needs to recreate an accurate representation of the tanks that fought from the snow covered fields of Byelorussia and the Ukraine, through the Baltic States and into Poland and Hungary.1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213672 Oliver, Dennis SHERMAN TANKS: British Army and Royal Marines - Normandy Campaign 1944 With production in excess of 55,000, the Sherman tank was eventually in service with most Allied armies of WWII. By the time of the Normandy landings, it was the mainstay of Britain's armored battalions.

This second book in the TankCraft series uses wartime photos and extensively researched, exquisitely presented color illustrations to cover the Sherman tanks used by the units of the Royal Armoured Corps and the Royal Marines during the fighting in northern France.

As with all the books in the TankCraft series, a large part of this work showcases available model kits and aftermarket products, complemented by a gallery of beautifully constructed and painted models in various scales. Technical details as well as modifications introduced during production and in the field are also explained as is the complex system of markings employed by British armored regiments.

This book will give the modeler all the information and knowledge required to recreate an authentic miniature representation of the tanks that fought from the beaches of Normandy, through the battles for Caen and on to killing fields of Falaise.1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-908354 various WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue # 354 Theme: Wellesley to Wellington
* The Iron Duke: How to simulate the man and his methods on the tabletop
* Arthur Wellesley in India 1797 - 1805
* Armies of the Marathas of India
* Architect of Victory: Allied commander and his role in battle
* Scum of the Earth: Beginner's guide to British troops

Other Articles:
* Battle of the Bulge: Bolt Action Designer's Notes
* Age of the Samurai from Warlord
* Foteviken 1134: Post-Viking, Danish civil war battle
* Pikeman's Lament: Game mechanics and historical credentials
* Vapnartak 2017: Show Report
* Pseudo-Fantasy Barbarians: Slightly tongue in cheek guide to create 'classic fantasy' barbarian army
* Art of Water and Building a Viking Fleet
* Paper Armada: Latest rules in Battles for Britain series
* Warp Factor: Challenging wargamer's perceptions of history
* Celebrity Deathmatch: Giants In Miniature in a gladiatorial arena
* Lone Star Historical Miniatures Club: Profile of Texas wargame club1 vol, 108 pgs 2017 UK, WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED
NEW-pb ......$9.00 rct

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1-201343 DEAD MAN'S HAND: The Curse of Dead Man's Hand You need a copy of the Dead Man's Hand rule book to use this source book. The Curse of Dead Man's Hand contains rules for running multi-player campaigns, 10 new scenes and four new gang types: The Baron, The Seven, Mountain Men, and The Malevolent Seven. The book comes with a deck of 16 special cards for the four new gang types plus an extra eight optional cards for fighting The Baron.

The curse has finally come -- time to put petty rivalries aside and stand together against an enemy who shows no mercy, who will take it all, and leave you with nothing, not even your soul.

The Curse of Dead Man's Hand and it's contents can be used in several ways. The gangs contained within can be added to the normal roster of gangs in the usual way to play games of DMH. Each gang comes with all the information that you need to use it in a standard Legend of Dead Man's Hand campaign. The Barons gang has to be used in as lightly different way as he is not interested in the petty rivalries of men, he is only interested in one thing, the destruction of mankind and the swelling of his host.

The other option that the book contains is a two player narrative campaign between the Baron and whichever gang feels that it is brave enough to try to stop him. The campaign follows a story line with the combatants trying to wrestle control of DMH from the other. Each game leads to another and the result of each game has consequences and directs future game play.1 vol, 32 pgs 2017 UK, GREAT ESCAPE GAMES
NEW-pb ......$24.00 rct

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1-213590 TERRA INCOGNITA: Company Level Colonial Miniatures Rules Terra Incognita blends historical events with a fast and fun company level miniatures rules. Re-fight the struggle for conquest and exploration for the Americas or other parts of the world. Company level rules designed for 1510-1870 action battles resolved within 2-3 hours.

Can be used with any scale and no rebasing required. Smallest formation is Company, Section, or Squadron. Extensive treatment for Natives and Skirmish strategy. Combine with the soon to be released Spanish Colonial Campaign Book. Allows for a fast framework to create scenarios and play them out in a sitting.1 vol, 50 pgs 2017 US, HOPLITE RESEARCH
NEW-hardcover ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-213600 TRAVEL BATTLE: A Complete Napoleonic Wargame in a Portable Box Contains 160 infantry, 24 cavalry, four guns, 12 crew, and six brigadier figures at an 8mm scale and color-coded in red and blue. There are also two 10-inch square terrain boards with 3D roads, hills, six buildings and walls which can be arranged in any combination for 16 different environments. In addition, the boards are marked with one-inch grid squares to avoid the need for a ruler. Rounding out the package are four dice and a set of rules.1 vol, 206 pgs 2017 UK, PERRY MINIATURES
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$68.00 rct

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1-213610 Faust, Robert and Davies, Andrew SCRAPPERS: Post-Apocalyptic Skirmish Wargames More than 150 years have passed since the apocalypse that nearly destroyed the Earth. Today, the planet is a torn remnant of its former glory, ravaged by nuclear fallout and mutagens. New lifeforms - Mutants and Synthetics - challenge True Humanity for dominance, while warring factions compete for survival and supremacy, and all must carve out their place in this brutal landscape, or else perish as billions before them.

Scrappers is skirmish miniatures game set in the wastelands, where players assemble Scrapper Crews and send them out to scavenge scraps of Ancient technology and battle rival factions. Explorers, cultists and raiders clash with mutated creatures, robotic soldiers and embittered True Humans in this wargame of salvage and survival in the ruins of the future.1 vol, 152 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-hardback ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-198837 Simon, Wally; edited by Russ Lockwood WWII SECRETS OF WARGAME DESIGN: Volume 7: A Tabletop Toolkit of Ideas, Analysis, and Rule Mechanics The 7th volume in the series of wargame design booklets offers a cornucopia of World War II rules, scenarios, and nuts & bolts mechanics. Tweak an existing set of rules, use one of the sets inside, or create your own from scratch by picking and choosing the best of all of the below.

Rules blitz at your fingertips:

* The Zen of Armor Combat: To Hit or Not to Hit
* WWII Battalion Skirmish: Casualty Filter, Rally Areas, and Reinforcement Cards
* Armor Firing and Damage: Single Die Throw System
* US Invasion of Vladivostock: Goofettes A Plenty
* Skirmishing with 54mm Figures: Poses, Actions, and Sustained Fire
* A Trio of Bridges: Time as Command and Control Increments
* Command Strike at Dawn: Skirmish Raid
* Pacific Carrier Battle: Quick, Simple, and Random
* Oregon Beach: Solo Landing Scenario
* City Fight: Block by Block in Stalingrad
* Island Invasion: Naval Bombardment, Efficiency, and Reaction Points
* Town Skirmish: Suppression Fire and Reaction Chart
* Two 15mm Battles: Dispersal, Initiative Ploy, and Clock Die Op Fire1 vol, 48 pgs 2017 US, LOCKWOOD PROJECTS
NEW-pb, available late March 2017 ......$19.00 rct

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1-198162 Singleton, Charles PIKE & SHOTTE: To Kill A King This supplement for Pike & Shotte describes the history, armies, personalities and battles of the English Civil War. Included are detailed scenarios based on some of the most famous battles, complete with maps and orders of battle/army lists for the main protagonists.

Crammed full of detailed background information, including:
* The Early Reign of Charles I
* The Bishops' Wars and the Short Parliament
* Rebellion in Ireland
* The First Civil War
* The Second Civil War
* Another War with Scotland

Plus a comprehensive Civil War Timeline and detailed look at the armies of the civil war who were the infantry, the cavalry and artillery, how were they organized and fielded.

Discusses the tactics of the ECW and the military revolution of the period where the Dutch and Swedish systems were learnt and employed, and indeed explained here in detail along with more Civil War tactics.

* Profiles of the Royalist and Parliamentarian Commanders.
* Full-color guide to the colors used by participants in the Civil War.
* Early war army lists for the Scots Covenanter Army of the Bishops' Wars.
* Bishops' Wars Scots Royalist and English Pre Civil War Army.1 vol, 168 pgs 2017 UK, WARLORD GAMES
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$38.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-213650 Winfree, Dave CRUSADERS OVER 'NAM: CY6 Jet Age Scenario Book Scenario book covers 11 actions in which F-8 Crusaders scored kills in action during the Vietnam war. Well documented and tested. Compatible with CY6 Jet Age.1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 US, I-94 ENTERPRISES
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$25.00 rct

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1-213760 Swiss made Vintage Swiss Swatch wrist watch depicting Napoleon in all his glory, outfit and sword A brand-new, unused, and unworn item in the original packaging, will need new battery1 vol, 1 pgs 1994 SWITZERLAND
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$50.00 rct

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2-199830 Franklin, Carl BRITISH ARMY UNIFORMS: From 1751 to 1783 (SYW & American Revolution) Based on contemporary records and paintings, this book identifies each cavalry and infantry regiment and illustrates changes in uniforms, their facing colors and the nature and shape of lace worn by officers, NCOs and private soldiers from 1751 to 1783. Regiments that served in the American War of Independence are noted and the book includes more than 200 full-color plates of uniforms and distinctions. Divided into four sections, it not only details the cavalry and infantry uniforms of the period but also the tartans of the Highland regiments, some of which were short-lived, and the distinction of the Guards regiments.1 vol, 384 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-paperback edition ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-995246 Konstam, Angus 246 BRITISH DESTROYERS 1939-45 (1): Pre-War Classes The Royal Navy entered World War II with a large but eclectic fleet of destroyers. Some of these were veterans of World War I, fit only for escort duties. Most though, had been built during the inter-war period, and were regarded as both reliable and versatile. Danger though lurked across the seas as new destroyers being built in Germany, Italy, and Japan were larger and better armored.

Until the new, larger Tribal-class destroyers could enter service, these vessels would have to hold the line. Used mainly to hunt submarines, protect convoys from aerial attack, and take out other destroyers, these ships served across the globe during the war.

This fully illustrated study is the first in a two-part series on the real workhorses of the wartime Royal Navy, focusing on how these aging ships took on the formidable navies of the Axis powers. 1 vol, 48 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$18.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-996306 Chun, Clayton 306 LUZON 1945: The Final Liberation of the Philippines Driven from the Philippines in 1942, General Douglas MacArthur returned three years later to force the Japanese off of its main island of Luzon. Containing the capital of Manila, vital natural resources, and thousands of Allied prisoners of war, the triumph at Luzon would be a vital step on the road to victory as the Americans continued to island-hop their way towards the Japanese home islands.

This book details one of the hardest-fought campaigns of the Pacific War with Japanese fatalities topping 200,000 on Luzon. Emphasizing the differences in Japanese and American strategy, and detailing the combat operations of the campaign, this volume tells the story of how MacArthur kept his promise to return and liberate the Philippines. 1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$24.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-997218 Thomas, Nigel 218 WORLD WAR II GERMAN MOTORIZED INFANTRY AND PANZERGRENADIERS This study traces the development of the different types of unit that came together in the Panzergrenadier branch from the inter-war years through World War II. Using color plates to display the changes in uniform, equipment and insignia in all theaters of operations throughout the conflict, this is a complete account of Hitler's elite armored infantry.1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$19.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213630 Melvin, Mungo SEVASTOPOL'S WARS: Crimea from Potemkin to Putin Founded by Catherine the Great, the maritime city of Sevastopol has been fought over for centuries. Crucial battles of the Crimean War were fought on the hills surrounding the city, and the memory of this stalwart defense inspired those who fruitlessly battled the Germans during World War II. Twice the city has faced complete obliteration yet twice it has risen, phoenix-like, from the ashes.

This volume explores how Sevastopol became the crucible of conflict over three major engagements - the Crimean War, the Russian Civil War, and World War II - witnessing the death and destruction of countless armies yet creating the indomitable 'spirit of Sevastopol.' Weaves together first-hand interviews, detailed operational reports, and battle analysis.1 vol, 800 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available late April 2017 ......$38.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213690 Anderson, Erich CATAPHRACTS: Knights of the Ancient Eastern Empires Assesses the development, equipment, tactics and combat record of cataphracts (and the similar clibinarii), showing also how enemies sought to counter them.

Cataphracts were the most heavily armored form of cavalry in the ancient world, with riders and mounts both clad in heavy armor. Originating among the wealthiest nobles of various central Asian steppe tribes, such as the Massegatae and Scythians, they were adopted and adapted by several major empires. The Achaemenid Persians, Seleucids, Sassanians and eventually the Romans and their Byzantine successors.

Usually armed with long lances, they harnessed the mobility and mass of the horse to the durability and solid fighting power of the spear-armed phalanx. Although very expensive to equip and maintain (not least due to the need for a supply of suitable horses), they were potential battle winners and remained in use for many centuries. This is a valuable study of one of the most interesting weapon systems of the ancient world.1 vol, 208 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early April 2017 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213710 Champion, Jeff PYRRHUS OF EPIRUS Pyrrhus was born into the royal house of Epirus, northwest Greece, but his mother was forced to flee into exile to protect his life when he was a mere infant. Yet he prospered in troubled times and rose from a refugee to a king. Always an adventurer he was deeply involved in the cut-and-thrust campaigning, coups and subterfuges of the Successor kingdoms. At various times, he was king of Epirus (twice), Macedon (twice), and Sicily, as well as overlord of much of southern Italy.

In 281 BC he was invited by the southern Italian states to defend them against the aggressive expansion of the Rome. His early victories at Heraclea and Asculum were so hard-fought that a 'Pyrrhic victory' still means one gained at crippling cost. These were the first fascinating duels between the developing Roman legions and the hitherto-dominant Hellenistic way of war with its pike phalanxes and elephants.

Pyrrhus ultimately failed in Italy and Sicily but went on to further military adventures in Greece, eventually being killed while storming the city of Argos.1 vol, 176 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213700 Michalopoulos, Miltiadis IN THE NAME OF LYKOURGOS: The Rise and Fall of the Spartan Revolutionary Movement (243-146BC) In the middle of the 3rd century BC, Sparta was a shadow of its glorious past. Politically and militarily weakened and with huge inner social problems, she seemed to have followed the fate of most contemporary city states and fallen on the fringe of the political developments of her time.

The 3rd century was a time when the great states and the Hellenistic empires were prominent. But contrary to the other city states, which compromised with the new political forces of their time, Sparta resisted stubbornly and tried to reclaim the hegemony of southern Greece. In this fight, Sparta showed unexpected vigor, even defying one of the most formidable powers of the time: Macedonia. The uneven collision that followed culminated tragically and painfully for Sparta at the Battle of Sellasia in 222BC. And still Sparta refused to compromise.

After a while, she managed to recover and became once more a player on the international stage, not hesitating this time to challenge the most powerful state of the ancient world: Rome.

This last Spartan twilight, the revolutionary movement that sparked it and the two ultimate turning points of her history (the battle of Sellasia and the siege of Sparta by the Romans) are analysed in this book with exhaustive bibliography and special emphasis on the military aspects of this epic fight. The original Greek edition of In the Name of Lykourgos received great critical acclaim and was named winner of the 2009 Lakedaimonian Prize of the Academy of Athens. It is translated into English for the first time.1 vol, 272 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early April 2017 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-72386 Solum, Terje illust by Dag R. Frognes SAGA OF THE SAMURAI # 6 Shingen: The Last Campaign 1569-1573 Volume 6 in the Saga of the Samurai series follows Shingen on his military campaigns from Kozuke and all the way toward Totomi and Mikawa. Also looks at the Takeda maritime forces and Shingen's death - the cause. 122 pages, many maps, illustrations, photos and six color plates.1 vol, 122 pgs 2017 US, BROOKHURST PRESS
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 ......$25.00 rct

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1-TPS10 Werbaneth, Jim TURNING POINT SIMULATIONS # 10: The Invincible Armada Players use both a Strategic and a Tactical map. The game contains very few physical counters in play but many information chits and dozens of 'Event Chits' that influence play.

With full color maps and die cut counters, the game allows players to examine different operational plans, and includes a series of optional rules that highlight how various historical changes could have tipped the balance either way.

The Invincible Armada includes: One full color, 11x17-inch mounted map; 180 full color, 5/8-inch and 1/2-inch die-cut counters, 12 page rulebook, 2 Squadron Charts, and 2 Player Aid Charts.1 vol, 12 pgs 2017 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-box, available late April 2017 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-200123 Carman, General Erza A and Thomas G. Clemens editor THE MARYLAND CAMPAIGN: September 1862 - Volume 3, Shepherdstown Ford and the End of the Campaign This is the third and final volume of Ezra Carman's The Maryland Campaign of September 1862.

As bloody and horrific as the battle of Antietam was, historian Ezra Carman-who penned a 1,800-page manuscript on the Maryland campaign-did not believe it was the decisive battle of the campaign. Generals Robert E. Lee and George B. McClellan intended to continue fighting after Sharpsburg, but the battle of Shepherdstown Ford (September 19 and 20) forced them to abandon their goals and end the campaign.

Carman was one of the few who gave this smaller engagement its due importance, detailing the disaster that befell the 118th Pennsylvania Infantry and Maj. Gen. A. P. Hill's success in repulsing the Union advance, and the often overlooked foray of Jeb Stuart's cavalry to seize the Potomac River ford at Williamsport.

Carman also added a statistical study of the casualties in the various battles of the entire Maryland Campaign, and covered Lincoln's decision to relieve McClellan of command on November 7. He also explored the relations between President Lincoln and General McClellan before and after the Maryland Campaign, which he appended to his original manuscript. The before section, a thorough examination of the controversy about McClellan's role in the aftermath of Second Manassas campaign, will surprise some and discomfort others, and includes an interesting narrative about McClellan's reluctance to commit General Franklin's corps to aid Maj. Gen. John Pope's army at Manassas. Carman concludes with an executive summary of the entire campaign.

Dr. Clemens concludes Carman's invaluable narrative with a bibliographical dictionary (and genealogical goldmine) of the soldiers, politicians, and diplomats who had an impact on shaping Carman's manuscript. While many names will be familiar to readers, others upon whom Carman relied for creating his campaign narrative are as obscure to us today as they were during the war.

This concludes the most comprehensive and detailed account of the campaign ever produced. Jammed with first-hand accounts, personal anecdotes, detailed footnotes, maps, and photos, this long-awaited study will be appreciated as Civil War history at its finest.1 vol, 624 pgs 2017 US, SAVAS BEATTIE
NEW-dj ......$33.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213660 Brown, Robert JAPANESE BATTLESHIPS: Fuso & Ise Classes The 'ShipCraft' series provides in-depth information about building and modifying model kits of famous warship types. Lavishly illustrated, each book takes the modeler through a brief history of the subject class, highlighting differences between sisterships and changes in their appearance over their careers. This volume covers the two related classes of Japanese 14 inch-gunned battleships, originally built during WWI but subsequently totally reconstructed. 1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 UK, SEAFORTH PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213680 Cornish, Nik HITLER VERSUS STALIN: The Eastern Front 1942-1943 -- Stalingrad to Kharkov, Images of War Contains 175 photographs. This phase of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union saw dramatic changes of fortune, offensives and counteroffensives on a massive scale, and these events are also illustrated in these rare photographs. These vivid images show the front-line fighting, the troops and the conditions on both sides, but they also document the consequences of war for the civilians under German occupation and the devastation of the Russian towns and cities.1 vol, 144 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213720 Mann, Chris and Jorgensen, Christer HITLER'S ARCTIC WAR: The German Campaigns in Norway, Finland and the USSR 1940-1945 This is a study of the campaign waged by the Germans on the northern periphery of Europe between 1940 and 1945.

As Hitler's Arctic War makes clear, the emphasis was on small-unit actions, with soldiers carrying everything they needed - food, ammunition and medical supplies - on their backs. The terrain placed limitations on the use of tanks and heavy artillery, while lack of airfields restricted the employment of aircraft.

Hitler's Arctic War also includes a chapter on the campaign fought by Luftwaffe aircraft and Kriegsmarine ships and submarines against the Allied convoys supplying the Soviet Union with aid. However, Wehrmacht resources committed to Norway and Finland were ultimately an unnecessary drain on the German war effort.1 vol, 224 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early April 2017 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213640 Mortimer, Gavin THE LONG RANGE DESERT GROUP: In World War II Established in June 1940, as the brainchild of scientist and soldier Major Ralph Bagnold, a contemporary of Lawrence of Arabia, the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) allowed the British Army to gain a crucial advantage in the North African Front of WWII.

Traversing great swathes of the desert that had never before been explored by Europeans, the LRDG was able to launch hit-and-run raids against remote enemy targets such as the fort and airfield at Murzuk. From December 1941 until the end of the Desert War in May 1943, the LRDG carried out numerous missions in tandem with the Special Air Service, using their unparalleled knowledge of the desert to navigate the SAS to enemy airfields on which attacks would be launched. The LRDG also fought in the Aegean, undertaking numerous dangerous missions in Yugoslavia, Albania, Italy, and Greece, displaying their extraordinary versatility by operating in boats, on foot and by parachute.

Using never-before-published photographs and archival material, interviews with surviving veterans who have never before gone on record regarding their wartime exploits, and special access to the SAS archives, this tells the story of the origins and dramatic operations of Britain's first ever special forces unit.1 vol, 256 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available late April 2017 ......$27.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-213620 Walling, Michael BLOODSTAINED SANDS: U.S. Amphibious Operations in World War II For the men who served in America's Amphibious Forces during WWII, the conflict was an unceasing series of D-Days. They were responsible for putting men ashore in more than 200 landings throughout the conflict, most against well-entrenched enemy positions.

This tells the story of these forgotten men for the first time, tracing their operational history from Guadalcanal to Casablanca, Sicily, Normandy, Iwo Jima, and finally Okinawa. The men's stories are told in their own voices, with fascinating accounts from Underwater Demolition Teams, Attack Transport crews and many other unsung heroes.

First-hand interviews, entries from personal diaries, and Action Reports create a unique history, perfectly complemented by historic illustrations and detailed maps. These are timeless tales of determination, sacrifice, and triumph of the human spirit.1 vol, 448 pgs 2017 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
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