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1-216921 KARABINER 98k: Volume 1: A Collectors Guide to the Development and Production of the German 98k Service Rifle up to 1938 The K98k rifle was Germany's principle battle rifle from 1935 until 1945. In those 10 years the K98k rifle left it's mark on the history of the world. This volume details the design improvements to German Model 98 rifles through 1938 and adoption of the K98k rifle. The Mauser Oberndorf chapter covers all of the commercial models based on the Model 98 action including the Standard-Modell, Banner Mausers, contract rifles from China, Japan, Portugal, and special rifles delivered to German Postal and Para-Military organizations throughout Germany prior to the outbreak of WWII. 1 vol, 588 pgs 2018 US, THIRD PARTY PRESS
NEW-dj, available late April 2018 ......$125

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1-216922 KARABINER 98k: Volume 2: A Collectors Guide to the Development and Production of the German 98k Service Rifle up to 1944 Due to the immense amount of information available (over 910 pages), Volume 3 consists of two books (sold together as a set). The 98k rifle was Germany's principle battle rifle from 1935 until 1945. In those 10 years. the 98k rifle left it's mark on the history of the world. This volume details the production and improvements to German Model 98 rifles from 1939 - 1944, detailing production analysis using factory documents whenever possible, including over 200 pages on Mauser Oberndorf alone.

Also covered are the rest of the makers of the K98k rifle during WWII, including Sauer, Steyr, Waffenwerke Br2 vol, 910 pgs 2018 US, THIRD PARTY PRESS
NEW-dj, available late April 2018 ......$135

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1-216910 Gaboury, David THE UZI SUBMACHINE GUN: EXAMINED A history of this iconic weapon. Originally designed for the Israeli military by Uziel Gal, the Uzi submachine gun has a colorful history that has reached around the globe.

Using approximately 1,000 photos, this book examines the history and technical details of all the Uzi submachine gun variations, both military and civilian, from its initial design to the current models. Also included are original factory documents, model-by-model features, part variations, accessories, and manuals.1 vol, 304 pgs 2017 US, A MOWBRAY PUBLISHERS
NEW-hardback, available late April 2018 ......$50

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1-2118607 Cristini, Luca illus by Aleksandr Vasilevich Viskovatov Uniforms of Russian Army of Elizabeth of Russia: Volume 1: Under the Reign of Elizabeth Petrovna from 1741 to 1761 and Peter III from 1762 This volume is devoted to the Russian army uniforms under the reign of Elizabeth of Russia 1741-1762. Revised and colored, many of the images were so far available only in black and white, as well we found some rare color plates with the collaboration of private collectors. These, together with the first ever English translation, make our collection exclusive and of great value. Includes 90 color plates.1 vol, 124 pgs 2018 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] available early May 2018 ......$46

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1-2111317 Cristini, Luca Stefani with illustrations by Quinto Cenni I Soldati Italiani Con Napoleone 1796-1815 Italian soldiers with Napoleon 1796-1815. 80 color plates.

Immediately after the entry of Napoleon in Italy on 10 April 1796, the French troops occupied the territories that were under Austrian rule, namely the Duchy of Milan, the territories of the Duchy of Modena and Reggio, and part of the state of the church, namely Ferrara and Bologna.

With the support of Italian sympathizers of the revolution (locally called 'Jacobin') that sprang up in the peninsula between 1796 and 1799, a series of Republican states were created on the French model: Republic of Alba, Anconitana Republic, Republic Bergamo, Republic of Bologna, Republic of Brescia, Cremate Republic, Republic of Piedmont, Republic of Reggio Emilia, Republic of Italy, and the Republic of Liguria.

Many of these republics the following year joined the Cisalpine Republic with capital at Milan. The Italian flag was born in this area, for example, taking the French revolutionary tricolor, adopting the colors green, white, and red. The Republic eventually became the Kingdom of Italy, gravitating towards the Napoleonic sphere. 1 vol, 96 pgs 2018 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] available early May 2018 ......$49

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1-2111318 Cristini, Luca Stefani with illustrations by Quinto Cenni Soldati d'Italia dall'era Antica al XVII Secolo The soldiers of Italy from the ancient era to the 17th century. Includes 84 color plates.

These contain drawings related to the ancient Italian populations up to the Etruscans and to the Roman soldiers and then continues onto the armies of the medieval period, then the Renaissance and the Soldiers of Venice, Naples, and Piedmont...ending dragoons from the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Appendix A contains a collection of figurines dedicated to the Roman Empire of the collection Viskuezzen.1 vol, 100 pgs 2018 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] available early May 2018 ......$49

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1-2111319 Cristini, Luca Stefani with illustrations by Quinto Cenni Soldati Dell'Esercito Messicano 1862-1906 The Mexican Army from 1826 to 1906. Includes 80 color plates.

The beautiful collection of figurines made for the collection of Dr. Viskuezzen consists of 60 subjects, from 1826 through the wars caused by the French intervention in support of the second Mexican Empire of Maximilian of Habsburg, until the years of the presidency of Porfirio Diaz. In 1861, the Mexican Republican Army consisted of ten regular line battalions, or about 12,000 men.

Following the French withdrawal and the overthrow of Maximilian's imperial regime, the Mexican Republic was restored in 1867. In 1872, Porfirio Diaz, a general leader of the anti-Massimialianiste forces, became president.

In 1906, the army counted about 25,000 men. Generally well equipped, the federal army under Diaz did not however offer an effective opposition to the revolution of 1910.1 vol, 100 pgs 2018 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] available early May 2018 ......$49

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1-2111320 Cristini, Luca Stefani with illustrations by Quinto Cenni Soldati Dell'Esercito di San Marino XIX sec. The Army of the Republic of San Marino, 80 color plates

The first lists of Marino soldiers date back to 1204 but it is of 1406 a document which, with certainty, lists a significant number of men who were entrusted with tasks of defense and public order. In 1543, the San Marino Army was reformed for the first time, but it was only starting in the middle of the 1700 that the modern organization of the armed Forces of the Republic began. In the second half of the 19th century, it had a new reorganization of the Marino military bodies, while still holding the spirit of the traditions.

As it was permissible to expect, the style of the uniforms follows much of the Italian Army, although with some variations. An appendix offers notes on the Campaign of 1859, the various independent states and the troops of Garibaldi.1 vol, 94 pgs 2018 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover ......$49

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1-954121 Various ANCIENT WARFARE: Volume 12.1 - Augustus' New Roman army Theme: Augustus' New Roman Army
* Roman Combat Forces After Actium: An Army Fit for an Empire

Other Features:
* Unarmed Combat in Ancient Greece
* Greek Hoplite, 390 BC: Warriors of the Nereid Monument
* How Hoplites Wielded Their Dory: All Your Strength is in Your Spears
* Rome's Master Tactician: Lessons from Scipio
* Marcus Aurelius Nepos and his Wife: Married for Eternity
* The Pay of the Auxiliaries: Poor Relations
* Book Reviews: The Nisibis War: The Defense of the Roman East, AD 337-363; Fields of Battle: Retracing Ancient Battlefields; and Rome's Revolution: Death of the Republic and Birth of the Empire1 vol, 84 pgs 2018 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available late April 2018 ......$10

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1-962082 Various MEDIEVAL WARFARE: Volume 8.2 - Edward I's Invasion of Wales Theme: Edward I's Invasion of Wales

* The English and Welsh Struggle: One Island, one King?
* Prince, Pawn, and Prodigal Son: The Rise of Edward I
* Hostage, Traitor, Patriot, Hero: The Path of Dafydd ap Gruffudd
* Defense Spending, Medieval Style: The Castles of Edward I in Wales
* 'All Wales was Cast to the Ground': Edward's Conquest
* Further Reading - Books and Articles on the Invasion of Wales
* Maniakes' Great Misadventure: The Invasion of Sicily in 1038
* Can You Answer These?: Anglo-Saxon Riddles
* A Gift for a Poet: The Buckler
* Peasant Resistance in the Imjin War: Guerrillas in the Mist
* 'The Dead Cost Nothing': Edward I on Film1 vol, 60 pgs 2018 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available late April 2018 ......$10

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2-196850 Summerfield, Stephen SAXON ARMY OF THE AUSTRIAN WAR OF SUCCESSION AND THE SEVEN YEARS WAR Includes 250+ either new or improved illustrations plus different flags with their units.

Continuing this highly praised series on the uniforms of the Seven Years War, Stephen has come up with the definitive study of the Saxon army -- of particular interest as it fought on both sides, as it were. Bits and pieces of information exist in various books and uniform plates, but this is the first attempt to put all the information together, regiment by regiment -- infantry, cavalry, artillery and staff: uniforms, equipment, flags, and organization.1 vol, 216 pgs 2018 CAMBRIDGE, KEN TROTMAN
NEW-hardcover, revised 2nd edition ......$60

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1-213573 Hooton, E.R., Tom Cooper, Farzin Nadimi THE IRAN-IRAQ WAR VOLUME 3: Iraq's Triumph The Iran-Iraq War was one of the bloodiest conflicts of the 20th century and accidentally created the current nightmare of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. Includes 120 photos, 15 artworks, five maps, and four diagrams. Includes 120 photos, 15 artworks, 5-6 maps, and 4-5 diagrams.

The third volume covers the last two years of the war on the Southern front, where Iranians made their last supreme effort to break through Iraqi lines during the winter of 1986-1987. Iraqi defenses just about held. For a year, there was an ominous silence, but then Iraq launched a series of devastating blows that recovered the Faw Peninsula, pulverized weakly-occupied Iranian positions, and drove the frontlines back to the international border. Iran was left with no option but to sue for peace. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2018 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-softcover, available late April 2018 ......$35 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-216920 van der Waag, Ian A MILITARY HISTORY OF MODERN SOUTH AFRICA Twentieth-century South Africa saw continuous, often rapid and fundamental socioeconomic and political change. The century started with a brief but total war. Less than 10 years later, Britain brought the conquered Boer republics and the Cape and Natal colonies together into the Union of South Africa.

The Union Defence Force (UDF, later SADF), was deployed during most of the major wars of the century as well as a number of internal and regional struggles: the two world wars, Korea, uprising and rebellion on the part of Afrikaner and black nationalists, and industrial unrest. The century ended as it started, with another war. This was a flash point of the Cold War, which embraced more than just the subcontinent and lasted a long, thirty years. The outcome included the final withdrawal of foreign troops from southern Africa, the withdrawal of South African forces from Angola and Namibia, and the transfer of political power away from a white elite to a broad-based democracy.

This analyzes the South African armed forces as an institution and of the complex roles that these forces played in the wars, rebellions, uprisings, and protests of the period. It deals in the first instance with the evolution of South African defense policy, the development of the armed forces and the people who served in and commanded them. It also places the narrative within the broader national past, to produce a fascinating study of a century packed full of episode and personality in which South Africa was uniquely embroiled in three total wars. 1 vol, 420 pgs 2018 US, CASEMATE
NEW-softcover, available late April 2018 ......$33 DISCOUNT:15%

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