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ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
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1-GBP18 GRIPPING BEAST: 28mm Late Roman Heavy Cavalry This box contains all the parts to assemble 12 plastic cavalrymen plus bases suitable for the Swordpoint gaming system. They can be used to represent later Roman or early Byzantine armoured cavalry. Parts from this box are compatible with most parts from all our other box sets so you can do many, many conversions.

Sculpted by Bob Naismith. Supplied unassembled and unpainted. Basic modeling skills required to assemble.1 vol, 12 pgs 2018 UK, GRIPPING BEAST MINIATURES
NEW-box, available early May 2018 ......$32.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-FF015 FireForge FOOT KNIGHTS: Fireforge 28mm Plastic Figures This box contains 30 multi-part 28mm plastic medieval infantry soldiers of the 11th to 13th century. You will be able to build up to 15 with long sword and 15 with two-handed sword models.

Figures are supplied unpainted and require a little assembly. The box contains plastic bases: 40mm x 60mm = 4 bases and 20mm x 20mm = 6 bases.1 vol, 12 pgs 2018 UK, FIREFORGE GAMES
NEW-box ......$35.00 rct

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1-BRIG344 Bunde, Peter 344: GRAND DUCHY OF BADEN: Infantry Regiment Graf Hochberg No.3 1810-1812 Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side.1 vol, 1 pgs 2018 GERMANY, PETER BUNDE
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$14.00 rct

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1-216092 SAGA: Age of Crusades for 2nd Edition Saga This is a SAGA supplement covering the wars of faith fought in the West and the East from the First Crusade to the Mongol invasions. Includes 12 factions, each one with its own Battle Board, legendary unit, heroes, and special rules. Also contains auxiliary units to recruit, and a variant on the standard game which transforms your game into a battle of faith.1 vol, 96 pgs 2018 UK, STUDIO TOMAHAWK
NEW-hardcover, available early May 2018 ......$57.00 rct

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1-217160 Halsall, Trevor WARLORD ADVANCE GUARD: Super-Fast Action Rules for Ancients & Dark Ages Warfare 3500 BC-1100 AD WARLORD ADVANCE GUARD is an updated and lighter version of the original, highly successful, WARLORD rulebook, and offers even faster play and introduces some further innovations to enhance the game and improve playability. For 1000BC to 1100AD gaming.

* Using figures based as elements - making play quick and straight forward.
* A flexible basing scheme - no need to rebase your troops.
* Readily accessible - cross-referenced though-out.
* Clearly explained - comprehensive Glossary & Index included.
* Simple D6 based mechanisms - swiftly picked-up and easy to use.
* Alternative movement - facilitates really fast play.
* Integral Command Control system - replicates the chain of command.
* Fog of war recreated - the unintended and unexpected happens.
* Fast and furious action - complete a game in 90 minutes of play.
* Genuinely historical feel - you'll know the action is just as it really was.
* Example battle described - takes you blow by blow through the action.
* Ready communication with the Warlord Team - via a Google group forum.
* Accompanying comprehensive Army Lists - nearly 300 lists for the period.1 vol, 90 pgs 2018 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$22.00 rct

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1-978086 Higgins, David 086 CROMWELL vs JAGDPANZER IV: Normandy 1944 By 1944, the evolution of armored doctrine had produced very different outcomes in Britain and Germany. Offering a good balance of speed, protection and firepower, the British Cromwell tank was much faster than its German opponent, but the Jagdpanzer IV tank destroyer had a high-velocity main gun and a lower profile that made it formidable on the defensive, especially in ambush situations.

The two types would fight in a series of bloody encounters, from the initial days of the struggle for Normandy through to its climax as the Allies sought to trap their opponents in the Falaise Pocket.

Using archive photographs, specially commissioned artwork and battle reports, this fascinating study expertly assesses the realities of tactical armored combat during the desperate battles after D-Day.1 vol, 80 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-992125 Davies, Peter 125 US NAVY F-4 PHANTOM II UNITS OF THE VIETNAM WAR: 1969-73 Although the F-4 Phantom II was the most important fighter-bomber to see action with all three American services during the Vietnam War, it was essentially a US Navy design, and the carrier-borne squadron crews were its main operators in combat.

The aircraft pioneered the use of long-range, radar-guided missiles in combat, although the majority of its Vietnam missions involved ground-attack with a variety of innovative ordnance.

From 1968 to 1973 the Phantom II was the standard US Navy fighter in Southeast Asia, having replaced several other types. Its performance and versatility enabled it to perform a variety of different missions, and switch roles as necessary, in the assault on some of the world's most heavily defended territory. Including detailed color profiles and first-person commentary from active participants in the F-4's naval combat history, this is a detailed study of the US armed services' most famous post-war fighter.1 vol, 96 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-996321 Sheppard, Si 321 TENOCHTITLAN 1519-21: Clash of Civilizations In 1519, the Conquistador Hernan Cortes landed on the mainland of the Americas. His quest to serve God, win gold, and achieve glory drove him into the heartland of what is now Mexico, where no European had ever set foot before. He marched towards to the majestic city of Tenochtitlan, floating like a jewel in the midst of Lake Texcoco.

This encounter brought together cultures that had hitherto evolved in complete isolation from each other - Catholic Spain and the Aztec Empire. What ensued was the swift escalation from a clash of civilizations to a war of the worlds. At the conclusion of the Conquistador campaign of 1519-21, Tenochtitlan lay in ruins, the last Aztec Emperor was in chains, and Spanish authority over the native peoples had been definitively asserted.

With the colorful personalities -- Cortes, Malinche, Pedro Alvarez, Cuitlahuac, Cuauhtemoc -- driving the narrative, and the vivid differences in uniforms, weapons, and fighting styles between the rival armies, illustrated with specially commissioned artwork, this explains the collapse of the Aztec Empire.1 vol, 96 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover ......$24.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-999518 Thomas, Nigel 518 POLISH LEGIONS: 1914-19 Due to its partitions and dissolution in the late 18th century, hundreds of thousands of Polish soldiers enlisted in distinct units in the armies of many countries - primarily those of the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, but also that of the German Reich and the French Republic.

All these forces were uniformed and equipped by the parent armies, though often with explicitly Polish features. The collapse of Tsarist Russia in 1917 and of the Central Powers in 1918 allowed these diverse forces to unite in a re-created Polish Army under the new-born Second Polish Republic in November 1918. With full color illustrations of their uniforms as well as contemporary photographs, this is the fascinating story of the Poles who fought on both sides of the trenches in World War I and then united to fight for their freedom in the Russian Civil War.1 vol, 96 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$18.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217140 Sapienza, Antonio THE CHACO AIR WAR 1932-35: The First Modern Air War in Latin America Over 200 ills, mostly b/w, with color maps & aircraft profiles.

The Chaco War was probably the first modern conflict in Latin America where military aviation was widely used in all roles. Bolivia, as the reader will find out, had a very powerful military air force, but unfortunately for them and luckily for Paraguay, its high army command did not take advantage of it. On the other hand, the Paraguayan Commander-in-Chief, General Jose Felix Estigarribia used military aviation to help him defeat the enemy on the ground, and the result was clear: the Bolivians were expelled from the Chaco after three years of war.

This book focuses on the Chaco Air War with the aircraft technical details and information on aerial operations. All dogfights and bombing missions mentioned are detailed including crews, aircraft, serials, places, and outcomes. The book also describes how both military air forces were organized, how pilots and aviation mechanics were trained, how and where aircraft were purchased and many other unpublished before details.

The maps included in the book will help the reader have an idea of where aerial operations took place, both combatants air bases, Bolivia's plan to conquer the whole region and how the Paraguayan Army finally expelled the enemy out of the Chaco. The text is supported by a large number of photographs, and specially commissioned color profile artworks from modelers.1 vol, 80 pgs 2018 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214318 Jordan, John editor WARSHIP 2018 Warship 2018 is devoted to the design, development and service history of the world's combat ships. Featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished international contributors, this latest volume combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery, and much more to maintain the impressive standards of scholarship and research from the field of warship history.

This 40th edition features the usual range of diverse articles spanning the subject by an international array of expert authors.1 vol, 208 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid May 2018 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-972032 Adams, Gregg 032 US MARINE vs GERMAN SOLDIER: Belleau Wood 1918 After the US declaration of war on Germany, hundreds of thousands of American troops flooded into France and were thrust into the front line. Among them was the US Marine Corps' 4th Marine Brigade whose first major action was the battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918, fighting elements of Germany's 10th, 28th, and 237th Infantry divisions.

Volunteers to a man, the newly arrived Marines faced experienced but war-weary German conscripts whose doctrine had been honed by nearly four years of conflict on the Western Front. During the fighting, the Germans are alleged to have given the nickname 'Devil Dogs' to the Marines, and Belleau Wood has become enshrined in the Corps' heritage.

Employing first-hand accounts and specially commissioned artwork, this book investigates three different actions that shaped the course of the bitter battle for Belleau Wood, revealing the interplay of doctrine, tactics, technology, leadership, and human endeavor on the brutal battlefields of World War I.1 vol, 80 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217130 Cestra, Carlo SCHNELLBOOT: Type S-38 and S-100 The E-boats (a British designation using the letter E for Enemy) were defined by many naval experts as the best carrying out of their category. Initially these units were called Unterseebot Zerstorer (Hunting Submarine) and Anti-Submmarine Motorboats or Armored Motorboats, as they had an important anti-submarine mission. Later the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy) adopted the designation of Luftschiffmotorenboot (boat with an airship engine) or L-Boote and, therefore, from November 1917, the units became LM-Boote, with the same meaning, but their use, especially in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, was not particularly successful.

S38b and S100 E-boats class were German fast attack craft (Schnellboot in German) built for the Kriegsmarine during WWII. Includes Super Drawings in 3D series, with 152 illustrations.1 vol, 90 pgs 2018 POLAND, KAGERO
NEW-softcover, available early May 2018 ......$37.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217110 Strohn, Matthias 1918: Winning the War, Losing the War In 2018, the world will be commemorating the centenary of the end of the First World War. In many ways, 1918 was the most dramatic year of the conflict. After the defeat of Russia in 1917, the Germans were able to concentrate their forces on the Western Front for the first time in the war, and the German offensives launched from March 1918 onward brought the Western Allies close to defeat. Having stopped the German offensives, the Entente started its counterattacks on all fronts with the assistance of fresh US troops, driving the Germans back, and, by November 1918, the Central Powers had been defeated.

This new study is a multi-author work containing ten chapters by historians of WWI from around the world. It provides an overview and analysis of the different levels of war for each of the main armies involved within the changing context of the reality of warfare in 1918. It also looks in detail at the war at sea and in the air, and considers the aftermath and legacy of the war.1 vol, 304 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid May 2018 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217100 Brsdner, Liesi and Phil Stern SNAPDRAGON: The World War II Exploits of Darby's Ranger and Combat Photographer Phil Stern Prior to Phil Stern's death on December 13, 2014, his original, unfinished, tattered wartime memoir was discovered, stashed away in an old folio box in his cluttered Hollywood bungalow. Best remembered for his iconic images of James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and JFK's inauguration, his remarkable service during World War II as a combat photographer with Darby's Rangers has remained largely unknown. Until now.

Stern's catchy 1940s lingo, honest and intimate observations, and humor, paired with his striking combat photography, transport the reader 70 years back in time to meet the hardscrabble Rangers and experience some of the key battles of the Mediterranean Theater. Snapdragon is an artifact of that time, told not by a man reminiscing in his twilight years, but by a young soldier fresh from the battlefields.1 vol, 320 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid May 2018 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-2171201 Buffetaut, Yves THE 101st AIRBORNE IN NORMANDY: 1944 The 101st Airborne Division was activated in August 1942 in Louisiana, and its first combat mission was Operation Overlord. On D-Day - June 6, 1944 - the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions dropped onto the Cotentin peninsula hours before the landings, tasked with capturing bridges and positions, taking out German strongpoints and batteries, and securing the exits from Utah and Omaha Beaches.

Things did not initially go smoothly for 101st Airborne, with cloud and antiaircraft fire disrupting the drops, resulting in some units landing scattered over a large area outside their designated drop zones and having to waste time assembling-stymied by lost or damaged radio equipment-or trying to achieve their objectives with severely reduced numbers.

Casualties were high in some areas due to heavy pre-registered German fire. Nevertheless, the paratroopers fought on and they did manage to secure the crucial beach exits, even if they only achieved a tenuous hold on some other positions. A few days later, 101st Airborne were tasked with attacking the German-held city of Carentan as part of the consolidation of the US beachheads and establishment of a defensive line against the anticipated German counteroffensive. The 101st forced their way into Carentan on 10 and 11 June. The Germans withdrew the following day, and a counteroffensive was rebuffed by elements of the 2nd Armored Division.

This fully-illustrated book details the planning of the airborne element of D-Day, and the execution of the plans until the troops were withdrawn to prepare for the next big airborne operation, Market Garden.1 vol, 128 pgs 2018 US, CASEMATE
NEW-softcover ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-2171202 Buffetaut, Yves THE 2ND SS PANZER DIVISION DAS REICH This lavishly illustrated book by renowned French historian Yves Buffetaut lays out the full history of the Das Reich division in World War II, with rare photos, informative text, and insights about this combat division in WWII. Covers all its actions, including Poland, France, Barbarossa, Kursk, Normandy, Ardennes, and Hungary.

The 2nd SS Division, 'Das Reich,' was a battlefront mainstay for Nazi Germany throughout WWII-from the invasion of Poland in 1939 to the final surrender in May 1945. In between it was switched back-and-forth between east and west depending on the crisis, and it fought in nearly every major campaign, from Barbarossa to Normandy, and from Kharkov to the Ardennes.1 vol, 128 pgs 2018 US, CASEMATE
NEW-softcover ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217090 Cleaver, Thomas McKelvey TIDAL WAVE: From Leyte Gulf to Tokyo Bay The United States Navy won such overwhelming victories in 1944 that, had the navy faced a different enemy, the war would have been over at the conclusion of the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

However, in the moment of victory on 25 October 1944, the US Navy found itself confronting an enemy that had been inconceivable until it appeared. The kamikaze, 'divine wind' in Japanese, was something Americans were totally unprepared for; a violation of every belief held in the West. The attacks were terrifying: regardless of the damage inflicted on an attacking airplane, there was no certainty of safety aboard the ship until that airplane was completely destroyed.

Based on first-person accounts, Tidal Wave is the story of the naval campaigns in the Pacific from the victory at Leyte Gulf to the end of the war, in which the US Navy would fight harder for survival than ever before.1 vol, 320 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid May 2018 ......$32.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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2-209410 Failmezger, Victor AMERICAN KNIGHTS: The Untold Story of the Men of the Legendary 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion As the war began to swing in favor of the Allies, it became clear that no final defeat of the Third Reich would be possible until the armored monsters of the Panzerwaffe were defeated. But who would, or even could, take on the mighty Tigers and Panthers, just a handful of which could stop entire formations in their tracks?

The answer lay with the formation of a new type of unit, the Tank Destroyer Battalion. This is the story of the men and machines that made up the very first Tank Destroyer Battalion, the 601st, from their unique training and formation, to the final, desperate battles in the heart of Nazi Germany. Packed with rare material, letters, diaries and previously unpublished photographs, and now available in paperback, this is an intense and intimate chronicle of the men who fought the Panzers in an astonishing 10 campaigns and 546 days of lethal combat. 1 vol, 448 pgs 2015 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover edition, available mid May 2018 ......$16.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217150 Harrison, Richard THE BATTLE OF THE DNEPR: The Red Army's Forcing of the East Wall, September-December 1943 Details the general offensive that followed the fighting in the area of the Kursk salient in July-August 1943. The Germans, who were now on the strategic defensive in the East, sought to fall back and consolidate their front along the line of the Dnepr River. The Red Army's success in overturning these expectations along this particularly important sector is the subject of this study.

This is a composite work based upon three studies carried out by the Red Army General Staff's military-historical directorate, which was charged with collecting and analyzing the war's experience. The first is a lengthy internal document, dating from 1946, which was eventually published in Russia in 2007, although heavily supplemented by commentary and other information not contained in the original. The present work omits these additions, while supplying its own commentary in places deemed necessary. Two short articles from another publication round out the collection.

The book is divided into two parts. The first deals with the efforts by General N.F. Vatutin's Voronezh (later renamed First Ukrainian) Front to exploit the Soviet victory during the battle of Kursk and to carry the war to the Dnepr River and beyond. This involved pursuing the retreating Germans and attempting to seize crossings over the Dnepr in the Kiev area before the Germans could get across and consolidate their position.

Although they were able to seize several small footholds, the Soviets were unable at first to expand them to bridgeheads of operational significance. By shifting their efforts to the bridgehead north of Kiev, the Soviets were eventually able to break out and capture Kiev, although a German counterattack from the Zhitomir area threw them back somewhat. Nevertheless, by the end of the year the Red Army in this area was ready to resume the offensive to retake the Ukrainian right bank.

The second part comprises two articles covering the combat operations of General I.S. Konev's Steppe (later renamed Second Ukrainian) Front through Poltava and Kremenchug and its crossing of the Dnepr to seize bridgeheads south of Kiev. This is a more narrowly-focused tactical and operational study, dealing with the efforts of the front's 37th and 52nd armies to expand their positions on the Ukrainian right bank into operational bridgeheads capable of supporting a larger offensive to the west in 1944.1 vol, 344 pgs 2017 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-dj, available early May 2018 ......$80.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217080 Zaloga, Stephen ATLAS OF THE EUROPEAN CAMPAIGN: 1944-45 In June 1944 the Allies opened the long-awaited second front against Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, and this was to be the start of a long struggle throughout Western Europe for the Allied forces in the face of stiff German resistance.

The European Theater was where the bulk of the Allied forces were committed in the struggle against Nazi Germany. It saw some of the most famous battles and operations of the war - Normandy, Market Garden, the Battle of the Bulge - as the Allies sought to liberate Western Europe in the face of bitter and hard-fought German resistance. From the beaches of D-Day through to the final battles in war-ravaged Germany, the war across the breadth and depth of Western Europe is brought to life through scores of carefully researched and intricately detailed maps.1 vol, 280 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid May 2018 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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