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Updated as of 2/21/2019

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rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
Weekly eFlyer: 5/03/2018

1-BRIG345 Bunde, Peter 345: GRAND DUCHY OF BADEN: Infantry Regiment Graf Hochberg No.2 1813-1815 Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side.1 vol, 1 pgs 2018 GERMANY, PETER BUNDE
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$14.00 rct

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* The Great and the Good: How to Represent generals on the tabletop
* Generals in Plastic: Plastic models of generals
* The Bravest of the Brave: Ney
* Jean Rapp: Bio
* The Little Corporal: His Friends and Enemies

* Observation Post: New releases at Salute 2018.
* Salute 2018: Show Report
* Rules Showcase: What a Tanker -- WWII tank combat
* Modeling: MDF Terrain: Tips on Construction
* Taking to the Skies with Tiny Planes: WWII aircraft models
* Bolt Action Goes Rogue: British Comics and a world driven by war
* Renaissance Rampant: Converting Lion Rampant rules for the early Renaissance.
* The Battle of Pelennor Fields: 12mm Lord of the Rings refight.
* Donde esta el Hombre Dorado?: Congo rules for Conquistadors.
* The War of the Three Kings
* Rules Showcase: The War of the Three Kings -- Lily Banners rules by The League of Augsburg
1 vol, 108 pgs 2018 UK, WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED
NEW-softcover ......$9.00 rct

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1-213005 SWORDPOINT: Charlemagne The first Campaign supplement for the Swordpoint ancient and medieval rule set allows you to refight the campaigns of legendary Frankish King, Charlemagne. Contains three new and five extended army lists plus nine new scenarios.1 vol, 54 pgs 2018 UK, GRIPPING BEAST
NEW-softcover ......$20.00 rct

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1-196809D Bushel, Alexandre SAGA DICE: Teutonic Dice set Each set contains eight of the same, faction specific, die. Unlike some other special dice, these SAGA dice have symbols on EACH side (no 'pips').1 vol, 8 pgs 2018 UK, GRIPPING BEAST
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$17.00 rct

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1-217170 Weaver, Ralph THE HUNDRED THOUSAND SONS OF ST. LOUIS This book sheds light on an almost unknown military campaign conducted by a French army, 100,000 men strong. The army was referred to by the French king as the 'Sons of St. Louis' and was pitted against parts of the regular Spanish army and a numerous militia.

The cause of the war was a revolution in Spain in 1820 which brought in a 'Liberal' government and the Cortez (Spanish parliament) held King Ferdinand as a virtual prisoner. Ferdinand appealed for help from the French who were supported by an army of Spanish Royalists. A few years earlier many of these Royalist volunteers had been France's bitter enemies and had fought Napoleon's generals to a standstill.

The French troops who crossed the Pyrenees were part of a newly forged army, taken from the debris of Napoleon's old regiments augmented with newly raised conscripts and many inexperienced officers drawn from emigres and the old nobility who had returned to France after the Battle of Waterloo. However, it was led by battle-hardened former Imperial officers and was placed under the overall command of the king of France's nephew, who was also in line for the throne of France.

A full account of the campaign is given, together with detailed descriptions and organization of the armies of France and Spain, illustrated with contemporary pictures and modern interpretations and including maps and plans of the war.

The final and crucial battle, the taking of the forts on the island of the Trocadero, opposite Cadiz, is given special attention. Although small by recent European standards, the fight was decisive for bringing about the end to the war and for establishing the spirit of the new French Royal army and restoring France to a position as one of the leading world powers. 1 vol, 140 pgs 2018 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available mid May 2018 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-217180 Mallin, Jay MERC: American Soldiers of Fortune First published in 1979, its characters and stories are as vivid and worthy of retelling today. American soldiers of fortune have seen action on nearly every battlefield in history - from the Revolutionary War to modern times, men like John Early, a member of the famed Selous Scouts who hunted terrorists in Rhodesia. They fight because they enjoy combat, for causes in which they passionately believe, for money, or simply for adventure.

The mercs profiled in this book range from West Point graduates and Harvard poets to former CIA agents and ex-cons. They are men like William Morgan, a guerrilla leader in the Cuban uprising against Fulgencio Batista, later imprisoned and executed by Fidel Castro; David Marcus, raised in New York's Hell's Kitchen, who went on to a brilliant career in law and reform politics and died in 1947 fighting for the survival of a tiny new nation called Israel; William Brooks, Vietnam Special Forces veteran who, down and out in a cheap Paris hotel, joined the French Foreign Legion and ended up in a remote African outpost where he lived on Coke, salt tablets and paregoric while fighting Somali insurgents; and George Bacon, an ex-CIA operative in Laos with mysterious connections, who died fighting Cubans in Angola.1 vol, 224 pgs 2018 US, CASEMATE
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2018 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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