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1-916446 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 446 Issue 446 of Miniature Wargames we have some exclusive scenarios (including for the new Oathmark system) and a stunning painting guide!
Belgeroth's Last Stand is an exclusive Oathmark Scenario by rules author Joe McCullough.

Backing up the Oathmark goodness, there's also a stunning guide to Painting your Oathmark Elves by Kevin Dallimore.

For those that want the chatter of Tommy Guns, there's an exclusive rule set and linked scenarios for booze running in the 20s with Bootleggers, Stetsons & Chicago Pianos. It's 87AD in the Dacian Frontier: you are Decebalus but - in Jon Sutherland's Command Decision - the question is can you stop the Roman invasion?

In A Game for our Times we have some simple modern AFV combat rules which are - in the current situation - useful for solo or remote play. To help with that, Conrad Kinch gives us some guides for remote gaming in Send Three & Fourpence.1 vol, 96 pgs 2020 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-pb, available late May 2020 ......$9.00 rct

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1-223540 Castleden, Rodney The Attack on Troy 3300 years ago Agamemnon, king of Mycenae in Greece, attacked the city of Troy in western Anatolia. The bloody siege that followed gave rise to one of the most famous legends of the ancient world, and the search for the truth behind the legend has intrigued scholars ever since. In this fascinating new investigation Rodney Castleden reconsiders all the evidence in order to establish the facts and give a historical basis to the most potent myth of ancient warfare.1 vol, 224 pgs 2020 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available late May 2020 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-84030 Nossov, Konstantin ANCIENT AND MEDIEVAL SIEGE WEAPONS 8x9.5, the author uses many primary illustratedsources to depicting useage; extensive analysis ofweapons/use from Ancient Egypt onwards, 100's b/willust/photos, appendicies, biblio, index.1 vol, 306 pgs 2005 US, LYONS PRESS
NEW-dj, INVENTORY REDUCTION 25% discount ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:25%

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1-223600 Kay, Helen The 1066 Norman Bruisers - How European Thugs Became English Gentry The 1066 Norman Bruisers conjures up the vanished world of England in the late Middle Ages and casts light on one of the strangest quirks in the nation's history: how a bunch of European thugs became the quintessentially English gentry.

In 1066 go-getting young immigrant Osbern Fitz Tezzo crossed the Channel in William the Conqueror's army. Little did he know that it would take five years to vanquish the English, years in which the Normans suffered almost as much as the people they had set out to subdue. For the English, the Norman Conquest was an unmitigated disaster, killing thousands by the sword or starvation. But for Osbern and his compatriots, it brought territory and treasure - and a generational evolution they could never have imagined.

Osbern's descendants settled in Cheshire, which played a pivotal role in medieval England as the launch pad for Edward I's Welsh wars, the chief recruiting ground for royal armies and Richard II's regional powerhouse. Successive members of the Boydell family fought for monarchs and magnates, oversaw royal garrisons, traveled abroad as agents of the crown and helped to administer the laws of the land. When they weren't strutting across the stage of northwestern England, mingling with great men and participating in great events, they engaged in feuds, embarked on illicit love affairs and exerted their influence in the small corner of the country they had made their own. By 1378, when William Boydell died from wounds sustained in combat, the nation he defended was England and the enemy he opposed dwelled just forty miles from the place where Osbern had probably grown up.1 vol, 272 pgs 2020 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available late May 2020 ......$43.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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2-89560 Falkner, James MARLBOROUGH'S WARS EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS 1702-1713 Many books have been written about the 1st Duke of Marlborough's famous victories, but none of the previous studies has really concentrated on how the warfare was perceived by the men and women who took part - those who experienced the action at first hand. James Falkner has brought together a vivid selection of contemporary accounts of every aspect of the war to create a panoramic yet minutely detailed picture of those years of turmoil.

The story is told through memoirs, letters, official documents, dispatches, newspaper reports and eyewitness testimony from the French and Allied sides of the conflict.

His linking narrative provides a penetrating analysis of the strategy and tactics of warfare at the time.1 vol, 256 pgs 2020 UK, PEN & SWORD BOOKS
NEW-pb, new softcover edition available late May 2020 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-COM1108 Newberf, Stephen Dawn Of Empire - Spanish-American War of 1898 in the Atlantic Ocean Dawn of Empire is an uncomplicated game centered on the naval aspects of the Spanish-American War of 1898 in the Atlantic Ocean. The game depicts this conflict at a strategic level, with most operational and tactical details represented by fast and easy-to-play systems, rather than intricate mechanisms. The intent of the game is to provide a broad overview of the historical events while being fun to play.

It all really started in February of 1895 when Spain unilaterally suspended constitutional guarantees to Cuba and its population. This lead to open revolt on the island and serious retaliatory measures by the Spanish administration of Captain General Weyler, including concentration camps for non-combatants. This was too much for the American press, and as a result, the American public, and eventually U.S. pressure led to Weyler's removal, but not to a decrease in tensions between the US and Spain. And then, the Maine happened. On 15 February, 1898, well into the darkness of the night, the USS Maine, anchored in Havana Harbour to visible enforcement of U.S. interests on the island, blew up. 268 U,S. naval personnel were killed, about 2/3rd of the crew of the vessel. The American press exploded also. Headlines shouted 'Spanish Treachery' and William Randolph Hearts newspapers stirred the pot of American anger vigorously. By late March a Naval Court Of Inquiry set down a judgment that the Maine was destroyed by an external explosion, pointing the finger by implication at the Spanish. Before the end of the following month, the United States would declare war on Spain.

The object of the game for the United States player is to control the sea areas around the US Atlantic coast and Caribbean Sea to prevent Spanish combatants from supporting their island holdings and to destroy the naval forces of Spain. The object of the game for the Spanish player is to disrupt United States sea control, retain sea control around the Spanish coastline for as long as possible, and destroy United States naval forces. Both players must deploy their naval resources into the sea areas on the map to earn victory points at the end of each turn for areas under their control, blockaded, and for opposing units destroyed.

Product information

Complexity: 4 out of 10
Solitaire Suitability: 4 out of 10
Time Scale: 11 days per turn
Map Scale: variable (area movement maps)
Unit Scale: individual warships
Players: 1-2
Playing Time: 2-3 hours
1 vol, 1 pgs 2020 US, COMPASS GAMES
NEW-box, available late May 2020 ......$55.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-223550 Baxter, Ian The Destruction of 6th Army at Stalingrad - Images of War series he scale of death and destruction during the Battle of Stalingrad during late 1942 and early 1943 remains unprecedented in the history of warfare.

The annihilation of General von Paulus' 6th Army epitomized the devastating defeat of Hitler's ambition to conquer Stalin's Soviet Union. After the successful Operation Blue offensive 6th Army reached the River Volga north of Stalingrad in summer 1942. With overextended supply lines and facing steely opposition, increasingly desperate attempts to seize the city repeatedly failed. Slowly 6th Army became encircled. The German High Command attempted a number of relief attempts, notably Field Marshal von Manstein's 'Winter Storm' but all were defeated by the tenacity of the enemy and the Russian winter. To their credit the men of 6th Army fought to the end but by February 1943 the last pockets of German resistance were either destroyed or had surrendered.

Thanks to a superb collection of unpublished photographs, this Images of War book provides an absorbing insight into the dramatic events of the last months of 6th Army's doomed existence.1 vol, 160 pgs 2020 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available late May 2020 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-223560 Baxter, Ian Hitler's Heavy Tank Battalions 1942-1945Images of War series With rare, often unpublished photographs and full captions Hitler's Heavy Tank Battalions provides a superb record of the Wehrmacht's Schwere Panzerableilung on operations between 1942 and 1945.

In addition to the Tiger I and successor Tiger II heavy tanks, these battalions were equipped with Pz.Kpfw III's, Flakpanzer IV, Sd. Kfz 7/1 self-propelled antiaircraft guns, Sd.Kfz 9 and 10 halftracks, Sd.Kfz 2 and Kettenkrad gun tractors. The Tigers required substantial maintenance and the Berge Panther armored recovery vehicle played a key role.

Heavy tank battalions saw action on the Eastern Front, in Italy and North West Europe before being pushed back to Berlin for the final defensive battles and there are graphic photographs and descriptions of vehicles on operations in all these theaters.

While feared by the Allies in the early years, these units suffered increasing attrition from antitank artillery, ground attack aircraft and mechanical issues.

Modelers and equipment buffs in particular will find this latest Images of War book extremely useful and fascinating.1 vol, 176 pgs 2020 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available late May 2020 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-223570 Forty, Simon Across the Rhine: January-May 1945 The last rites were administered to the Third Reich from the west by a massive concentration of Allied forces and firepower. With France secured, Hitler's vain counterattack in the Ardennes held and the Channel and North Sea ports cleared, little stood in the way of the Allies other than the dominant geographical feature of western Europe: the mighty Rhine River stretching from the North Sea almost to Switzerland.

In the north, the 21st Army Group executed one of the largest operations of the war: a huge airdrop backed up by an amphibious crossing that made full use of 79th Armoured Division's specialized armor including the Alligators of 4th Royal Tank Regiment. Further south, until it collapsed under the pressure, the Ludendorff Bridge, captured intact at Remagen allowed US First Army to create a bridgehead. They would use it to good effect, wheeling north to surround the Ruhr, Germany's industrial heartland. Further south, where the river was narrower, Patton's Third Army vaulted the Rhine with its customary elan, as did Devers' Sixth Army Group.

Ahead of the Allies were the remains of the German forces, often no more than Volkssturm or Hitlerjugend, determined to resist for as long as possible so that their F1 vol, 224 pgs 2020 US, CASEMATE
NEW-dj, available late May 2020 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-223530 Izzaed, Brian Mastermind of Dunkirk and D-Day The Vision of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay This is the first major biography of Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay in fifty years. Ramsay masterminded the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk in 1940. Initially, it was thought that 40,000 troops at most could be rescued. But Ramsay's planning and determination led to some 330,000 being brought back to fight another day, although the Royal Navy and the Merchant Navy paid a high price in ships and men. Ramsay continued to play a crucial role in the conduct of the Second World War - the invasion of Sicily in 1943 was successful in large part due to his vision, and he had a key role in the planning and execution of the D-Day invasion - coordinating and commanding the 7,000 ships that delivered the invasion force onto the beaches of Normandy.

All this from a man who had actually retired in 1938, after forty years in the Navy. He was persuaded out of retirement by Winston Churchill in 1939, however he was not reinstated on the Active List until April 1944, at which point he was promoted to Admiral and appointed Naval Commander-in-Chief for the D-Day naval expeditionary force. Dying in a mysterious air crash in 1945, Ramsay's legacy has been remembered by the Royal Navy but his key role in the Allied victory has been widely forgotten. After the war ended his achievements ranked alongside those of Sir Winston Churchill, Field Marshal Viscount Alanbrooke, Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery and General Dwight Eisenhower, yet he never received the public recognition he deserved.

Brian Izzard's new biography of Ramsay puts him and his work back center-stage, arguing that Ramsay was the mastermind without whom the outcome of both Dunkirk and D-Day - and perhaps the entire war - could have been very different.1 vol, 288 pgs 2020 US, CASEMATE
NEW-dj, available late May 2020 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-223590 Roberts, Geoffrey editor Marshal of Victory - The Autobiography of General Georgy Zhukov Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov remains a national hero in today's Russia as the man who beat Hitler and saved both Russia and Europe from the Nazis. His reputation is that of a Russian patriot and an independent-minded general who remained a key figure in Stalin's high command throughout the Great Patriotic War. Zhukov played a significant role in virtually all the principal battles on the Eastern Front during the Second World War - including Moscow, Leningrad, Stalingrad, Kursk and Berlin. It was Zhukov who formally accepted Germany's unconditional surrender on 9 May 1945.

In his post-war autobiography Zhukov chronicled his brilliant career as he saw it - and wanted it to be seen. His memoirs reveal the why and how of decision-making at the highest level of the Soviet command throughout the war, and his continued loyalty to the Soviet dictator despite being demoted after the war. Zhukov's writing is a fascinating and invaluable source for anyone interested in the war on the Eastern Front and presents intriguing insights into Zhukov the man as well as Zhukov the military commander.1 vol, 1024 pgs 2020 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available late May 2020 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-197640 Zaloga, Steven ARMORED ATTACK 1944: U.S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater from D-Day to the the Battle of the Bulge First of two-volume set contains 1,199 photos of American and German tanks with Zaloga's expert captions. Covers D-Day, Normandy, southern France, the Siegfried Line, the push to the Rhine, and the Battle of the Bulge. It includes all varieties of American armor, from Shermans to Hellcats. Perfect for modelers and World War II enthusiasts.1 vol, 512 pgs 2012 US, STACKPOLE BOOKS
NEW-dj, INVENTORY REDUCTION 25% discount ......$45.00 DISCOUNT:25%

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1-197650 Zaloga, Steven ARMORED VICTORY 1945: U.S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater from the Battle of the Bulge to Germany's Surrender Second of two-volume set contains 1,200 photos of American and German tanks with Zaloga's expert captions. Covers France, the Siegfried Line, the push to the Rhine, and the Battle of the Bulge. It includes all varieties of American armor, from Shermans to Hellcats. Perfect for modelers and World War II enthusiasts.1 vol, 504 pgs 2012 US, STACKPOLE BOOKS
NEW-dj, INVENTORY REDUCTION 25% discount ......$45.00 DISCOUNT:25%

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1-223520 Falcon, John D The Freedom Shield - The 191st Assault Helicopter Company in Vietnam The Freedom Shield brings together stories of veterans of the 191st Assault Helicopter Company, tasked with carrying troops into battle, attacking enemy positions and evacuating the wounded in their UH-1 Iroquois 'Huey' helicopters. The unit was assembled from a hodgepodge selection of hand-me-down aircraft, used equipment and overlooked personnel-its appearance belied the invaluable work the crews of the 191st would undertake during the Vietnam War. This narrative of the Company, told through collected stories of veterans, defines a breed of soldier newly minted in Vietnam: the combat assault-helicopter crewman.

The 191st pilots, crews, and support personnel vividly share the details of what it was like to be at war, forced to rely on your fellow crewmembers for your own survival. Their accounts of helicopter combat at the height of the Vietnam conflict accurately recreate the sights and sounds of the battlefields, the fear and horror of watching close friends torn to pieces, their feelings on returning to base. Their message is infinitely clear: 'The price of freedom is painful.'1 vol, 384 pgs 2020 US, CASEMATE
NEW-dj, available late May 2020 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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