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Weekly eFlyer: 6/15/2017

1-AYG5507 Beckett, Beau and Stahl, Jeph 878 VIKINGS: Invasion of England: Leader 28mm Miniatures Nine highly detailed 28mm miniatures with banners. Set includes custom banner decals sheet. These are suitable for any Ancient or Dark age army as leaders.1 vol, 9 pgs 2017 US, ACADEMY GAMES
NEW-box ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:10% blk

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1-908357 various WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED: Issue # 357 Theme: Richard I

* Richard the Lion-Cub: Bio and scenario
* Richard's Warriors: Guide to Uniforms
* Battle of Arsuf: 1191
* Society of Ancients Battleday 2017: Battle of Arsuf 1191 Refight

Other Articles:
* New Products
* Swordpoint: Rules Showcase
* Campaign SeaLion: Bolt Action Designer's Notes
* The 19:18 From Vladivostok: Adapting a Train Into an Armored Train
* Salute 2017: Convention Recap
* Painted Mail: How to Paint Chainmail armor
* Redoubtable Vessel: ACW Ironclad 28mm Miniature Design and Production
* Up the Creek Without a Paddle(Boat): Victorian Steel's Award-Winning Boxer Rebellion Wargame
* The Legend of Fabled Realms: Fantasy Skirmish Rules Showcase
* General D'Armee: Designer's Notes for Napoleonic Rules
* Project Showcase Of Gnolls and Halflings: Nick Eyre
* Heston and Ealing Wargamers: Club Focus1 vol, 108 pgs 2017 UK, WARGAMES ILLUSTRATED
NEW-pb ......$9.00 rct

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1-916411 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 411 Articles:

* Yo Ho Ho! Pirate Rules
* New Wargame Products and New Books
* Little Inkerman Scenario for Rules The Men Who Would Be King
* Partizan: Convention Recap
* Tarzan!: New Army for Rules Death In The Dark Continent
* Darker Horizons: Fantasy and Sci-Fi New Products, Painting the Army of Gondolin, and Scratch Building a VSF Steam Launch
* Nagy-Sallo 1849: Scenario for Bloody Big Battles
* How to Build Fences and Shacks
* Club Directory1 vol, 96 pgs 2017 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-pb ......$9.00 rct

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1-935091 Various WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY # 91: Special Feature: 217 BC - The Ancient World at War

* Mediterranean Arena of 217 BC: History
* 217: Cage Match of Empires - Gaming the Grudge.
* Gaming the Battle of Lake Trasimene
* Cutting Hannibal's Spanish Supply: The Battle of the Iberus River
* Assembling a Carthaginian Army: The Army of the New City
* John Loves It When a Plan Comes Together: Where's the Elephants, Hannibal?

Other Articles:

* Battle for the Western Oosterbeek Perimeter
* ACW Sharp Practice Mini Campaign: Part I
* Danish Guerrilla Forces During the Scanian War: Snapphanar.
* Surviving the Twisted Tentacle Arms: Part II
* Modelling the Retreat from Moscow: Part I
* Rebuilding a Resin Cottage for 28mm Gaming

Departments Miniature reviews

* This Gaming Life: Mein Host, Part II
* Tabletop Tactics: Line infantry: Theory Into Practice
* The Irregular: Do I Really Need a Podcast?
* The American Civil War Rules from Reisswitz Press: Let's Play Pickett's Charge
* Adventures in Time and Space: First Look - Doctor Who Exterminate!
* Game Reviews: Mortem et Gloriam, The Curse of Dead Man's Hand and Wargame: The Spanish Armada 1588 / Wargame: The Roman Invasion AD 43-84
* Parting Shots1 vol, 84 pgs 2017 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-pb ......$10.00 rct

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1-43637 Love, Mike GENERAL de BRIGADE:Scenarios V7 - Shadows Over the Empire Volume 7 comprises 11 battle scenarios from the 1813 campaign. All are designed for use with any Napoleonic set of rules, though recommended for General de Brigade. Each scenario provides players with terrain maps, troop deployments, objectives and orders of battle. The scenarios can be played in chronological order as per the real campaign.

* Kalisch: Defend the Bridges
* Mockern: Keep the Roads Open
* Konigswartha: Italians Under Fire
* Weissig: The Cohorts of French National Guard
* Reichenbach: Break that Line
* Goldberg: Rush for the Hills
* Blankenfelde: Prendiamo la citta (Let's Take the Town)
* Gross-Beeren: To Berlin
* Thiessen: The Crossroad
* Wartemburg: Bloody Terrain
* Lindenau (Lipsia): The Western Sector1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-pb, available late June 2017 ......$28.00 rct

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1-AYG5500 Beckett, Beau and Stahl, Jeph 878 VIKINGS: Invasion of England Wargame The year is 878. For the past 75 years, Viking raiding parties from Norway and Denmark have been terrorizing the coasts of England with 'hit and run' attacks. The treasures and stories gained from these attacks have allowed the Norsemen to raise huge hosts of eager men seeking glory and riches. These armies now stand poised to thunder across England where they will settle and farm the fertile land they conquer. The divided English kingdoms are unprepared for this impending onslaught. The Vikings are coming!

Players control the invading Vikings or the English nobles who are trying to withstand the invasion. Viking players either play as Norsemen Viking freeman or as the fearless Viking shock troops known as Berserkers. The English play as the Housecarl (Kings' household troops) or as the Thegns (regional noble leaders). The English players will also be able to call up the Fyrd (peasant levies) to defend their cities.

Players for each side strategize together in order to coordinate their strategies. Each side attempts to control Cities on the map to win. The English start the game controlling all of England but a Viking Leader will invade from the sea each Turn. The English players raise reinforcements from cities they control, while the Vikings must wait for a new invasion for reinforcements. The game ends when the Treaty of Wedmore is called and the side controlling the most cities wins the game.1 vol, 1 pgs 2017 US, ACADEMY GAMES
NEW-boxed game ......$75.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-AYG5354 Beckett, Beau and Stahl, Jeph 1754: CONQUEST: The French and Indian War Wargame In 1754, France and Britain have thriving colonies in North America. New England has begun expanding into the Ohio River Valley but France has built a chain of forts extending from Lake Erie to protect their own claim on the land. Now fighting has erupted. France and its Native American Allies control the Ohio Valley but George Washington prepares an army to take it from them. A small war has started in the colonies between France and Britain but control of the world is at stake.

This war is known as the French and Indian War in the United States, the War of Conquest in Canada and was part of the Seven Years War which was fought around the world by the European Powers.

Players play as the French and British Factions who fought for dominance over the Americas. The French players either play as the French Canadian Militia or the French Regulars. The British players play as the British Colonial Militias or the British Regulars. Both players can ally and fight with the Native Americans but the French start with more Native Allies.

Players for each side work together in order to coordinate their strategies. To win, each side attempts to control Victory Spaces on the map that represent towns and forts. The militia players receive reinforcements from muster points while the French and English Regulars must ship their reinforcements from overseas. The game ends when the Treaty of Paris is signed and the side controlling the most cities wins the game.

1754 Conquest Introduces:

1. Strategic Forts: Forts allow defenders an opportunity to negate hits in battle!
2. Valuable Muster Points: The new muster system for Native American and Colonial forces makes strategic alliances more dynamic and game changing!
3. Important Harbor Regions: Harbor regions govern regional reinforcements from British and French Regular Troops!1 vol, 1 pgs 2017 US, ACADEMY GAMES
NEW-boxed game ......$70.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-214380 BATTLE ABOVE THE CLOUDS: Lifting the Siege of Chattanooga and the Battle of Lookout Mountain, October 16 - November 24, 1863 In October 1863, the Union Army of the Cumberland was besieged in Chattanooga, all but surrounded by familiar opponents: The Confederate Army of Tennessee. The Federals were surviving by the narrowest of margins, thanks only to a trickle of supplies painstakingly hauled over the sketchiest of mountain roads. Soon even those quarter-rations would not suffice. Disaster was in the offing. Includes 150 images and maps.

Yet those Confederates, once jubilant at having routed the Federals at Chickamauga and driven them back into the apparent trap of Chattanooga's trenches, found their own circumstances increasingly difficult to bear. In the immediate aftermath of their victory, the South rejoiced; the Confederacy's own disasters of the previous summer-Vicksburg and Gettysburg-were seemingly reversed. Then came stalemate in front of those same trenches. The Confederates held the high ground, Lookout Mountain and Missionary Ridge, but they could not completely seal off Chattanooga from the north.

The Union responded. Reinforcements were on the way. A new man arrived to take command: Ulysses S. Grant. Confederate General Braxton Bragg, unwilling to launch a frontal attack on Chattanooga's defenses, sought victory elsewhere, diverting troops to East Tennessee.

Battle above the Clouds by David Powell recounts the first half of the campaign to lift the siege of Chattanooga, including the opening of the 'cracker line,' the unusual night battle of Wauhatchie, and one of the most dramatic battles of the entire war: Lookout Mountain.1 vol, 192 pgs 2017 US, SAVAS BEATIE
NEW-pb, available mid June 2017 ......$15.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214370 Osborne. Mike IF THE KAISER COMES: Defence Against a German Invasion of Britain in the First World War On the night of 20 November 1914, everything pointed to the likelihood of invasion by a German army, whisked across the North Sea on a fleet of fast transports. The Royal Navy's Grand Fleet prepared to sail south from remote bases in Scotland, shallow-draught monitors were moored in the Wash, and 300,000 troops stood by to repel the enemy on the beaches.

Fortunately, the night passed without incident. For thirty years prior to the First World War, writers, with a variety of motivations, had been forecasting such an invasion. Britain regarded the army as an imperial police force and, despite the experience gained in military exercises involving simulated invasions, the Royal Navy was still expected to fulfill its traditional role of intercepting and destroying enemy forces.

However, as the technology of warfare developed, with the proliferation of ever more powerful warships, submarines, mines, and torpedoes, alongside the added promise of aerial assault, it became obvious that these long-established notions of the Navy's invincibility might no longer be realistic. The perceived threat of invasion, whether justified or not, persisted throughout World War I, and this book describes the measures taken to protect Britain against enemy attack by land, sea, or air.1 vol, 224 pgs 2017 UK, FONTHILL MEDIA
NEW-pb, available mid June 2017 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214360 Tucker-Jones, Anthony ARMOURED WARFARE AND THE WAFFEN-SS 1944-1945: Images at War Series Over 150 wartime photographs give a graphic snapshot of the dramatic tank battles fought by the Waffen-SS panzer and panzergrenadier divisions during 1944-5 on both the Eastern and Western fronts. By this stage of the Second World War these formations were at the height of their powers and took part in major armored operations in Russia, France, the Netherlands, and Poland.

As the Wehrmacht retreated the Waffen-SS played an increasingly important role. Most notably their panzers prolonged the war by staving off defeat at Arnhem and Wolomin, stabilizing both the Western and Eastern fronts at critical points in the fighting.

The photographs and the accompanying narrative record the contrasting conditions they faced on each battlefront and the weapons and equipment they used, especially the armored vehicles, including the Tiger and Panther tanks, which were among the best designs the Germans produced. But they also record the crimes committed by members of the Waffen-SS against civilians and captured enemy soldiers during the series of brutal, often desperate operations mounted to stave off German defeat.1 vol, 128 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available mid June 2017 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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