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Updated as of 7/19/2018

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1-453010206 Warlord Games, Clockwork Goblin KONFLIKT '47: K47 German Heavy Sniper Team With the advent of heavy armour and light walkers on the battlefield, the role and relevance of heavy anti-tank rifles have been revised. Never intended to take on heavy vehicles, they are perfect for tackling scout walkers and heavy infantry. Boasting a literal anti-tank rifle, they have the means to take on the heavily armored super units that can cause immense havoc amongst regular troops.

This blister pack contains a heavy sniper team, an anti-tank rifleman and a spotter.1 vol, 2 pgs 2017 UK, WARLORD GAMES
NEW-blister, available early August 2017 ......$11.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-452410205 Warlord Games, Clockwork Goblin KONFLIKT '47: German 28mm Thor Heavy Panzermech The Thor panzermech is designed to enter the toughest urban environments and deal with entrenched infantry. Well armoured and armed it does its job far too well for most opponent's liking. First fielded alongside the Zeus in April 1946, the Thor was the Rift-tech inspired, original design that was later modified to create the Zeus. Developed to provide infantry in urban combat zones a form of mobile pillbox, the lessons identified in Stalingrad, Warsaw and Brussels were clearly a large part of the Thor's design criteria.

Armored all round to protect it from flanking infantry, the Thor carries a 150mm howitzer capable of reducing any building or strong point to rubble. Its 20mm autocannon provides some protection from infantry or light vehicles, but it expects accompanying panzer grenadiers to keep it safe from the enemy at close quarters. Able to navigate the rubble-strewn streets of an urban battlefield, the Thor pushes relentlessly forward, knocking out enemy positions one after another, its lack of speed rarely an issue in the close-quarter battles for which it was designed.1 vol, 1 pgs 2017 UK, WARLORD GAMES
NEW-box, available early August 2017 ......$96.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-1994017 BOLT ACTION: Campaign Sea Lion - Part 2: Operation Gigant Operation Sea Lion has proceeded, both sides have lost a lot and as a result the remainder of the German forces have been pushed to Kent where they prepare their defenses against the inevitable British attack. The German high command refuse to let their blitzkrieg falter at this stage and concoct a brave, audacious and completely unexpected plan...

Operation Gigant is phase two of the theoretical Operation Sea Lion plan to invade Britain. It has been brought forward and into action since phase one faltered and the Germans were pushed back to Kent. Glider borne troops and vehicles are bought in to create a surprise second front in North East England, splitting the British defenses still further and driving a steel wedge down through the heart of the British countryside!

Packed with new units to defend (or destroy) Britain's defenses, new scenarios on what could of been historical battles, reconstruct your whole army with new theater selectors and more off-the-wall special rules dedicated to the scientific wonders created to invade, and defend, Britain.

This time however, the Panzerbrigades will leave their treads within the mud of the British countryside and over the rubble of humble villages. With the Germans coming into Britain once again but with their complete force, can the British and the remaining Allies hold the Germans off again? Or will the German war machine repeat their success in France and steamroll over Britain?1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 UK, WARLORD GAMES
NEW-softcover ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214721 Winfree, Dave BATTLES ABOVE VOLUME 1: WWII Scenarios Europe 70 scenarios for Cover Your 6 aircraft miniatures rules covers 1940 to 1945 in Western Europe. Fighter skirmishes, sweeps, bomber streams and a general assortment of mid to large scenarios. 24 new aircraft and stats for them.1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 US, I-94 ENTERPRISES
NEW-pb ......$35.00 rct

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1-214722 Winfree, Dave BATTLES ABOVE VOLUME 2: WWII Scenarios Malta and Crete 32 scenarios for Cover Your 6 aircraft miniatures rules covers Malta, Crete and a few North Africa scenarios.

5 scenarios featuring The Falcon of Malta, George Beurling
Attacks on aircraft carrier Illustrious while in Malta Harbor
Scenarios for Faith, Hope, and Charity, the three famous Gloster Sea Gladiators
defending Malta at the start of WWII
Italian notable pilots Guido, Luigi, Bruno, and Furio
British pilot known as One-Hand Mac
Special rules for many scenarios based on historic events
Italian Bombers that make aircrew checks to drop bombs whenever the crew is
the target of fire
1 vol, 64 pgs 2017 US, I-94 ENTERPRISES
NEW-pb ......$25.00 rct

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1-214720 Burnham, Robert and Ron McGuigan WELLINGTON'S BRIGADE COMMANDERS: Peninsula and Waterloo New biographical guide to his brigade commanders investigates the lives and careers of a group of men who performed a vital role in Wellington's chain of command. These officers were the brigadiers and major generals who, for a variety of reasons, never made the jump to become permanent division commanders. Their characters, experience, and level of competence were key factors in the successes and failures of the army as a whole. Their biographies give us a fascinating insight into their individual backgrounds, their strengths and weaknesses, and the makeup of the society they came from.

Each biography features a table covering essential information on the individual, his birth and death dates, the dates of his promotions, and details of his major commands. This is followed by a concise account of his life and service.1 vol, 336 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early August 2017 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214741 Hussey, John WATERLOO: THE CAMPAIGN OF 1815: Volume I: From Elba to Ligny and Quatre Bras The first of two groundbreaking volumes on the Waterloo campaign, this book is based upon a detailed analysis of sources old and new in four languages. It highlights the political stresses between the Allies, and their resolution; it studies the problems of feeding and paying for 250,000 Allied forces assembling in Belgium during the 'undeclared war', and how a strategy was thrashed out. Includes 16 pages of plates.

It studies the neglected topic of how the slow and discordant Allies beyond the Rhine hampered the plans of Blucher and Wellington, thus allowing Napoleon to snatch the initiative from them. Napoleon's operational plan is analyzed (and Soult's mistakes in executing it). Accounts from both sides help provide a vivid impression of the fighting on the first day, 15 June, and the volume ends with the joint battles of Ligny and Quatre Bras the next day.1 vol, 736 pgs 2017 UK, GREENHILL BOOKS
NEW-dj ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214742 Hussey, John WATERLOO: THE CAMPAIGN OF 1815: Volume II: From Waterloo to the Restoration of Peace in Europe The concluding volume of this work provides a fresh description of the climatic battle of Waterloo placed in the context of the whole campaign. It discusses several vexed questions: Blucher's intentions for the battle, Wellington's choice of site, his reasons for placing substantial forces at Hal, the placement of Napoleon's artillery, who authorized the French cavalry attacks, Grouchy's role on 18 and 19 June, Napoleon's own statements on the Garde's formation in the final attack, and the climactic moment when the Prussians reached Wellington's troops near la Belle Alliance.

Close attention is paid to the negotiations that led to the capitulation of Paris, and subsequent French claims. The allegations of Las Cases and later historians that Napoleon's surrender to Captain Maitland of the Bellerophon amounted to entrapment are also examined. After a survey of the peace settlement of 1815, the book concludes with a masterly chapter reviewing the whole story of the 1815 campaign.1 vol, 352 pgs 2017 UK, GREENHILL BOOKS
NEW-dj, available early August 2017 ......$53.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214740 Rawson, Andrew THE ARRAS CAMPAIGN: 1917 This is an account of the British Expeditionary Force's actions during the spring of 1917. It begins with the Allied plans for the New Year and shows how they were undone by the German decision to withdraw to a pre-prepared defensive line. Includes 60 integrated maps and an 8-page plate section.

The story follows the cautious advance across devastated territory to the Hindenburg Line and the subsequent revision in Allied plans. The Arras offensive on 9 April resulted in the capture of Vimy Ridge by the Canadians and the longest advance by British troops since trench warfare began. But attempts to replicate the success at places like Oppy, Roeux, Monchy, and Bullecourt ended in bloody failure. Each large battle and minor action is given equal treatment, giving a detailed insight into the most talked about side of the campaign, the British side.

There are details on the reasoning behind each battle, the objectives and the tactics. There is discussion about how the infantry, the artillery, the cavalry, the engineers, and Royal Flying Corps worked together. We see how they used new techniques or made costly mistakes during the attacks.

Over 60 new maps chart the day by day progress of each battle and action. Together the narrative and maps provide an insight into the British Army's experience during this important campaign early in 1917. Where possible the men who made a difference are mentioned; those who led the attacks, those who faced the counterattacks and those who were awarded the Victoria Cross. Discover the spring 1917 campaign experienced by the British Army and learn how its brave soldiers fought and died achieving their objectives.1 vol, 256 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early August 2017 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214750 Bennett, Geoffrey FREEING THE BALTIC: 1918-1920 In 1919, the new governments of the besieged Baltic states appealed desperately to the Allies for assistance. A small British flotilla of light cruisers and destroyers were sent to help, under the command of Rear Admiral Sir Walter Cowan. They were given no clear instructions as to what their objective was to be and so Cowan decided that he had to make his own policy.

Despite facing a much greater force, Cowan improvised one of the most daring raids ever staged by the British Navy. He succeeded with devastating effect; outmaneuvering his enemies, sinking two Russian Battleships, and eventually freeing the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.1 vol, 264 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early August 2017 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214730 Mitchelhill-Green, David WITH ROMMEL IN THE DESERT: Tripoli to El Alamein Up to the outbreak of war in September 1939, the German Army had focused exclusively on the operational, organizational and training preparations needed to wage war in continental Europe. The threat of an Italian collapse in North Africa in early 1941, however, prompted Hitler to reinforce his ally by sending an armored blocking force to Libya. Not content to merely thwart the British from capturing Tripoli, Lieutenant-General Erwin Rommel harried his inexperienced expeditionary force eastward towards the Nile Delta. Includes 250 photos.

This book is a pictorial narrative of the unfolding conflict from the arrival of the Deutsches Afrikakorps until Rommel's departure from the battlefield in March 1943. We view the desert war, with its shifting fortunes and unique challenges, primarily through the lens of ordinary combatants. This is their personal record of serving with Rommel in the desert.1 vol, 216 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early August 2017 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214770 Mitchell, Stewart ST VALERY AND ITS AFTERMATH: The Gordon Highlanders Captured in France in 1940 During the German May 1940 offensive, the 51st (Highland) Division, including the 1st and 5th Battalions Gordon Highlanders, became separated from the British Expeditionary Force. After a heroic stand at St Valery-en-Caux the Division surrendered when fog thwarted efforts to evacuate them.

Within days, scores of Gordons had escaped and were on the run through Nazi-occupied France. Many reached Britain after feats of great courage and tenacity, including recapture and imprisonment in atrocious conditions in France, Spain, or North Africa.

Those imprisoned in Eastern Europe were forced to work in coal and salt mines, quarries, factories, and farms. Some died through unsafe conditions or the brutality of their captors. Others escaped, on occasion fighting with distinction alongside Resistance forces. Many had to endure the brutal 1945 winter march away from the advancing Allies before their eventual liberation.1 vol, 272 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early August 2017 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-214760 van der Bijl, Nicholas OPERATION BANNER: The British Army in Northern Ireland 1969-2007 The book opens by setting the historic backdrop to The Troubles. In summer 1969 the annual Loyalist marching season sparked violence in Londonderry which spread rapidly. After three days of violence the British Government deployed troops in support of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. Initially the Catholic community welcomed the Army's presence but this was to change over the years.

The first soldier was killed in 1971 and a further 48 died that year. January 30 1972 - Bloody Sunday - galvanized IRA recruitment and the British Embassy was burnt in Dublin. The Official IRA bombed Aldershot HQ of the Parachute Regiment and in August 1972 the Army launched Op Motorman to clear No Go areas. Internment followed and the Province was firmly in the grip of sectarian violence. The next 30 years saw a remorseless counter-terrorist campaign which deeply affected the lives of all the people of Northern Ireland and several generation of the British Army.

The Peace Process ground on for over 10 years but the campaign formally ended in 2007 with the establishment of hitherto unimaginable power sharing.1 vol, 288 pgs 2017 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available early August 2017 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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