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1-225330 Demana, Mike Mean Streets: War in Gang-infested Cities Mean Streets: War in Gang-infested Cities is a simple, fast-play set of wargame rules for fighting gang battles in the city streets of today, the recent past, or 19th century. It recreates the romanticized look at street gangs from movies like the 1979 cult classic, The Warriors, or West Side Story.

Each player controls a street gang composed of 5-12 figures, with each figure representing one man. Gangs can be assigned a huge variety of missions to earn victory points while engaging in rumbles with rival street gangs. Mean Streets includes experience point rules for a continuing series of games, and a complete set of campaign rules to allow players' gangs to wage street battles for control of their city.

1 vol, 56 pgs 2020 US, FIRST COMMAND WARGAMES
NEW-pb, available mid September 2020 ......$20.00 rct

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1-225360 Turczi, David and Shaw, Nick ROME AND ROLL : The Rebuilding of Rome Board Game 64 AD: Rome is burnt to cinders, in need of rebuilding. With the city weakened, distant settlements across the empire refuse to pay taxes and need reminding of the power of Rome. Emperor Nero gathers the most influential members of the city with a clear task: rebuild Rome and recapture the settlements.

Players draft from a pool of custom dice to collect resources and special icons that allow them to build buildings - by drawing onto the map of the Seven Hills of Rome, Tetris-style - collect legionnaires, invade rogue settlements, or build the famous network of Roman Roads to the already pacified ones. Trading resources and other abilities might earn them coins, building Shrines will allow them to use the Favors of the Gods, and careful interaction with other players will surely lead one of them to victory1 vol, 1 pgs 2020 UK, PLASTIC SOLDIER
NEW-box, available mid September 2020 ......$49.00 rct

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1-225361 Turczi, David and Shaw, Nick Rome & Roll Character Boards Expansion Note: Rome & Roll boardgame is required to use this expansion. Three new influential members of Roman society have been called upon by Emperor Nero to rebuild the great city.

The Nobilis, Pontifex, and Artifitrix offer new strategic dimensions and gameplay challenge. Includes three dry-erase character sheets for the Nobilis, Pontifex, and Artifitrix. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2020 UK, PLASTIC SOLDIER
NEW-bag, available mid September 2020 ......$16.00 rct

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1-225340 Fox, E. T The Commotion Time - Tudor Rebellions of 1549 Examines the military history of two major rebellions and several minor uprising occurred spontaneously throughout England in 1549. In East Anglia Robert Kett, aggrieved at the abuses of enclosure, laid siege to Norwich until defeated by Royal forces at the bloody battle of Dussindale. At the same time, thousands of commoners of Devon and Cornwall rose up against the introduction of the English-language Book of Common Prayer and the systematic destruction of their traditional faith. Like Norwich, Exeter was besieged throughout the long summer until, in a brutal campaign by government forces and hired foreign mercenaries, the rebellion was finally suppressed. Includes 32 b/w ills & photos, 11 maps, and numerous tables.

Previous histories of the rebellions of 1549 have explored their causes in great depth, but little attention has been given to the military history of the campaigns. Yet the mid-Tudor period rests on the cusp between a medieval form of warfare and the new emerging ideas that defined warfare in the early-modern period, making the battles of 1549 of crucial importance in understanding the transition between the two. Explores how the 'medieval' rebels of the Devon and Cornwall militias fared against the German pikemen and Italian arquebusiers the government sent against them. 1 vol, 230 pgs 2020 UK, HELION AND SON
NEW-pb ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-225341 Fredholm von Essen, Michael The Lion from the North V1 - The Swedish Army of Gustavus Adolphus, 1618-1632 Describes and analyses the early modern Swedish army, with a particular emphasis on the reforms introduced by King Gustavus Adolphus before and during the Thirty Years War. Also expands our understanding of the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War with focus on its operations on the eastern front against Russian and Polish opponents as well as the better-known operations in Germany against the Catholic League and the Holy Roman Empire. Includes 119 b/w illustrations, 10 b/w maps, 15 tables, 32pp color plates.

Sweden had a long history of conflict with neighbouring countries, and the reforms introduced by King Gustavus Adolphus had their origin in wars fought in the early seventeenth century, before or in the early phases of the Thirty Years War. The Kalmar war with Denmark, the Novgorod and Pskov campaigns in Russia, the conquest of Livonia, and the war with Poland played important roles in preparing the Swedish army for the wars on the continent from 1630 onwards.

While some of the technical and tactical innovations attributed to the Swedish Army in the Thirty Years War are myths, others were real. Possibly of yet more enduring importance were the Swedish Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna's administrative reforms. A conscription system was established which consistently managed to raise troops, despite the small population of Sweden and its territories. A logistics system was introduced which could supply the armies, despite the vast geographical depth of operations. The intelligence service was developed into a comprehensive support establishment to military operations. It is fair to say that the Swedish army that entered the Thirty Years War and the organisation that enabled it formed the foundation for the subsequent Swedish rise to regional great power status. While the army of Gustavus Adolphus has been described elsewhere, the book includes current research that has not yet appeared in the English language. 1 vol, 304 pgs 2020 UK, HELION AND SON
NEW-pb, available mid September 2020 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-938011 Various STRATEGY & TACTICS QUARTERLY # 11 - Thirty Years War Thirty Years War - Violent Birth of Modern Europe: Modern Europe is the product of the gradual evolution of political, economic, and social institutions, interspersed with cataclysmic events as the old order resisted change. The early seventeenth century saw one of the worst.

The Thirty Years' War of 1618-1648 tore through central Europe, depopulating large tracts of Germany, while subsidiary fights erupted on the high seas, in the Americas, and in the Far East. It melded the last of the Catholic-Protestant wars and the first stirrings of nationalism to ongoing dynastic struggles for European hegemony. Joseph Miranda brings his incisive writing to bear on this complicated story, aided by a profusion of colorful maps, to identify its major threads. 1 vol, 48 pgs 2020 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available mid September 2020 ......$16.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-225350 Bamford, andrew editor Rebellious Scots to Crush - The Military Response to the Jacobite '45 When Charles Edward Stuart launched the last, and perhaps most famous, of the Jacobite Risings in the late summer of 1745, the British Army found itself ill-placed to respond. Its most effective troops were on the continent; regular units at home were weak, inexperienced or both; the Militia system was moribund and politically suspect. When the opposing forces first met in the field, the result was ignominious rout and retreat. Nevertheless, eight months after the Rising began, the Jacobite cause went down in crushing defeat at Culloden.

This collection of essays examines in detail some of the units that marched and fought for George II during this tumultuous period. Consideration is given to regular regiments of foot and dragoons as well as to the additional units raised for the emergency. In the latter category, different chapters examine the 'noblemen's regiments' added to the regular line as a piece of political jobbery, the militias raised by clans loyal to the House of Hanover, and the blue-coated volunteer regiments fielded to resist the Jacobite invasion of England. Emphasizing the fact that this was a civil war, three of the units that are considered were Scottish-raised, whilst others contained substantial numbers of Scotsmen in their ranks.

The experiences of the units in question varied greatly; some took part in the pivotal battles of Prestonpans, Falkirk, and Culloden whilst others never fired a shot in anger. Includes 12 black and white images and maps, with eight 8 pages of color. 1 vol, 204 pgs 2020 UK, HELION AND SON
NEW-pb ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-ATO052 Bomba, Ty AGAINST THE ODDS #52: Operation Ichi-Go Operation Ichi-Go ('Number One') was the largest ground offensive in Japanese history, with 500,000 troops, 800 tanks, and massive logistics and artillery support. They used their tanks in armored divisions -- the only time in the war they deployed such concentrations.

They had three broad objectives: Open a land and rail route across China to their southern conquests in Indochina and the Dutch East Indies (and bypass the US submarine blockade along the Chinese seacoast); Eliminate all the US B-29 bomber bases in China; and at a minimum, severely degrade Nationalist Chinese capabilities and in the best case, maybe even knock the Nationalists out of the war.

Magazine includes two-player wargame with 22x34-inch mapsheet and 252 die-cut counters to fight out the entire operation, as well as bonus solitaire rules with the player commanding Japanese forces to capture B-29 bases (using the same map and counters).

In the two-player game, depending on Japanese success, the US might launch Operation Causeway, the invasion of Formosa and the Chinese mainland, which had been drawn up and contemplated at the time instead of invading the Philippines.
1 vol, 60 pgs 2020 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-box, available mid September 2020 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-930323 various STRATEGY & TACTICS # 323:Rangers at Pointe du Hoc Solitaire simulation of the US Army Ranger assault on the Pointe du Hoc on D-Day. The game challenges the player to do better than the actual Ranger attack up the cliffs that historic morning and also allows the player to fight the battle using the planned, rather than the actual, forces and landing beaches. The scenarios cover action through 0300 June 7, a span of almost 24 hours. The area movement map uses one inch representing one-quarter of a mile. Scale: Ranger units are groupings of 3 to 12 men, with the Germans shown at squad level and counters representing heavy artillery and machinegun emplacements.

Components: One 22x34-inch map, 280 counters, and magazine. 1 vol, 84 pgs 2020 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-pb, available mid September 2020 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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