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Updated as of 5/28/2020

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1-217070 Sowers, Lee Thomas

AMERICA'S OLDE WEST: 28mm Skirmish Actions & Gunfights -- 1836 to 1890
Time to saddle up, pardner, and hit the trail to action in the Olde West, from the Comanche Wars (1836) to Wounded Knee (1890). This skirmish rule set, an offshoot of the WWII Skirmish Action rules, certainly covers the traditional Wild West (post ACW to 1880s), but the Indian Wars ranged over a far wider period and so does America's Olde West.

Initiative is by faction (gang, squad, war party, posse, etc.), which usually numbers between four and 10, and each figure gets one action: Move, Shoot, Take Cover, and so on. Then each figure dices against its Quality number for a second action...BUT, certain factions receive a second action without needing a roll. For example, US infantry do not need an action to reload. That offers subtle differences between factions.

All the popular weapons, such as Winchester '73 and Colt Peacemaker, are included in the weapon charts. Firing is a quick six-sided attacker die versus six-sided defender die, with the difference determining the result.

Includes six pages of 'army' lists: cowboys, US cavalry, native Americans, gunfighters, outlaws, and factions, scenarios, and quick reference cards. Plays well on small kitchen tables.1 vol, 48 pgs 2018 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ......$29
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1-935099 Various

Special Feature: Napoleon's Allied Armies
* Foreign and Allied Troops in the Grande Armee - Napoleon's allies
* Maloyaroslavets, 24 October 1812 - The Battle of the Italians
* The British and Danish fight at Koge - The Traeskoslaget (Battle of the Clogs)
* Bavarians versus Austrians - First clash at Landshut
* A Look at Napoleon's Allied Armies - Allies of L'Empereur
* Danish versus Cossacks at Rahlstedt - Hussars at Hamburg

* A Bite-Size Fighting Retreat...from the Air - Spitfires Over Dunkirk
* Turf Wars and Street Fighting in Ancient Rome - Tales from the Caelian
* Adapting W.A.T. to Historical Scenarios - What a Tanker into Normandy
* Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Games Challenge runner-up - Dreadnought
* Constructing a Neolithic Mound - Making Newgrange
* Adding the Weatherworn look to DAK vehicles - Weathering the Desert

* Miniature reviews
* Controversial (Priestley)
* Tabletop Tactics - Artillery's Evolution (Hyde)
* The Irregular - Being a Rules Lawyer' is Good (Braun)
* Let's Play: Making a Good Ruleset Better? Black Powder Second Edition
* Game Reviews - Enemy at the Gates, The Red Book of the Elf King, Sons of Mars, and America's Olde West
* Book reviews
* Parting shots1 vol, 84 pgs 2018 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available early November 2018 ......$10
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