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TERCIOS: 30 Year Wars Rules
Miniatures ruleset for large scale battles with set in the Thirty Years War.

The Thirty Years War was a devastating conflict that plunged Europe into a maelstrom of clashes on an unknown scale at that time, leaving desolate states and ruined nations in this wake.

During these times Tercios, those fearsome Spanish formations, steadfastly defended the old values against the menacing military reforms. These were the last days of a military dominance that had held for more than a century, Still, they would enjoy quite a few victories, perhaps more a professionalism and stubbornness rather than by outstanding tactics, allowing Tercios to seal a beautiful end to the use of that formation, evoking nostalgia of old glories.

With this rules you can recreate those glorious battles of old, commanding heroic armies while enjoying your collection of miniatures.

Armies: Holy Roman Empire, Spanish Empire, German Protestant, Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, Kingdom of England, Kingdom of France, Principality of Transylvania, Swedish Empire, and United Provinces of the Low Countries.1 vol, 72 pgs 2015 UK, NORTH STAR
NEW-softcover ......$30.00
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Kingdoms - Expansion for Tercios
Kingdoms is an update for Tercios, adding new factions to the Thirty Years War, and options for existing factions. Forces range from the English Parliamentary and Royalist forces, to Ottoman Empire and Cossacks.1 vol, 72 pgs 2015 UK, NORTH STAR
NEW-pb, available late November 2016 ......$23.00
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1-996334 de Groot, Bouko

334 NIEUWPOORT 1600: The First Modern Battle
The Eighty Years' War began as a limited Dutch rebellion seeking only religious tolerance from their Spanish overlords, but it quickly escalated into one of the longest wars in European history. Spain's failed invasion of 1599 and the mutinies that followed convinced Dutch leaders that they now should go on the offensive. This campaign pitted two famous leaders' sons against each other: Maurice of Nassau and Archduke Albert VII. One led an unproven new model army, the other Spain's 'unbeatable' Tercios, each around 11,000-men strong.

The Dutch wanted to land near Nieuwpoort, take it and then march on to Dunkirk, northern home port of the Spanish fleet, but they were cut off by the resurgent and reunited Spanish army. The two forces then met on the beach and in the dunes north of Nieuwpoort. This book uses specially commissioned artwork to reveal one of the greatest battles of the Eighty Years' War - one whose influence on military theory and practice ever since has been highly significant.1 vol, 96 pgs 2019 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover ......$24.00 discount: :15% rct
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1-999481 Lopez, J.N.

A mixed infantry formation made up of about 3,000 men armed with pikes, swords and handguns, the innovative and influential tercio or 'Spanish square' was the basic combat unit of the armies of Spain throughout much of the 16th and 17th centuries. Arguably the first permanent tactical formation seen in Europe since the Roman cohort, the tercio was the forerunner of modern formations such as the battalion and regiment. The variety of different weapons fielded in the tercio meant the Spanish infantry could resist opposing cavalry forces while overcoming every kind of enemy infantry deployed against them.

Featuring full-color artwork and photographs of rare items held at the Spanish Army Museum, this study covers the whole period during which the tercios were active, opening with the third Italian war between the forces of France and the Holy Roman Emperor and concluding with the final transformation of the Spanish tercios into regiments in 1704.1 vol, 48 pgs 2012 UK, OSPREY
NEW-softcover, available late July 2012 ......$18.00 discount: :15%
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1-962093 Various

Theme: The 1527 Sack of Rome
* Hell Itself was a More Beautiful Sight: The 1527 Sack of Rome

* The Final Clash of the Wars of the Roses: The Battle of Stoke Field
* Medieval Military Logistics: The Practicalities of Managing an Army
* The Tercios - Sixteenth-century Infantrymen
* Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: The Arquebus
* How to Succeed in a Chevauchee: The Black Prince Raids in France in 1355
* The 'Turkish' Trebuchet: Stolen Technology or Invented Terminology?
* A Medieval Parody of warfare: The Battle of Anesin
* Sacking Liege: The Arbitrary Side of Medieval Warfare
* Ivan the Terrible: Medieval Russia on screen, part 11 vol, 84 pgs 2019 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-softcover, available late July 2019 ......$10.00 rct
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1-666107 Albi, Julio

ENTRE NORDLINGEN Y HONNECOURT (I): Los Tercios Espanoles del Cardenal Infante 1634-1641
First volume of the Spanish campaign led by Fernando de Austria, brother of Felipe IV, governor of the Spanish Netherlands and known as the Cardinal Infante, in Flanders during the 30 Years War.

The period covered by this work, framed by the major battles of Nordlingen and Honnecourt, is an confrontation through many sieges, attacks, and counterattacks of the contenders in looking for continental supremacy. Includes 16 full-color plates with 27 uniforms and B/W photographs and diagrams.1 vol, 80 pgs 2016 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, available late January 2016 [Spanish text] ......$28.00
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1-666124 Blanco, Joaquin

LOS TERCIOS de FLANDES de ALEJANDRO FARNESIO: El Plan Combinado Con la Gran Armada, y la Invasion de Inglaterra
In discussions about the Spanish Armada, much is made of naval warfare, but little about the land forces of Alejandro Farnese. This new study examines the land force that would have landed in England, how it fought, and what would occur after the army landed.1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$28.00
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1-66606 de Mesa, Eduardo

'Osprey' type book with (8) color plates withseveral figures per plate, covers the Campaigns inNorth Africa 1518-1588.1 vol, 62 pgs 2002 MADRID, ALMENA EDICIONES
NEW-softcover SPANISH text ......$22.00
..see our 16TH CENTURY page for more books on this subject
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1-204160 Mongin, Jean-Marie

LA FRONDE 1648-1653
1648 : The Thirty Years War was about to end and we start to see the European balance slowly tip. The great rival of the Bourbon monarchy, Spain, will soon yield to her the place of importance. This conflict weighs heavily on the finances of the French kingdom, and during the years that follow the victory of the young Conde over the Tercios of His Most Catholic Majesty, in Rocroi, have exacerbated a difficult financial situation. The regent, his prime minister, and the king's council are trying to increase revenue, which could plunge the kingdom into chaos.1 vol, 64 pgs 2014 FRANCE, HISTOIRE AND COLLECTIONS
NEW-softcover, [French text] available late January 2014 ......$20.00 discount: :15%
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1-666110 Albi, Julio

ENTRE NORDLINGEN Y HONNECOURT (II): Los Tercios Espanoles del Cardenal Infante 1634-1641
Second volume of the Spanish campaign in Flanders during the 30 Years War led by Fernando de Austria, brother of Felipe IV, governor of the Spanish Netherlands and known as the Cardinal Infante.

Major battles include Nordlingen and Honnecourt, plus many sieges, attacks, and counterattacks. Includes 16 full-color plates with 27 uniforms and b/w photographs and diagrams.1 vol, 80 pgs 2016 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-pb, [Spanish text] available early May 2016 ......$28.00
..see our 30 YEARS WAR page for more books on this subject
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1-221180 Picouet, Pierre

The reign of Philip IV of Spain is fascinating, as after a century of dominance in Europe, the Spanish hegemony was seriously challenged by France. At the beginning of Philip IV's reign, Spanish dominions were vast, not only in Europe but also in South America, Asia and Africa. The defense policy of such vast territories was established in the XVI century and consisted of the deployment of two core armies, in the Low Countries and in north Italy, the maintenance of strategic garrisons, and of fleets in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean to control communications between all the territories of the monarchy. The different military formations were actively supported by a powerful diplomatic network among the European countries.

The aim of the book is to examine the armies and troops of Philip IV and particularly the famous Spanish Tercios deployed in north Europe, Italy and in the Iberian Peninsula. The book covers the organization and development of the Tercios, the tactics used, recruitment and the life of the ordinary soldiers. The development of the Spanish cavalry and its organization is also covered in depth, along with the financing of the army.

The book also explores the impact of continuous fighting during a period of 44 years to keep the honor and reputation of the Spanish monarchy, as well as their territories intact, and how the army responded to these challenges.1 vol, 320 pgs 2019 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-softcover ......$45.00 discount: :15% rct
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1-914149 various

VAE VICTIS # 149: Narvik 1940
Articles include:

* Boardgames: Napoleon Saga (Ouf Cube); QMG-Cold War (PSC); Aachen 1944 (FT); Last Hundred yards (GMT); MacArtur's Defeat 1941 (MMP); OP Commando 2 (Ajax); Death Valley (GMT); A Gate of Hell (AtO)

* Miniatures: SPQR; Black Seas extension France; Adaptation Tercios pour les Samourai; Panorama des regles Osprey SF et Fantastique; La Marine FNFL pour Cruel Seas; Comparatif des regles d'escarmouches medieval/renaissance; Bir Hakeim avec Bolt Action

* Scenarios: Advanced Squad Leader; Memory 44; What a Tanker: Fury
* Hobby: OPJH 2019
* Art of War: Narvik 1940; Battle of Tourcoing 1794
* Wargame : Narvik 1940

Narvik 1940 is a game for two players that simulates the tactical combats around Narvik in May and June 1940 between the French (Alpine fighter planes, ski scouts and legionaries) and the Germans (mountain fighter planes, marine survivors and their sunk destroyers and paratroopers). The rule is an evolution of the system En Pointe Toujours (At the Cutting Edge). Several scenarios are presented, both on the French attacks and the terrible German counter-attacks.

Complexity : 6/10; Solo playability : 4/10; Duration: 2 - 3 hours; One turn = 10 minutes; One unit = 4 - 10 men1 vol, 84 pgs 2020 FRANCE, CERIGO EDITIONS
NEW-pb, available mid February 2020 [French text, but with rules in English] ......$26.00 rct
..see our WWII page for more books on this subject
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1-935108 Various

WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY # 108 - Fall of the Reich
Special Feature: The fall of the Third Reich Warwick Kinrade and Piers Brand, 'The fall of Hitler's Thousand Year Reich - Gotterdammerung'.
Marck Backhouse, 'The Americans push into Western Germany - Treachery at Troisdorf'.
Piers Brand, 'Old men and boys versus the mighty Red Army - The road to Starpel'.
Nick Skinner, 'Action at the Vossberg sugar factory, 15 April 1945 - A spoonful of sugar'.
Guy Bowers, 'Collecting a late WWII German force - Twilight of the Third Reich'.
Ben Macintyre, 'Painting a Late-war German vignette - The end of days'.

Features Mark Backhouse, 'A angry French army with trouble on its heels - Blisters and peaches'.
Jeff Jonas, 'A long winding road to the early Successors - Crossover ancients'.
Ken Butt, 'A blue and grey battle over the rails - Tuxedo junction'.
Mark Backhouse, 'Joa I of Portugal versus Juan I of Spain, 1385 - The Battle of Aljubarrota'.
Ruben Torregrosa, 'How to paint Spanish tercios in 28mm - Steel, lace, and black powder'.
Tony Harwood, 'Civing some TLC to a pair of second-hand buildings - Dandied up Dark Ages'.
NEW-pb, available late April 2020 ......$10.00 rct
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