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Updated as of 9/15/2022

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1-GFN020002 02 HUNDRED HOURS: Guards of Facility 9 Expansion set includes new figures and 24 new cards, including the It's a Trap event to turn the tables on the attackers!

This set contains: 5 metal character miniatures (Commandant, Adjutant, Gestapo Officer, Wounded Officer, and Chief Scientist), 16 multi-part plastic miniatures (including 4 guard dogs), 4 gas-mask metal heads, 9 Recruitment cards, 7 Event cards, 7 Veteran cards, 1 Requisition card, and 24 Plastic Bases. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Contents may vary from photos. You will need the 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set in order to play.

At a classified location in Western Europe, German scientists carry out chemical research to create deadly new weapons. The facility is overseen by the officious commandant, ably assisted by his adjutant and a wounded veteran officer who has been reassigned away from the front line. Guards patrol the facility wearing gas masks to protect themselves from the toxic fumes while a sinister Gestapo officer keeps a watchful eye on everyone...1 vol, 1 pgs 2022 UK, GREY FOR NOW GAMES
NEW-box, available mid September 2022 ......$65.00 DISCOUNT:10% inc

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1-GFN020003 02 HUNDRED HOURS: Operation Torchlight New models and 24 new cards, including including options to field Royal Marine Commandos.

This set contains: 5 metal character miniatures (Demolition Expert, Downed RAF Pilot, Highland Major, SOE Operative, and SOE Assassin), 12 multi-part plastic miniatures, 4 RM Commando metal heads, 11 Recruitment cards, 11 Veteran cards, 2 Order cards, and 24 Plastic Bases. Models supplied unassembled and unpainted. Glue and paints not included. Contents may vary from photos. You will need the 02 Hundred Hours Starter Set in order to play.

The top secret Special Operations Executive assembles expert teams for the most dangerous objectives... A courageous SOE agent receives intelligence that an RAF pilot has been lost carrying vital reconnaissance photographs. The Highland Major, famed for his tracking skills, hand-picks a force of Royal Marine Commandos for the rescue mission. A demolitions expert is added to provide an explosive diversion while an SOE assassin eliminates targets quickly and quietly....1 vol, 1 pgs 2022 UK, GREY FOR NOW GAMES
NEW-box, available mid September 2022 ......$65.00 DISCOUNT:10% inc

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1-GFN020004 02 HUNDRED HOURS: Extra Dice Set This set contains: four White 02 Hundred Hours dice and four Grey 02 Hundred Hours dice.1 vol, 1 pgs 2022 UK, GREY FOR NOW GAMES
NEW-box, available mid September 2022 ......$12.00 DISCOUNT:10% inc

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1-GFN020005 02 HUNDRED HOURS: Sleepy Sentry Launch Miniature A German sentry, late for duty, helmet strap undone and struggles to pull on his uniform jacket. This set contains: 1 Sleepy Sentry metal miniature. Base not included (you should have a few spares from the Starter Set!).1 vol, 1 pgs 2022 UK, GREY FOR NOW GAMES
NEW-box, available mid September 2022 ......$6.00 DISCOUNT:10% inc

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1-916474 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 474 with Free Sprue - Wargames Atlantic Panzer Lehr Articles Include:

Das Fahrzeug Kaput Ist: WWII Tank scenario has you play a crew defending a broken down AFV. Use free downloadable rules plus the included sprue of five Wargames Atlantic Panzer Lehr figures.

Send 3 and 4 Pence: Walking battlefields for wargaming - scouting terrain and random generation of the unexpected table top difficulties.

Desert Dump Attack: Small skirmish LRDG scenario using DAK ATTACK! rules.

By the Sword Decided: Determining the fate of your ECW player characters in a battle with a bolt-on system for any game rules.

Command Decision: Assyrian assault in 2000BC with multitude of chariots.

Wargames Scenery: Biblical Granary and Czech anti-tank obstacles.

Defence in Depth: Figures and rules reviews.
Quartermaster: Reviews of scenery and accessories.
Forward Observer: News.
Recce: Book reviews.

Last Word: Spalding Wargamers.1 vol, 96 pgs 2022 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-pb, available mid September 2022 ......$10.00 inc

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1-10006 Scott, Richard Bodley FIELD OF GLORY List 6:The Ottomans at War Take command of the mighty forces of the Ottomans, their enemies and neighbors - from the steppe cavalry of the Tatars and Timurids, to the Polish and Teutonic knights, and the implacable armies of the Jan Zizka's Hussites or Vlad Tepes' Wallachians.

With Eternal Empire, the new Field of Glory companion, you too can take the Ottoman nation from a humble Anatolian state to an Empire commanding the Middle East and much of Eastern Europe. Complete with organization charts for hundreds of accurately researched troop types, detailed historical overviews and supporting maps and artwork, this addition to the core rule book will dramatically enhance your gameplay. 1 vol, 88 pgs 2008 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb ......$17.00 DISCOUNT:15%

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1-234730 Swan, Chris FIGHTING THE DRAGON: Wargames Rules for Engagement with Small Forces During the Boxer Rebellion Beyond skirmishing rules can use any scale of figures and represent any size of units to match your playing area. Rules include army lists for the Boxer Rebellion, Arab Revolt, Belgians in the Congo, US in South America, WWI in Africa, North-West Frontier, and more. Includes scenario cards and tokens that need to be cut out.1 vol, 120 pgs 2022 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-pb, available mid September 2022 ......$32.00 inc

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1-234731 Swan, Chris FIGHTING THE DRAGON: Wargames Rules for Engagement with Small Forces During the Boxer Rebellion Three-part mini campaign includes scenarios, Quick Reference Sheets, Game Cards, Tokens. Uses any scale of figures. The unit sizes in this series of rules are determined by your forces available and playing area.1 vol, 40 pgs 2022 HOPEWELL, OMM PUBLISHING
NEW-wirebound softcover ......$15.00 inc

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1-234740 Sanders, Richard BANNERS OF THE TEUTONIC ARMY AND THE POLISH-LITHUANIAN ARMY AND THEIR ALLIES AT TANNENBERG 1410: Illustrated with Flat Tin Figures The book is about the Banners (divisions) and flags of the armies at that historic 1410 Battle of Tannenberg - or Grunwald as it is called in Poland - and the Zinnfiguren representing the more than 100 different flags. The book contains over 100 color photos of Zinnfiguren with the flags of the Teutonic Order, the Polish-Lithuanian Army and their allies' standard-bearers painted by a number of collectors. It also presents plates with the flags of both armies and of the Polish and Lithuanian coats of arms. Includes 200+ color illustrations.1 vol, 100 pgs 2022 US, RICHARD SANDERS
NEW-softcover, available mid September 2022 ......$48.00 inc

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1-234770 Spring, Laurence CAMPAIGNS OF THE EASTERN ASSOCIATION: The Rise of Oliver Cromwell, 1642-1645 Examines the performance of the Eastern Association at the battles of Marston Moor and second battle of Newbury, plus the sieges of Reading, King's Lynn, Lincoln and York and battles of Gainsborough and Winceby. It also looks at the religious and political divisions within the army caused by the Presbyterians and Cromwell's Independent factions which would almost cripple the army in winter of 1644, which would end in a bitter dispute in Parliament, which would eventually lead to the formation of the New Model Army.

This book not only looks at the commanders but also the soldiers who served in the army by using their petitions which gives a vivid insight into the campaigns and life as a soldier during the Civil War, and is divided into the following chapters:

1) The First Campaigns: which looks at the campaigns of Lord Grey of Warke, the first commander of the Eastern Association and also the early campaigns of Cromwell;

2) Manchester takes command: which covers the increase in strength of the Association under its new commander the Earl of Manchester and the events leading up to it marching north, including Prince Rupert surprising the besiegers at Newark;

3) The Siege of York: looks at the events of the siege and siege warfare;

4) The battle of Marston Moor: and the surrender of York;

5) Crawford's campaign: which looks at the campaign of Major General Lawrence Crawford after the surrender of York, including the capture of Sheffield;

6) Manchester's campaign: describes his movements from the surrender of York until his uniting with the armies of Essex and Waller at Basingstoke;

7) The second battle of Newbury: Which re-examines the battle and also looks the King return to Newbury and the combined parliamentarian armies refusing to fight;

8) The winter of discontent: dispute in Parliament which resulted in the Self Denying Ordinance and the formation of the New Model Army

9) The last campaigns: Cromwell being sent into the West and Crawford being ordered to assist Sir William Brereton and then the disbandment of Association's regiment to form the New Model Army;

10) Conclusion: traces what happened to some of the combatants after the war;

11) The appendixes describe the logistics of the Eastern Association and the Royalist Colours that were captured at Marston Moor.

The discovery of the whereabouts of the correspondence of the Earl of Manchester after they were withdrawn from the then Public Record Office means that this book contains information not used in other books on the campaigns of the Eastern Association, and also the raising of the New Model Army, so is a must for anyone interested in the Civil War.1 vol, 240 pgs 2022 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid September 2022 ......$50.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-227322 FLAGS & STANDARDS OF THE GREAT NORTHERN WAR 1700-1721: Volume 2 All color illustrations of approximately 600+ flags. Some text in German. In addition to the great powers, the book also discuss the Duchy of Schleswig-Holstein-Gottorf as well as the Duchy of Brunswick-Luneburg and the Resulting Electorate of Hanover.1 vol, 182 pgs 2022 GERMANY, VERLAG EDITION PETERSTOR
NEW-hardback, available mid September 2022 ......$89.00 inc

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2-223010 David A Welker THE CORNFIELD: Antietam's Bloody Turning Point Examines the battle of Antietam as a whole and the cornfield in particular with the idea that Union General George McClellan's linear thinking demanded that the cornfield must be taken and, because of this, the repeated failure by the generals McClellan charged with fulfilling this task created a self-reinforcing cycle of disaster that doomed the Union's prospects for success -- with 22,000 men becoming casualties as Federal and Confederate forces repeatedly traded control of the cornfield.1 vol, 384 pgs 2022 US, CASEMATE
NEW-pb, available mid September 2022 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-234750 Mackowski, Chris THE BATTLE OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI: May 14, 1863 Comprehensive account of the Battle of Jackson during the Vicksburg Campaign. Jackson was a vital transportation and communications hub and a major industrial center. Its fall would remove vital logistical support for the Southern army holding Vicksburg and block future reinforcement attempts. General Grant turned and made for Mississippi's state capital to confront the growing danger, unaware that Johnston was already planning to abandon the city. The loss of Jackson isolated Vicksburg and set the stage for a major confrontation a few days later at Champion Hill, one of the most decisive battles of the entire war.1 vol, 192 pgs 2022 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available mid September 2022 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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2-194370 Alexander, Christine and Mason Kunze (eds.) EASTERN INFERNO: The Journals of a German Panzerjager on the Eastern Front, 1941-43 This book presents the personal journals of a German soldier who participated in Operation Barbarossa and subsequent battles on the Eastern Front. Hans Roth was a member of the anti-tank (Panzerjager) battalion, 299th Infantry Division, attached to Sixth Army, as the invasion of Russia began. Writing as events transpired, he recorded the mystery and tension as the Germans deployed on the Soviet frontier in June 1941. Then a firestorm broke loose as the Wehrmacht tore across the front, forging into the primitive vastness of the East.

Roth's three journals were discovered many years after his disappearance, tucked away in the home of his brother. Hans Roth was doubtlessly working on a fourth journal before he was reported missing in action in July 1944 during the battle known as the Destruction of Army Group Center. Although Roth's ultimate fate remains unknown, what he did leave behind, now finally revealed, is an incredible first-hand account of the horrific war the Germans waged in Russia

In these journals, attacks and counterattacks are described in detail, as Roth wrote privately, as if to keep himself sane, knowing that his honest accounts of the horrors in the East could never pass through Wehrmacht censors. When the Soviet counteroffensive of winter 1942 begins, his unit is stationed alongside the Italian 8th Army, and his observations of its collapse, as opposed to the reaction of the German troops sent to stiffen its front, are of special fascination.1 vol, 240 pgs 2022 US, CASEMATE
NEW-pb edition, available mid September 2022 ......$17.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-234760 Forbes, Robert FOR EUROPE REVISITED: The French Volunteers of the Waffen-SS 1943-1945 This is the third edition of this title; the first was self published in 2000 which was greatly supported by Helion, followed by an updated edition for Helion in 2006.

The book covers the formation of the French Sturmbrigade of the Waffen-SS and its engagement in Galicia, the formation of the French Division of the Waffen-SS called Charlemagne, including histories of its main components, namely the LVF and the Milice francaise; the bitter fighting of Charlemagne in Pomerania, 1945, and the reformation of Charlemagne as a Regiment.

Also: Blow by blow account of the French Sturmbataillon in the final battle for Berlin; The French Waffen-SS in NW Europe in 1945; The story of a French nurse of the Waffen-SS; Material on the French volunteers who served with the NSKK and the SK-OT; The trials and post war years of the French volunteers; A brief history of the French volunteers of the Waffen-SS who fought in Indo-China.1 vol, 638 pgs 2022 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid September 2022 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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2-214470 Harrison Richard THE BUDAPEST OPERATION: An Operational-Strategic Study 29 October 1944-13 February 1945 Examines the Red Army's operations on the approaches to Budapest and the city's ultimate capture following a long siege. Includes two b/w maps and 14 tables. First part concerns operations and the second part concerns an internal General Staff Academy document dealing with the activities of the Third Ukrainian Front.

The first part of the study deals with the Red Army's arrival in central Hungary, following the successful conduct of the Iasi-Kishinev operation in late August 1944 and the subsequent development of the offensive through Romania, Bulgaria, and eastern Yugoslavia. By mid-October the Soviets were poised to continue the offensive into Hungary and its capital of Budapest, the capture of which would clear the path for a subsequent advance into Austria and southern Germany. Also examined are the Germans' repeated attempts to break the siege by launching several counter-offensives to the west and south of the city. However, these were all beaten back in heavy fighting and the enemy garrison was forced to capitulate on 13 February. This study also devotes considerable attention to the combat arms (artillery, tanks and mechanized forces, aviation, and engineering troops) during the operation.

The second part is an internal General Staff Academy document dealing with the activities of the Third Ukrainian Front during the Budapest operation. Throughout the greater part of the operation, the Third Ukrainian Front played a decidedly secondary role, charged with protecting the flank of the Soviet advance through Yugoslavia and Hungary, with the Second Ukrainian Front slated to receive the accolades for taking Budapest. However, the bitter enemy resistance along the approaches to Budapest gradually forced the Soviet high command to increasingly shift its efforts to the right bank of the Danube River, first to help in isolating the Budapest garrison inside the city, and then to fend off repeated German counter-offensives to relieve the city. It was the Third Ukrainian Front's successful repulse of these efforts that enabled the Soviets to finally bring about the garrison's capitulation and the end of the operation.1 vol, 360 pgs 2022 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb edition, available mid September 2022 ......$60.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-231302 Piegzik, Michal THE DARKEST HOUR - VOLUME 2: The Japanese Offensive in the Indian Ocean, 1942 The book presents the Japanese navy offensive in the Indian Ocean area in March-April 1942. Its main goal was to destroy the Royal Navy in the Far East and achieve domination on the flank of the Pacific War on the eve of the battle of Midway. This daring operation was tactical, though the strategically untapped, success.

Contains the description of the strategic planning of both sides in February-March 1942, including the Japanese navy projections on the last step of the first stage of the Pacific War and the Royal Navy hope to halt the enemy advance without taking any significant risks.

The Japanese mobile force Kido Butai consisted of five aircraft carriers with escorts. It was expected to crush the British bases on Ceylon and destroy the main core of the Allied Fleet. The chaos provoked by the Kido Butai would then become a great opportunity for the Malay Force to cut off the British shipping routes in the western part of the Bay of Bengal.1 vol, 98 pgs 2022 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid September 2022 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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