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Les Carabiniers

Les Carabiniers
by Martin, Yves


From its creation by the Sun King to the dark days of the Terrible Year, the Carabineros have been, as so aptly put their motto, 'always on the path of honor.' Jealous of their prerogatives, proud of their uniforms and their excellence, the carabinieri are wanted and were the elite of the French cavalry, an example for the rest of this weapon. Become, by their own initiative, the 'grenadiers of the cavalry' at the beginning of the French Revolution, when the time was rather the abolition of privileges, they will go through the wars of the Republic in Germany and Flanders and not intersect the future master of their destiny after 18 Brumaire. They are the victorious campaign of Moreau in 1800 and perhaps this is why the Emperor later stated he knows that 'rifle does not like me.'

However, superb regiments, they will be hoping to join the Imperial Guard, but will just take the first rank in the cavalry of the line and have nominally headed by the military over Bonaparte brothers, Louis, as Colonel-General .

In 1805, they will all major campaigns of the Grand Army they would never leave. They instructed Austerlitz to Waterloo, shining in all the major battles and the battles are obscure.

In this bicentennial year of the campaign of 1809, we had to pay tribute to the rifle which was perhaps the bloodiest campaign. Their loss, so they decided cuirass, and therefore the carabinieri caracol?rent in shining armor of gold.

In this work we review the history of rifle creation to an end after the 1870 war. However most of the work is obviously on the years 1792-1815 when they wrote perhaps the most glorious pages of history. The recall involves both the testimony rare or little known to a large and iconography selected.

The evolution of their uniforms and equipment is obviously not forgotten.

1 vol, 192 pgs 2009 FRANCE, LE LIVRE CHEZ VOUS
NEW-slipcase, French Text ......$198.00

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