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MONS-EN PEVELE - 18 AOUT 1304: Forgotten Battle Series

MONS-EN PEVELE - 18 AOUT 1304: Forgotten Battle Series
by Vincent, Florent


Includes 60 B/W and color illustrations of the battle between the French, led by King Philip IV 'the Fair', and the Flemish.

The French King wanted revenge for the defeat in Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302, after which the Flemish had retaken Douai and Lille. By the beginning of 1304, the French king was ready to attack the Flemish rebels. While the French army, led by the king himself, marched north to attack William of Julich's force, the French navy sailed to Zeeland to unite with the army of Hainault and Holland. It was this combined northern force in Zeeland which struck the first blow on August 10-11, 1304 when it soundly defeated Guy of Namur's army and navy at the Battle of Zierikzee; Guy was captured and the Flemish conquest of Holland was halted.

Philip of Chieti, son of Count Guy, Count of Flanders, had gathered a strong Flemish army to stop the French invasion and taken up positions on the Pevele hill. After a day of fighting the outcome was undecided and negotiations were opened. When a French force under Guy de Saint-Pol tried to surround the Flemish, he was pushed back. Now the furious Flemish decided to launch a frontal attack, and surprised the French, who thought the battle was over for the day.

The attack reached king Philip IV of France, who was wounded and his horse was killed. He barely escaped alive, because some knights around him covered his flight, paying for this act with their lives. The Flemish reached the royal tent, but then William of Julich was killed in a counter attack that the King managed to launch, leading it himself without his helmet.

As only the Flemish right wing had attacked, and the left wing under John I, Marquis of Namur was already leaving the battlefield, the Flemish right wing also withdrew. The French chose not to pursue the Flemish.

1 vol, 104 pgs 2015 FRANCE, HISTORIC ONE
NEW-softcover, [French text] ......$28.00

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Updated as of 11/30/2023

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