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ZEPPELIN RAIDER: Imperial German Naval Airships - Wargame

ZEPPELIN RAIDER: Imperial German Naval Airships - Wargame
by Smith, Gregory


A solitaire, tactical level game places you in command of one of several models of WWI Zeppelin dirigibles as part of the Imperial German Navy. Your mission is to destroy as much English war facilities as possible via bombing raids, or to conduct reconnaissance over the North Sea.....and still survive and come home. Zeppelin Raider is based on the popular Hunters game system.

Players will find it challenging to survive an entire tour from 1914 to 1918, at which time, if still alive, you will surrender at base, having done your part on the front lines. If desired, a player may start with a more advanced model of Zeppelin which may actually increase their chances to survive. You may start at any month/year you wish, but notice that some Zeppelins are available right away, but others are not available until later. Players may be reassigned to a newer model of Zeppelin under some circumstances, but typically will stay in the same airship until the end of game or until shot down in flames, sunk, or wrecked in a crash landing.

The object of the game is to conduct numerous missions which include two main types: Bombing missions are required to bomb a specific geographic location in England (London, for example), whereas Scouting missions are required to scout a specific location in the North Sea. Players are not limited by the mission parameters for success; as you may choose to bomb or successfully scout somewhere else. The success of each mission can result in promotion and crew advancement. Just as in the real war, the game system involves a great deal of chance (as was the case historically), but ultimate success rests on the decisions, you make during your career.

A strong historical narrative is presented without overly cumbersome or complex rules to memorize so the focus is always on game play and what critical decisions you will make during each mission. Rules cover mission selection, altitude adjustment and gas cell tracking, venting, emergency jettison, maximum altitude, dynamic lift, wind and weather effects, fuel management, bombing missions, aircraft and ship encounters, zeppelin damage, crew advancement, awards and promotion, reassignment to a newer ship, a special resupply mission to Africa, and much more.

Product Information:
* Complexity: 5 out of 10
* Solitaire Suitability: 10 out of 10
* Time Scale: 1 day per mission, 3 missions per month
* Map Scale: Abstract
* Unit Scale: individual Zeppelins, ships, aircraft, specific crew members, and ammo/bombs
* Players: one (with option for two or more)
* Playing Time: two to three hours

* One Countersheet of 9/16-inch unit-counters
* Four Zeppelin Display Mats 8.5x11-inches
* Six Player Aid Cards 8.5x11-inches
* Eight Historical Kommandant Cards
* One Zeppelin Patrol Mat 8.5x11-inches
* One Zeppelin Logsheet
* Rules Booklet
* Two 6-sided, one 10-sided dice, and one 20-sided die

1 vol, 1 pgs 2019 US, COMPASS GAMES
NEW-box ......$79.00 rct

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Updated as of 5/19/2022

ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
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