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Warfare in the Age of Napoleon Battle Scenarios Volume #1 Overview and Introduction
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Warfare in the
Age of Napoleon
Battle Scenarios Volume #1

Overview and Introduction

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Snappy Nappy Cover This first supplement includes 11 scenarios with corresponding army lists and color maps for use with Warfare in the Age of Napoleon rules.


With the success of Tod Kershner's Warfare in the Age of Napoleon rules, it has been requested that more be added to the basic game. As you know the basic game is the core of the system which deals with the armies of the Waterloo campaign. To use these scenarios, it is recommended that Warfare in the Age of Napoleon be used. The scenarios will be more adaptable to other battalion level rule systems, too. This supplement will encompass more areas of the Napoleonic period and include new unit types, special rules, and army lists. It will be formatted in a similar fashion as the AOM rulebook scenarios.

The Napoleonic era spans a stretch of time of continuous warfare from 1789 to 1825 (if including the wars of liberation in South America). The scenarios will be battles or parts of battles of selected years of the period.

Let's take a scenario/battle from the 1806 campaign of the French invasion of Prussia: Battle of Saalfeld, where a fast-moving French force runs into a Prussian/Saxon rearguard. The scenario will have a short description of the battle, a color map with deployment, and an order of battle. Included with be army lists specific to the battle and any special rules needed for the scenario. In addition, the army list will often include additional troop types not needed in the scenario so one has the means to do other battles of that campaign.

Many of the battles will be familiar to readers and gamers. The ordes of battle will be as accurate as possible, but note that some 'artistic license' is used in some situations. Many sources are available to the reader and the author does not attempt to be an authority on each battle. A bibliography of sources will be included.

With the addition of this supplement, it is hoped you can enjoy this period and its many fascinating campaigns and battle from the Age of Napoleon. Special thanks to Maurizio Bragaglia and David Webster.

    --Dale Wood, 2010

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WARFARE IN THE AGE OF NAPOLEON: Battle Scenarios Volume #1

by Tod Kershner

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(Published March 2010)

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