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Updated as of 2/22/2024

ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
Weekly eFlyer: 11/30/2023

1-VG12030 VICTRIX WWII: 12mm M4A1 British Airborne This superb set of 12mm miniatures is packed full of detail for such a small scale. There are some really dynamic poses and great mix of arms and equipment. Camouflaged helmets and the iconic Berets are depicted. We even have a figure of Major Digby Tatham-Warter famed for carrying an umbrella in battle. You get 184 miniature sin the pack giving you enough to field a whole company plus heavy weapons and command.

12 x Bren gunners
4 x 2 inch mortar teams
4 x 3 inch mortar teams
4 x Piats and loaders
4 x Radio teams
8 x Officers
16 x Ammo carriers
64 x Riflemen
4 x Snipers
20 x Sten gunners
4 x Flamethrowers
8 x Spotters
4 x Vickers teams1 vol, 184 pgs 2023 UK, VICTRIX
NEW-pb ......$44.00 rct

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1-241290 Sanders, Richard THE STRELTSY - Russia's First Standing Forces 1500 to 1705 The Russian streltsy had a short, interesting, and later troubled history. Known as Orthodox 'old believers' that resented and refused western traditions, they were Russia's first permanent standing infantry with firearms - and this shows in their name, which roughly translates from the Russian word for 'shooter.' Created by Ivan the Terrible, this armed force was never disbanded, even in times of peace. Soldiers served for life, and they were nicknamed as 'stirrup' troops because they were usually always near the tsar's own stirrups. Often wielding both a musket and a poleaxe, they were a destructive force in Russia's army in the 16th and 17th centuries - fighting often behind a 'walking city' of wooden frames against forces such as the Tartars. However, their staunch believe in rejecting western ideology caused them to alienate themselves from Peter the Great, slaughtering his mother's family and dubbing him the Anti-Christ, ultimately leading to a failed rebellion and their complete dissolution from the Russian Army by 1720.

The author of this book dives into the history of the streltsy, their outfits, and their weaponry; he presents images of what remains of streltsy flags; as well as showcases both flat and 3D miniatures of the streltsy in wargaming. Fifty pages of color plates and illustrations.1 vol, 74 pgs 2023 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS LLC
NEW-wire bound softcover, available mid December 2023 ......$32.00 rct

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1-954166 Various ANCIENT WARFARE: Volume 16.6 Alexander attacks Persia Theme: Alexander attacks Persia
* Alexander's invasion of Asia Minor - Hellenism ascendant.
* Finally facing Darius - Alexander at Issus
* Conflicting accounts of a famous battle - The charge across the River Granicus
* Phalangites with javelins - A preponderance of points
* Alexander's phalanx commanders - Men you can trust

* The mysterious massacre at Sandby Borg in AD 500 - Scandinavia's bloody Pompeii
* A cruel but unusual punishment - Decimation in the Roman army
* Testing reconstructed Roman ballistae - In the engine's sights
* The Domitius Ahenobarbus reliefs - Detail in the census
* Akhenaten's Nubian campaign - The pacificst goes to war
* Painters and decorators in the Roman army - Tectores et pictores
* The tombstone of Viatorinus - Felled by Franks1 vol, 84 pgs 2023 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-pb, available mid December 2023 ......$12.00 rct

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1-962209 anon MEDIEVAL WORLD: Volume 9: The Byzantine Network Theme: The Byzantine Network
* A Way with Words: The Impact of Byzantine Diplomacy
* When Translation was King: How the Gift of a Greek Manuscript Changed Medieval Spain
* A Byzantine Emperor in Europe: The Travels of Manuel II Palaiologos
* Pilgrims, Patrons, and Potentates: Journeys to and from Mount Athos
* Isabella de Lusignan: A Byzantine Queen of Morea

* The Battle of Manzikert: Seeing the Ottoman Perspective
* Heralds: Their Roles and Development
* Glory in Death: Sweden's Magnificent Pre-Viking Graves
* Hypocras: A Delightfully Sweet and Spiced Wine
* Mounted Lance Combat: Principles and Techniques
* The Foulest One of All: The Legend of the Loathly Lady
* Joanna of Sicily: Queen, Countess, Pawn?
* Book review: Art and Architecture of the Middle Ages
* Book review: A Cultural History of the Medieval Sword1 vol, 92 pgs 2023 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-pb, available mid December 2023 ......$12.00 rct

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1-ATO059 Juneau, Jason AGAINST THE ODDS # 59: Blind Faith In A.D. 1415, at the Council of Constance, Jan Hus and Jerome of Prague, two church reformers from Bohemia, were burnt at the stake for heresy. In the years that followed, outrage over the execution convulsed civil society in Bohemia, a fief of the Holy Roman Empire. Now, with Bohemia in rebellion as well as consumed by heresy, the Emperor Sigismund must wage war to both extirpate the heresy and secure his throne.

The Hussite player's forces are largely Bohemians (i.e. Czech) and others, who, inspired by the teachings of Jan Hus, supported the taking of Communion with both bread and wine, along with other reforms of the Roman Catholic Church. The Hussites are in turn divided into two to three factions: the Calixtenes (Moderates), the Taborites (Radicals), and a later splinter group called Orphans. Moderates preferred to reform the church, while radicals wanted more comprehensive reforms, not only of the church, but of the state and society. Some even rejected church and monarchy.

The Imperial player controls those forces under the Emperor and King, Sigismund of Luxembourg. (Note: Sigismund was still only King of the Romans in 1420. Although he was not crowned emperor by the Pope until 1433, he was still the ruler of Germany, in a nominal sense anyway.) They support the execution of Hus and oppose the taking of Communion with both bread and wine. Royal Crusaders, including both the Catholic minority in Bohemia and the Kingdom of Hungary are also under the direct control of the Imperial player. Papal Crusaders from the Holy Roman Empire (i.e. Germany) are under the indirect control of the Imperial player.
Blind Faith and issue #59 of ATO
Maps - One full color 22'x34' hex mapsheet
Counters - 180 assorted full color die-cut 9/16' pieces
Rules length - 12 pages
Charts and tables - 2 pages
Complexity - Low
Playing time - 4 to 5 hours
How challenging is it solitaire? - Average1 vol, 60 pgs 2023 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-box ......$45.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-241291 Blake, Mike WARPAINT! V1: PLAINS INDIAN SHIELD & HORSE DECORATIONS Large format full color hardback. 64 full color plates with 350+ shield designs plus 84 horse patterns. The latest illustrated triumph from Mike. A comprehensive illustrated study of shield designs and horse decoration of the plains Indians.1 vol, 124 pgs 2023 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-hardback, available mid December 2023 ......$48.00 rct

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1-COM1182 Lupinacci, Art RUSSIA BESIEGED: Deluxe Edition - Finnish Expansion Finnish Expansion. The Finnish Expansion completes the entire Eastern Front experience by adding a map that covers Finland from Helsinki, Leningrad, Archangel, Petsamo and Murmansk. The expansion includes the units required to complete the Order of Battle and a 48 page Rules Book/Historical Study to cover fighting in the rugged Arctic terrain. The Finnish Expansion adds a new dimension to Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition in that players can experience the difficulty encountered by the German Army of Norway and the rugged Finnish forces in dealing with punishing terrain, extreme weather and a relentless Russian enemy whose resources never seem to be tapped.

The Rules Book includes a 16 page Historical Study that delves into the history of aggression against Finland by the Soviet Union leading up to the Winter War and eventually, Finland's entry as an Ally of Germany in what was called the Continuation War. Finland's only interest in joining Germany was to regain the territory taken from them by the Soviet Union including land and bases in Karelia and mines in the northern region near the Barents Sea. A gallery of photographs is also included, used with permission from the Finnish Military Photography Archives, providing a unique perspective on the combatants, terrain and fighting conditions in the region.

Kursk Study Variant. Included in the package is an historical Battle of Kursk scenario. Renowned military historian Paul Popejoy, a long-time fan of Russia Besieged has extensively researched primary sources and designed a comprehensive and historically accurate scenario for the Battle of Kursk.

The extensive scenario has a 20-page Rule Book, Order of Battle Cards, and several dozen new counters. This scenario is an essential companion for Eastern Front enthusiasts. As with Paul's previous Historical Russia Besieged variant offered in the Player's Guide, it has been extensively researched but has not been extensively playtested.

Product Information (based on Russia Besieged Deluxe Edition):

Complexity: 6 out of 10
Time Scale: 1 Turn = 2 months, broken down into monthly impulses
Map Scale: 1 hex = 32 miles or 52 km approx.
Unit Scale: Army, Corps, Breakdown counters, Volkssturm and Partisan
Players: 2 player or solitaire
Solitaire: High
Playing Time: Scenarios of 1+ hours, up to the campaign game of 20 hours

Game Components:
48 page Finnish Expansion Historical Commentary and Rules booklet
64 page First Turn Analysis Book
20 page Kursk Historical Scenario designed by Paul Popejoy
German Kursk Order of Battle Card
One and a half sheets of 5/8 inch die-cut counters (264 counters)
Finnish Expansion Weather Player Aid Cards
Finnish Expansion Order of Battle Card
Finnish Expansion Game Map (measuring 18 x 22)
Strategic Movement Player Aid Card
Main Game Updates include:
Russian Order of Battle Card
German Order of Battle Card
Two Revised CRT and Blitzkrieg Table Cards
Full-sized Box and Lid
Three Russian Kursk Order of Battle Cards1 vol, 1 pgs 2023 US, COMPASS GAMES
NEW-box, available mid December 2023 ......$69.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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