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Updated as of 7/11/2024

ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
Arab-Israeli Wars

1-217310 FATE OF A NATION: Arab-Israeli Wars Miniatures Rules Battlefront miniature rules for Arab-Israeli Wars (published by Osprey).

The fate of a nation hangs in the balance. Israel cannot afford to lose a single battle. One defeat would mean the destruction of the tiny Jewish state. Not waiting to be attacked by the Arab forces massing on its borders, Israel strikes first. Hundreds of tanks sweep across the border and punch through the enemy defenses, with infantry following up to clear the way for the advance to continue. After six days of brutal fighting, the war was over. A thousand tanks lay strewn across the desert. Tens of thousands of soldiers lay dead and wounded. Israel had survived, but the Arabs vowed that any peace would be short lived. 1 vol, 208 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-hardback ......$40.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-DG1717 SUEZ 1956: Anglo-French Intervention Suez 1956 places you in command of British, French, and Israeli forces in Operation Musketeer, the invasion of Egypt. The historical objective was to regain control of the Suez Canal and potentially remove Egypt's President Nasser. Your mission is to achieve those objectives while avoiding the political debacle that marred the actual event.

The game uses the Cold War Blitz series rules, a solitaire game system. You command the allied units, and have a deck of cards to enhance your unit capabilities. A second deck of cards, drawn randomly one at a time, controls Egyptian (OPFOR) activities. Combat is resolved with a quasi-tactical system with opposing units firing at one another. The game ends after the last turn, but you control when that is through the judicious play of your cards (the OPFOR cards can affect it too). Scale: Level: Brigade and Hex: 14.5 miles per inch

Game Contents:
* 11x17-inch map
* 40 die-cut counters
* 18 mini cards
* Scenario Instructions
* Four page rule booklet 1 vol, 4 pgs 2015 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available early December 2015 ......$13.00 with a discount of 10%

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1-210660 Aloni, Shlomo ISRAELI AIR FORCE OPERATIONS IN THE 1956 SUEZ WAR: 29 October-8 November 1956 150 color and b/w photos, color profiles, and maps.

By participating in 1956 Suez Crisis, Israel exploited an opportunity to join forces with France and the United Kingdom in an attack against Egypt in order to accomplish diplomatic, military, and political objectives: to open the Red Sea international shipping lane to ships sailing from and to Eilat; to strengthen its alliance with France; to end - or at least to scale down - Egyptian hosted Palestinian terror attacks against Israel; to launch a preventive war in order to crush Egyptian military power before its completion of the transition to Soviet weapons could tempt Egypt to attack Israel and in order to accomplish a profound victory to deter Egypt from pursuing a another round of war policy.

Operation KADESH was the Israeli part in the Anglo-French attack and this title chronicles Israeli Air Force operations along the timeline of Operation KADESH - from day 1 on 29 October 1956 until day 11 on 8 November 1956 - in thus far unmatched depth and detail; all known Israel Air Force missions and sorties are listed and described and all air combats between Israeli Mysteres and Egyptian MiGs and Vampires are presented and analyzed.

The large variety of aircraft flown - Dassault Mysteres, Dassault Ouragans and Gloster Meteors; B-17 Flying Fortresses, P-51 Mustangs and De Havilland Mosquitoes; T-6 Texans (Harvards) and T-17 Kaydets (Stearmans); Nord 2501 Noratlases, C-47 Skytrains (Dakotas), Pipers and Consuls and even a pair of Sikorsky S-55 helicopters - are all covered in this title, which presents Israeli Air Force operations during the Suez War in a depth and detail unseen in previous publications. The text is supported by numerous photographs and color profiles.

Middle East @ War - following on from our highly successful Africa @ War series, Middle East @ War replicates the same format - concise, incisive text, rare images and high quality color artwork providing fresh accounts of both well-known and more esoteric aspects of conflict in this part of the world since 1945. 1 vol, 0 pgs 2016 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available early February 2016 ......$30.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-238310 Bega, Amir UNDERCURRENT: Tank Commander Cadet in the Yom Kippur War Memoir of a teenage tanker who served on active duty in the Armored Corps on the front line during the Yom Kippur War. Believing himself well-trained and the Israeli army unstoppable, Bega struggles to accept the horrifying events surrounding him. His battalion was annihilated in one of the first combats by new anti-tank weaponry. He survived and joined a reserve unit, with which he fought to stop the Egyptian army from advancing beyond the first line of defense, all through the war's end.

As the war progresses, he deals with the horrific losses of both those around him and his own innocence. Tank after tank that he joins is destroyed or damaged, and he is seen as a bad omen by those still alive. Gnawed by survivor guilt, the young soldier agrees to go on a sole perilous mission to rescue an army technical unit surrounded by Egyptian commandos. 1 vol, 208 pgs 2023 US, CASEMATE
NEW-dj, available late August 2023 ......$35.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-972018 Campbell, David 018 ISRAELI SOLDIER vs SYRIAN SOLDIER: Golan Heights 1967-73 Israel seized the strategically critical Golan Heights from Syria during the 1967 Six Day War in an audacious and determined operation. When the Yom Kippur War broke out, the Israeli military confronted the effectiveness of the newly confident and dangerous Syrian army.

In the Golan, strenuous Israeli efforts, tactical misjudgments by the Syrians, and a little luck allowed the Israelis to maintain control to the region. In this book, three pivotal encounters in the Golan are assessed -- supported by artwork, maps, and photographs. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2016 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late June 2016 ......$20.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-242311 Cooper, Tom and Efim Sandler THE JUNE 1967 ARAB-ISRAELI SIX DAY WAR: Volume 1: Prequel and Opening Moves of the Air War Provides an in-depth background to the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War in the Middle East. Covers the low-level clashes during the 1960s. Details the air forces that would become embroiled in the conflict, and an account of the opening Israeli air strikes against Egyptian targets. Contains 77 b/w photos, 27 color profiles, 7 b/w maps, 1 color map, and 8 tables. 1 vol, 90 pgs 2024 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid February 2024 ......$30.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-COM1085 Fawcett, Chris BAR-LEV: The 1973 Arab-Israeli War - Deluxe Edition Updated game treatment of Frank Chadwick's GDW release originally published in 1977, faithfully remastered and updated with this all-new, deluxe edition. Either of the two fronts (the Golan Heights and the Suez Canal) may be gamed separately, or both can be linked to simulate the course of the entire war.

It now features an updated order of battle and revised, expanded rules that fully integrate the air and air defense systems into the rest of the game, featuring a re-engineered sequence of play to provide a much more immersive experience for players. Operational planning is up to the players - you decide who to mobilize and where the hammer blow is to fall.

Some of the enhancements made in this edition include:

* Redesigned 9/16-inch counters featuring BONUS option for tank battalions (two sets of counters; one with NATO symbols and one with representative AFV side view)
* Game map information is updated based on research and includes all-new map artwork
* Supporting charts convey more information at a glance for ease of play
* Updated the Order of Battle based on new information and analysis
* Resolution converted from a d6 to d10 for all game purposes
* Fully-integrated air and air defense systems; re-engineered sequence of play
* Updated rules treatment backed by many illustrations, an index, and clarifications and examples of play to reduce potential questions

Product Information:
* Complexity: 6 out of 10
* Solitaire Suitability: 7 out of 10 (no hidden units)
* Time Scale: 1 day per turn
* Map Scale: 3-6 km per hex
* Unit Scale: battalion and company
* Players: one to four, best with two
* Playing Time: 5-10 hours for one-map scenario, 12+ hours for full two-map game

* Two map sheets (22x34-inch each)
* Eight countersheets (9/16-inch size)
* Rules booklet
* Four player aid cards
* Four air tasking displays
* One ten-sided die 1 vol, 1 pgs 2019 US, COMPASS GAMES
NEW-box ......$119.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-191590 Herzog, Chaim WAR OF ATONEMENT:The Story of the Yom Kippur War Certainly the best account of the war from the Israeli standpoint that has yet to appear. B/w photos, maps, biblio, index. 1 vol, 308 pgs 2010 US, CASEMATE PUBLISHING
NEW-dj ......$33.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-ATO046 Rohrbaugh AGAINST THE ODDS # 46: No Middle Ground Wargame covers the most decisive actions on the northern front of the 1973 Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Includes three scenarios -- opening Syrian attack to retake Golan, Israeli counter-offensive that drove into the heart of Syria to the doorsteps of Damascus, and Grand Campaign game that covers the entire campaign for the Golan.

This game includes a 22x34-inch map and two sheets of full color, die cut counters that represent brigades from the Syrian and Arab Allies' armed forces and the battalions of the Israeli Defense Force.

Rules for No Middle Ground include, among others, Time-on-Target artillery barrages, Combined-Arms tactics, Improved Positions, Minefields, Airborne and Commando assaults, as well as optional units that could have been deployed by both sides. The interactive, chit-pull formation activation recreates the chaos of battle while still allowing players to deploy and fight their armies.

Air units on both sides are potent weapons but must dodge the enemy's AAA and SAMs. Map hexes are 4 kilometers across and each turn represents 8 hours. Plus a well-illustrated rulebook and charts, complete with designer's notes and historical commentary. 1 vol, 60 pgs 2016 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-box ......$40.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-203030 Tucker-Jones, Anthony ARMOURED WARFARE IN THE ARAB-ISRAELI CONFLICTS: Images of War Series The latest volume in Anthony Tucker-Jones's series of books on armored warfare in the Images of War series is a graphic account of the development of armored forces in the Arab and Israeli armies from 1948 to the present day. In a sequence of over 200 archive photographs he tells the story of the role armor played in Arab-Israeli conflicts over the last sixty years, from the initial battles of 1948, through the Suez Crisis, the Six Day War, the Yom Kippur War, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982, and the Israeli attack on Hamas in Gaza in 2008.

In all these clashes armored vehicles played a prominent, sometimes decisive part. As the photographs show, an extraordinary range of Second World War and post-war tanks, armored cars and armored personnel carriers was deployed by all sides. Russian T-34s, SU-100s, T-54/55s, T-62s, and T-72s were imported from the Eastern Bloc by the Egyptians and Syrians. Shermans, Pattons, Centurions, and AMX-13s were imported from the West by the Israelis. In addition, the Israelis developed modified hybrids such as the Sherman/Isherman, the Sho't, Magach ,and Sabra, and they produced to their own design their main battle tank, the Merkava.

Anthony Tucker-Jones's photographic survey is an excellent introduction to late-twentieth-century armored warfare, and it gives a fascinating insight into the military history of Israel and its Arab neighbors. 1 vol, 176 pgs 2013 UK, PEN and SWORD
NEW-softcover ......$25.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-ATO2017 various AGAINST THE ODDS 2017 ANNUAL: Six Days of War Wargame covers the 1967 war between Israel and an Arab coalition. The game begins
with a Strategic Segment of card play and counter-play as each side adjusts its
diplomatic standing and 'war footing' and shifts unit positions on the map. Random
Events can vary from nothing important to forced actions, including withdrawal of UN
peacekeepers, Jordan declaring war, and other events to the benefit of one player or
another...or perhaps neither player will like.

Eventually the war will break out and players will have to jockey for initiative
and conduct combat operations, all while knowing the UN could call for a cease-fire
at any time. Medium complexity and playing time of up to three to four hours.

Also includes a historically based scenario that makes for a faster beginning
(no preliminary card play) and serves as an excellent solo game.

Components: One full color 22x34-inch mapsheet, 288 full-color die-cut counters,
66 cards, 20 pages of rules, and two pages of charts and tables.

Also comes with a magazine full of historical articles.

Bonus Items Inside: All copies include an expansion kit for the solitaire game,
Strange Victory (wargame covering France 1940 invasion published in 2015 Annual) plus
additional cards for Die Atombombe -- card game pitting various Nazi departments against each
other in race to develop an Atomic Bomb (published in ATO Issue 50).

Note: OMM carries Against the Odds back issues. OMM # ATO050 for ATO Issue 50.

1 vol, 60 pgs 2018 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-box, available mid June 2020 ......$50.00 with a discount of 10% rct

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