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ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price
Thirty Year's War

1-666110 Albi, Julio ENTRE NORDLINGEN Y HONNECOURT (II): Los Tercios Espanoles del Cardenal Infante 1634-1641 Second volume of the Spanish campaign in Flanders during the 30 Years War led by Fernando de Austria, brother of Felipe IV, governor of the Spanish Netherlands and known as the Cardinal Infante.

Major battles include Nordlingen and Honnecourt, plus many sieges, attacks, and counterattacks. Includes 16 full-color plates with 27 uniforms and b/w photographs and diagrams. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2016 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-pb, [Spanish text] available early May 2016 ......$28.00

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1-56890 Brockington, William S. editor MONRO, HIS EXPEDITION WITH THE WORTHY SCOTS REGT The mist complete memoir or primary account inEnglish of the Thirty Years War. 1 vol, 480 pgs 1999 WESTPORT, PRAGER PUBLIS'G
NEW-hardcover ......$121.00

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1-1947508 Cristini, Luca BREITENFELD 1631 On the bleak morning of September 17, 1631, two mighty armies faced each other on the field of Breitenfeld, an obscure Saxon village not far from Leipzig, whose name translated means big field. The meeting was somewhat random, but the two armies were waging war for several months in the region.

Tilly accepted battle with 32,000 men, mostly experienced veterans and a second in command, Pappenheim, known and famous for his courage and audacity. King Gustavus Adolphus II of Sweden and his 23,000-strong army plus the Protestant Elector of Saxony with 18,000 men lined up against him.

Italian text with English captions. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2017 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] stock reduction sale ......$32.00 with a discount of 25%

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2-200890 Guthrie, William P. ACTIONS OF THE THIRTY YEARS WAR - Eastern Europe, the Baltic, Italy and France The third in a trilogy of books by the renowned author fills in the gaps in TYW coverage. Covers Eastern Europe, the Baltic, Italy, and France during the Thirty Years War, 1618-48.


1. The Thirty Years War as a World Conflict 7
2. The Livonia War and the Battle of Wallhof 17
3. The Prussia-War and the Battles of Mewe and Honigfelde 72
4. The Smolensk War, 1632-34 115
5. Italy in Crisis: The Montferrat and Gradisca Wars, 1613-1617 137
6. The Mantua War 173
7. Civil War in France 1620-29 209
8. The Val Telline Wars 1618-37 247
9. The War in Italy: Crequi 267
10. Civil War in Savoy: Casale and Turin 277
11. The War of Castro 300
12. Lost Opportunities and the Battle of the Dunes 309
Glossary 360
Bibliography 365 1 vol, 376 pgs 2013 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-dj, b/w edition ......$69.00

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1-66950 Guthrie, William P. BATTLES OF THE THIRTY YEARS WAR, 1618-1635 Each chapter deals with a battle and examines leadership, strategy, organization, tactics, war finances and armaments with attention on the evolution of warfare/weapons, biblio, index. 1 vol, 352 pgs 2001 WESTPORT, GREENWOOD PUBS
NEW-dj ......$137.00

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1-68370 Guthrie, William P. BATTLES OF THE LATER THIRTY YEARS WAR, 1636-1648 Companion volume, from the Battle of Wittstockto the Treaty of Westphalia, includes Wittstock,2nd Breitenfeld, Jankow, Rheinfelden, Rocroi etco/b's, tactics, maps, appendicies, biblio, index. 1 vol, 296 pgs 2001 WESTPORT, GREENWOOD PUBS
NEW-hardcover ......$107.00

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2-214170 Hanlon, Gregory ITALY 1636: Cemetery of Armies The campaign and battle of Tornavento. One of the best books on 17th-century warfare, including Thirty Years War and ECW. Analysis of the reason for casualty rates, motivation, tactics, and the effectiveness of the Spanish vs French military methods.

Offers a neo-Darwinian interpretation of war and violence as inherent in human nature. Explores many practical aspects of early modern warfare, including personalities, weapons, and tactics. Richly illustrated with woodcuts, paintings, and maps. Includes 47 illustrations and 10 maps. 1 vol, 240 pgs 2018 US, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
NEW-pb ......$36.00

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1-207840 Hoglund, Lars Eric FRAN KARL KNUTSSON TILL KRISTINA From Sweden, this book primarily covers Erik XIV's time (Nordic Seven Years War) and Gustavus Adolphus (Russian war, the Polish War, and the 30 years war's first year). It includes 192 flags and banners in color, including the 116 from Mohners chronicle from 1632-1635, and 45 in black and white. As for uniforms and other clothing, it details 470 items for approximately 260 units, with 18 figures in full color. It also includes a list of 1,170 known captains, cavalry, and infantry colonels and their respective units, from Gustav Vasa to Gustavus Adolphus. 1 vol, 120 pgs 2012 SWEDEN, ACEDIA PRESS
NEW-softcover, back in print [Swedish text], English translation included ......$69.00

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3-207840 Hoglund, Lars Eric FRAN KARL KNUTSSON TILL KRISTINA From Sweden, this book primarily covers Erik XIV's time (Nordic Seven Years War) and Gustavus Adolphus (Russian war, the Polish War, and the 30 years war's first year). It includes 192 flags and banners in color, including the 116 from Mohners chronicle from 1632-1635, and 45 in black and white. As for uniforms and other clothing, it details 470 items for approximately 260 units, with 18 figures in full color. It also includes a list of 1,170 known captains, cavalry, and infantry colonels and their respective units, from Gustav Vasa to Gustavus Adolphus. 1 vol, 120 pgs 2012 SWEDEN, ACEDIA PRESS
AS NEW-softcover, [Swedish text], English translation included ......$70.00 inc

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1-211011 Lucht, Antje and Jurgen BANNERS AND STANDARDS: From the time of the Thirty Years' War Vol. 1 - The Protestant Union and the Swedish army under Gustav II Adolf The first volume in the series Banners & Standards from the time of the Thirty Years' War is divided into three sections.

* Flags and standards of the Protestant Union be reproduced. In addition to flags of Christian of Brunswick, Frederick V of the Palatinate and Count Ernst von Mansfeld also ensigns of many cities and regions listed. Standartenfuhrer the Margrave of Brandenburg-Jagerndorf, the under Palatine Regiment of Obentraut and many others as well as trumpeter flags from this period.

* Field character of the Swedish army under Gustavus Adolphus and Christina of Sweden. Here are a few great generals are mentioned, as Johan Baner, John Forbes, Lars Kagg, Sir John Hepburn, Robert Monroe of Foulis, Sir Patrick Ruthwen, Bernhard von Sachsen-Weimar, Bernhard Schaffalitzky of Muckothell, Thomas Siegmund of Schlammersdorf, Ake Tott, Gottfried Holzmuller, Gustaf Karlsson Horn, Johann Georg from Winckel.

* Subsequently important events of the Thirty Years War from the period 1618 to 1635.

In this book, all flags are shown, which during the occupation of Augsburg 1632-1635 drew the Benedictine monk Reginbald Mohner and of which Major Erland North Falk, an officer of the Swedish army, prepared in 1930 in Augsburg copies of the drawings for the Swedish Army Museum. 1 vol, 178 pgs 2015 GERMANY, VERLAG EDITION PETERSTOR
NEW-hardcover, [German text] ......$75.00

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1-211012 Lucht, Antje and Jurgen BANNERS AND STANDARDS: From the time of the Thirty Years' War Vol. 2 - The Catholic League and the Imperial Army The second volume of the book series Banners & standards from the time of the Thirty Years' War is the counterpart to the first band and represents the Catholic League and the Imperial army under Ferdinand II.

Here are famous names such as Maximilian I of Bavaria, Gottfried Heinrich Graf zu Pappenheim, Johann d'Serclaes Count of Tilly, Johann Graf von Aldringen, Philipp Friedrich von Breuner, Heinrich Graf von Holk, Karl I Prince of Liechtenstein, Archduke Leopold Wilhelm, Federigo Duca di Savelli, Albrecht Wenzel Eusebius von Wallenstein, Octavio Piccolomini d'Arragona, Archduke Leopold V of Tyrol, Stefan Draghi, and Peter von Keglevich.

Also: subsequently important events of the Thirty Years War from the period 1635 to 1648.

In this book drawings of many extant original flags are shown, which are in the Army Museum in Stockholm. In addition to the presentation of the flags, much emphasis is also placed on the size. 1 vol, 192 pgs 2015 GERMANY, VERLAG EDITION PETERSTOR
NEW-hardcover, [German text] ......$75.00

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1-211013 Lucht, Antje and Jurgen BANNERS AND STANDARDS: From the time of the Thirty Years' War Vol. 3 - Other Forces in Europe Volume 3 of the series Banners & standards from the time of the Thirty Years' War complements the first two volumes with other warring parties from the time of the Thirty Years' War.

They are listed here individually by country. Besides the big nations such as France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, and Hungary also Brandenburg-Prussia, Switzerland and the Empire Outdoors cities Augsburg and Strasbourg and the Hanseatic city of Gdansk are represented.

At the end of this book far more than 300 Latin, Spanish, and French currency and sayings of flags and standards of the Thirty Years' War with the corresponding counterfoils translations are listed alphabetically. 1 vol, 178 pgs 2015 GERMANY, VERLAG EDITION PETERSTOR
NEW-hardcover, [German text] ......$75.00

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1-211014 Lucht, Antje and Jurgen BANNERS AND STANDARDS: From the time of the Thirty Years' War Vol. 4 - Electorate This volume contains electoral Saxon flags and standards of A as Altenburg to V Vitzthum, made after a design by Balthasar Bohme and trophies from the Army Museum in Stockholm, as well as corresponding crest and a force generation electoral Saxon regiments. 1 vol, 208 pgs 2016 GERMANY, VERLAG EDITION PETERSTOR
NEW-hardcover, [German text] ......$75.00

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1-88270 Murdoch, Steve editor SCOTLAND AND THE THIRTY YEARS WAR 1618-1648 In three sections, 12 authors have contributed tothe process that led to the participation of over50,000 Scottish soldiers. B/w maps/illust, biblio,notes, index. 1 vol, 312 pgs 2001 LEIDEN, BRILL PUBLISHERS
NEW-hardcover ......$182.00

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1-236080 Pike, John THE THIRTY YEARS WAR: 1618 - 1648 -- The First Global War and the End of Habsburg Supremacy The 'Defenestration of Prague', the coup d'etat staged by Protestant Bohemian nobles against officials of the Hapsburg Emperor triggered the Thirty Years War. When Habsburg Spain intervened in support of their Holy Roman Emperor relative, what had started as a localized political and religious dispute in Germany, transformed into a European and global conflict.

In seeking to exploit the Bohemian revolt, Spanish Habsburg revanchist ambitions directed by the Spanish Count of Olivarez at the economically powerful Dutch Republic were allied with the Habsburg Emperor's counter-reformation ambitions. After the Bohemian defeat at the White Mountain in 1620 the war widened as the Dutch Republic, England, Transylvania, Denmark, Sweden, and Richelieu's France all intervened to roll back Habsburg hegemony and restore the balance power.

There was extensive fighting across the globe, as the Dutch and English sought to challenge the Spanish Habsburg global monopoly. These colonial wars were a major factor in the Iberian revolutions with brought down the Habsburg Imperium.

It was a tragic war of attrition but also an epic story of remarkable individuals including the 'titans' of the era, Imperial General Wallenstein, warrior King Gustavus, sinister Count Olivarez, and the masters of international intrigue, realpolitik and diplomacy -- Cardinals Richelieu and Mazarin. Above all there were the decisive victories of the unsung military genius of the era, Lennart Torstensson.

The Treaties of Westphalia followed a war which not only changed the global balance of power, but accelerated over thirty years the transformation of the European continent from a world characterized by dynasties and the medieval concept of United Christendom to a European order that was recognizably modern. 1 vol, 520 pgs 2023 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj ......$63.00 with a discount of 15% inc

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1-236280 Pike, John GUSTAVUS v WALLENSTEIN: Military Revolution, Rivalry and Tragedy in the Thirty Years War Examines the conflict, personal rivalry, and contrasts in personality, generalship and command between the two iconic commanders in the Thirty Years War, King Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden for the Protestant powers, and Albrecht von Wallenstein, Duke of Friedland. More than just commanders at the tactical level they were statesmen, military organizers and strategists on a continental scale. Both commanders represented the 17th-century military revolution in action. Both generals are titanic figures come, and their respective deaths - Gustavus heroically in battle and Wallenstein, murdered with the Emperor's compliance - were dramatic highpoints in the long war. Analyses the contrasting reputations of two of the greatest military figures in modern history and analyses mistakes as well their triumphs.

Both commanders' understanding of the role of the modern state and finance as vital factors in the military revolution and modern warfare. A major contrast was Gustavus's constant search for the tactical and strategic initiative compared to Wallenstein's caution and patience and development of counter-punch defensive tactics. Exceptional for the period, Gustavus excelled in inspired battlefield leadership even at huge risk. Despite his death at Lutzen in 1632, he and his steadfast chancellor Oxenstierna, had decisively defeated the Emperor's attempt to subjugate the Empire and introduce the Catholic counter-reformation.

Gustavus contributed hugely to the ending of Habsburg supremacy while advancing new concepts in modern war. His death ushered in his acolytes including generals Baner, Saxe-Weimar and Torstensson. Gustavus or Wallenstein, the greater of the two? The reader must judge but Napoleon included Gustavus in his list of ten greats with Julius Caesar, Hannibal Barca, and Alexander the Great. 1 vol, 544 pgs 2023 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available early February 2024 ......$63.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-228820 Ribas, Alberto THE BATTLE OF NORDLINGEN 1634: The Bloody Fight Between Tercios and Brigades The King of Hungary Ferdinand, heir to the Holy Roman Empire, decided to assume command of the armies in the West and thus enhance his leadership. He asked the Cardinal-Infante Fernando to help him conquer a small town, called Nordlingen, and together they could fight a Swedish-German army, commanded by Generals Gustav Horn and Bernard of Saxe-Weimar.

Explains the general situation in Germany during the Thirty Years' War in the period 1633-1634; describes in detail the tactics, armament, and units of the Spanish, Swedish, and Imperial armies; and analyzes the conflicting interests of the various powers fighting the war.

Examines the battle that took place in the plain of Nordlingen, describes the various protagonists who commanded the Tercios and Regiments that fought there, and analyzes the mistakes and successes of the generals. With all this, the stereotypes about the Spanish and Swedish tactical models are reviewed, which for a long time were the paradigm of tactics in European battle theaters. In this way, it seeks to answer which deployment was better, if the Swedish Brigades, or the Spanish Tercios. 1 vol, 204 pgs 2021 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb ......$45.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-66683 Ribas, Alberto BATALLA DE LA MONTANA BLANCA 1620 On November 8, a small Catholic force was sent to probe the Protestant flank. To their surprise, the Bohemians retreated at their advance. Tilly quickly sent in reinforcements, and the Bohemian flank began to crumble. Anhalt tried to retrieve the situation by sending forward infantry and cavalry led by his son, Christian II.

The cavalry charged into the Imperial infantry, causing significant casualties, but Tilly countered with his own cavalry, forcing the Bohemian horsemen to retire. The Bohemian infantry, who were only now approaching the Imperial army, saw the cavalry retreating, at which they fired one volley at extreme range before retreating themselves. A small group of Imperial cavalry began circling the Protestant forces, driving them to the middle of the battlefield. With the Bohemian army already demoralized, company after company began retreating, most without having actually entered the battle. Tilly and his Imperial cavalrymen advanced with 2,000 Bavarian hussars, steadily pushing Protestant forces back to the Star Palace (just west of Prague), where the rebels tried without success to establish a line of defense.

The Battle of White Mountain was more a skirmish than a full-fledged battle. The Bohemian army was no match for Emperor Ferdinand's troops. The actual battle lasted only an hour and left the Bohemian army in tatters. Some 4,000 Protestants were killed or captured, while Catholic losses amounted to roughly 700.

Color illustrations throughout. 1 vol, 110 pgs 2012 ITALY
NEW-softcover [Spanish text] ......$24.00

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2-215100 Spring, Laurence BAVARIAN ARMY DURING THE THIRTY YEARS WAR 1618-1648: The Backbone of the Catholic League Updated version, with completely new color plates within a large color section. This book covers not only the Bavarian Army's organization, but also has chapters on recruitment, officers, clothing, weaponry, pay and rations of a soldier during the Thirty Years War. 1 vol, 240 pgs 2021 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb ......$50.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-243830 Thion, Stephane FRENCH ARMIES OF THE THIRTY YEARS' WAR 1618-48 Presents the development of the French army, one of the first standing armies in Europe, from 1617 to 1648. Details how Louis XIII and Richelieu made the most of the complex legacy of the Wars of Religion. Focuses on how Richelieu gave the king an ambition: 'to procure the ruin of the Huguenot party, humble the pride of the great, reduce all subjects to their duty, and elevate your majesty's name among foreign nations to its rightful reputation.' By his death, on December 4, 1642, this program had been accomplished.

Examines the first military action of this period -- the uprising of the nobility who supported the queen mother against the king in August 1620. Explores how the French kingdom created an increasingly efficient army due to the Wars of Religion and Richelieu's actions and achieved a great number of victories. Contains 35 black and white illustrations, 29 color illustrations, 12 color photos, 40+ graphs, and 6 maps. 1 vol, 252 pgs 2024 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available late May 2024 ......$50.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-930332 various STRATEGY & TACTICS # 332:Two Decisive Battles of the 30 Years War: Lutter 1626 & Wittstock 1636 A grand tactical two-player system for simulating battles in Europe during the first half of the 17th century. Each game in the system is based on one of the major battles of the 30 Years War. Each battle has its own map, special rules and counters representing the military formations which participated in the original action. The rules model the overall effects of the weapons and tactics of the great era of pike and shot, and include combat, leadership and morale.

Players command armies of infantry, cavalry and artillery, each with their own special capabilities, as well as the great leaders who took the field in this era. Each hex on the map represents 150-200 meters. Each game turn represents 45 minutes to one hour. Most cavalry and infantry units represent one or two regiments or battalions. Each combat strength point represents 75 to 150 men, depending on the quality of the army and assignment of light guns to the unit. Each artillery unit represents four to six heavy or medium guns.

Components: One 22x34-inch map, 176 counters, and magazine. 1 vol, 84 pgs 2021 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available early December 2021 ......$50.00 with a discount of 10% rct

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1-938011 Various STRATEGY & TACTICS QUARTERLY # 11 - Thirty Years War Thirty Years War - Violent Birth of Modern Europe: Modern Europe is the product of the gradual evolution of political, economic, and social institutions, interspersed with cataclysmic events as the old order resisted change. The early seventeenth century saw one of the worst.

The Thirty Years' War of 1618-1648 tore through central Europe, depopulating large tracts of Germany, while subsidiary fights erupted on the high seas, in the Americas, and in the Far East. It melded the last of the Catholic-Protestant wars and the first stirrings of nationalism to ongoing dynastic struggles for European hegemony. Joseph Miranda brings his incisive writing to bear on this complicated story, aided by a profusion of colorful maps, to identify its major threads. 1 vol, 48 pgs 2020 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, available mid September 2020 ......$20.00 with a discount of 10% rct

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2-21340 Wagner, Eduard EUROPEAN WEAPONS & WARFARE, 1618-1648 Reprint in softcover of Eduard Wagner's classic study of armies involved in the Thirty Years War is packed with lots of black/white and color drawings. He provides information on all the major and minor participants and all aspect of life in the military during this period. 1 vol, 292 pgs 2014 US, WINGED HUSSAR PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover ......$50.00

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1-217000 Wilson, Peter H. LUTZEN: Great Battles Series Battle of Lutzen - one of the most famous battles in the Thirty Years' War. Challenges the accepted view that Lutzen was a milestone in military development, arguing that its significance lies more in the political and cultural sphere. Discusses how the battle has been remembered, from the immediate aftermath to the present day, and what this tells us. 1 vol, 272 pgs 2018 US, OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
NEW-hardcover, available late April 2018 ......$25.00

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1-230140 Wolke, Lars Ericson GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS: Sweden and the Thirty Years War, 1630-1632 As one of the foremost military commanders of the early 17th century Gustavus Adophus, king of Sweden, played a vital role in defending the Protestant cause during the Thirty Years War. In the space of two years - between 1630 and 1632 - he turned the course of the war, winning a decisive victory at the Battle of Breitenfeld and conquering large parts of Germany.

The book sets Gustavus in the context of Swedish and European dynastic politics and religious conflict in the early seventeenth century, and describes in detail Swedish military organization and Gustavus's reforms. Includes his intervention in the Thirty Years War is covered in graphic detail - the decision to intervene, his alliance with France, his campaigns across the breadth of Germany, and his generalship at the two major battles. His exceptional skill as a battlefield commander transformed the fortunes of the Protestant side in the conflict and established him as a major European figure before his death on the battlefield. 1 vol, 248 pgs 2022 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available mid April 2022 ......$43.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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