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16th Century

1-66664 Gravelinas 1558 The Battle of Gravelines was fought on July 13, 1558 at Gravelines, near Calais, France. It occurred during the 1547-1559 war between France and Spain.

The battle resulted in a victory by the Spanish forces, led by Lamoral, Count of Egmont over the French under Marshal Paul de Thermes. The Spanish were supported by the English Navy, who opened fire on the French as they reached the sand dunes at Gravelines. Color plates

1 vol, 80 pgs 2012 ITALY
NEW-dj, Spanish text ......$24.00

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1-666119 Abad, Ruben LAS CAMPANAS DEL DUQUE DE ALBA DE FUENTERRABIA A ARGEL (1524-1541) Few figures in the history of Spain have aroused as much controversy as Fernando Alvarez de Toledo and Pimentel, Duque de Alba. Admired by some and feared by others, he pushed the Spanish empire to achieve its greatest military successes and continental supremacy.

During Fernando's military career he held important positions representing the Spanish Crown throughout the continent. The various political events that took place led one after another to the most committed destinations where Spain struggled to achieve the desired hegemony.

He was governor of the Duchy of Milan (1555-1556), Viceroy of the Kingdom of Naples (1556-1558), Governor of the Netherlands (1567-1573), and Viceroy and Constable of the Kingdom of Portugal (1580-1582). Only the Duke of Alba was a rival and their talents shone in France, Central, North Africa, Germany, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

Illustrated with photographs, maps, and color prints. 1 vol, 82 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-pb, available late April 2017 [Spanish Text] ......$28.00

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1-666129 Abad, Ruben LOS PAISES BAJOS 1567-1573: Las Campanas del Duque de Alaba The Low Countries 1567-1573 and the Campaigns of the Duke of Lauda

There may be little doubt that, although he had already had a long military career behind him, Fernando Alvarez de Toledo is mainly known at European level for his period of command in the Netherlands. Sent there initially for a short time, he had to spend six years playing political work for which he was not prepared.

As a general he demonstrated his prowess by defeating the Protestant rebels in Jemmingen and in Jodoigne, recovering Mons, looting Mechelen or taking Haarlem. However, as governor, he had to confront the complicated and changing game of alliances that had always characterized central European politics. And to make matters worse, he stole the financial resources with which to carry out his work, having to resort to the imposition of taxes Manu Militarii. 1 vol, 120 pgs 2018 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] available early October 2018 ......$33.00

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1-666113 Abad, Ruben Saez LA GUERRA ANGLO-ESPANOLA: 1585-1604 Covers the events of 20 years when Spain opened up a new front against Protestant England and Queen Elizabeth I. Includes Raids on La Coruna and Cadiz or the Spanish territories in America, English pirates turned into admirals, and attempted invasion of England. 1 vol, 127 pgs 2016 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-pb, available late October 2016 [Spanish text with English captions] ......$28.00

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1-666123 Abad, Ruben Saez CONTRA FRANCESES Y PROTESTANTES: La Guerra Total 1542-1559 The 1542 appointment of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, third Duke of Alba, as Captain General of Spain made him the main military authority of the peninsula. His successful defense of the Perpignan Square would oblige the French monarch to desist from continuing his war effort in the Pyrenean front.

Alba became chief Imperial Commander in time for Germany's 1546-1547 campaign, when he showed tactical superiority over his opponents despite having inferior material and human means. In the Battle of Muhlberg, he played a pre-eminent role, although his triumph would be of little use. After the revolt of 1552, he suffered a period of failures, including in front of the walls of Metz. He recovered during the Italian campaign of 1555-1557, where he managed to defeat the Franco-Papal armies and subdue the Levantisco Pope Paul IV. 1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$33.00

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1-666135 Abad, Ruben Saez THE CAMPAIGNS OF THE DUKE OF ALBA IN PORTUGAL 1580 This last book of the Warriors and Battles series covers the military campaigns of the Duke of Alba and the conquest and annexation of Portugal (1580) under the reign of Philip II. The death of the Portuguese king Sebastian I in the tragic battle of Alcazarquivir (1578) without having left an heir to the throne opened a deep succession crisis in the neighboring kingdom. Soon a struggle opened for the crown, mainly between Philip II and Antonio, prior of Crato.

The impossibility of reaching an agreement that would facilitate Philip II's access to the throne peacefully forced him to launch his armies into Portugal. The Duke of Alba was chosen to lead the invasion army. The Duke achieved one last victory for Philip II, dying in Lisbon without receiving royal authorization to return home. 1 vol, 102 pgs 2019 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [spanish text] ......$33.00 rct

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1-666107 Albi, Julio ENTRE NORDLINGEN Y HONNECOURT (I): Los Tercios Espanoles del Cardenal Infante 1634-1641 First volume of the Spanish campaign led by Fernando de Austria, brother of Felipe IV, governor of the Spanish Netherlands and known as the Cardinal Infante, in Flanders during the 30 Years War.

The period covered by this work, framed by the major battles of Nordlingen and Honnecourt, is an confrontation through many sieges, attacks, and counterattacks of the contenders in looking for continental supremacy. Includes 16 full-color plates with 27 uniforms and B/W photographs and diagrams. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2016 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, available late January 2016 [Spanish text] ......$28.00

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1-230000 Ardelean, Floriin ON THE BORDERLANDS OF GREAT EMPIRES: Transylvanian Armies 1541-1613 In 1526, the army of the Hungarian kingdom was soundly defeated by the army of the Ottoman sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, in the battle of Mohacs. In the following decades the lands that were once part of the Hungarian Crown were divided. On the eastern half of the former Hungarian kingdom a new state was born, the Principality of Transylvania. For one and a half century (1541-1691), Transylvania was a distinct state on European maps, and played an important military and strategic role in the struggle between the Ottomans and the Habsburgs in Central and South-East Europe. Includes 19 b/w illustrations, eight color plates, five maps, and one table.

This book follows the efforts of the Transylvanian rulers to organize and to defend their new state, during its first seven decades of existence (1541-1613). The army at their disposal inherited an essentially medieval structure that reflected the social composition of the region. The bulk of the army consisted of the so called 'county flags' (noble levies and conscripted peasants from their estates), the Szekely levies (troops recruited in the districts of South-East Transylvania) and the troops supplied by the Saxon districts from the highly urbanized southern parts of Transylvania. In addition, the Transylvanian army also had several groups of professional soldiers that performed permanent or semi-permanent military service: the court guard (aule milites), the garrisons of the main fortifications concentrated on the western frontier of the principality and other groups that performed military service in exchange for tax exemptions like the riflemen (pixidari, puscasi, puskasok) and the guardsmen (darabontok, darabanti).

The last chapter of the book is focused on the main military campaigns in which the Transylvanian army was involved (the expedition of Giovanni Battista Castaldo in Transylvania and the Banat region 1551-1553, the Fortress War period 1552-1571, the Long Turkish War 1591-1606, etc.), with extensive descriptions of some of the most important pitched battles and sieges. 1 vol, 122 pgs 2022 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb ......$35.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-666124 Blanco, Joaquin LOS TERCIOS de FLANDES de ALEJANDRO FARNESIO: El Plan Combinado Con la Gran Armada, y la Invasion de Inglaterra In discussions about the Spanish Armada, much is made of naval warfare, but little about the land forces of Alejandro Farnese. This new study examines the land force that would have landed in England, how it fought, and what would occur after the army landed. 1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$33.00

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1-241880 Caldwemm, David THE BATTLE OF PINKIE 1547: The Last Battle Between the Independent Kingdoms of Scotland and England The Battle of Pinkie, fought between the English and the Scots in September 1547 near Edinburgh, was the last great clash between the two as independent nations. Both sides' commanders were experienced and previously successful with an awareness on both sides of contemporary best practice and use of up-to-date weapons and equipment. The Scots and the English armies, however, were markedly different in their composition and in the strategy and tactics they employed. Explores the battlefield, varied forces involved, aims of the commanders, and the close-run nature of the battle. 1 vol, 288 pgs 2023 UK, OXBOW BOOKS
NEW-dj, available mid January 2024 ......$43.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-88670 Capponi, Niccolo VICTORY IN THE WEST Making use of primary sources, the author presents an absorbing account of Battle of Lepanto, the pivotal battle that claimed the Mediterranean for the Christian powers. B/w illust/maps, biblio, index. 1 vol, 464 pgs 2008 NY, DACAPO PRESS
NEW-pb ......$17.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-66679 Carnicer, Carlos El Asedio de Haarlem 1572-1573 The siege of Haarlem was an episode of the Eighty Years' War. From December 11, 1572 to July 13, 1573 an army of Philip II of Spain laid bloody siege to the city of Haarlem in the Netherlands, whose loyalties had begun wavering during the previous summer.

After the naval battle of Haarlemmermeer and the defeat of a land relief force, the starving city surrendered and the garrison was massacred. The resistance nonetheless was taken as an heroic example by the Orangists at the sieges of Alkmaar and Leiden.

Usual excellent production values. 1 vol, 110 pgs 2012 ITALY
NEW-softcover, available late June 2012 [Spanish Text] ......$24.00

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1-19400 Caruana, Adrian B. TUDOR ARTILLERY, 1485-1603 This introduction to early artillery is a most welcome addition to the very little that has been written on artillery of the 15th and 16th century. It could be considered two books: The notebook of John Lad compiled in 1586 while he was a student of artillery transcribed with his instructions, notes, recipes, and drawings. This is preceded by a scholarly overview of English artillery design in the 16th century. 40 pp., tables, 30 ill. 1 vol, 40 pgs 1992 NY, MUSEUM RESTORATION
NEW-softcover, special price ......$19.00

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1-1947624 Cristini, Luca Der Lange Turkenkrieg (1593-1606) - The long Turkish war V1 Now with English text. Includes 16 full-color pages, with many b/w illustrations and maps.

After more than half-a-century of wars in Hungary, the conflict between the Habsburgs and the Sublime Porte explodes in 1593, after a series of border incidents. The confrontation was soon regarded as crucial by both sides, also involving the
neighbouring states in a complex and ruthless game of diplomacy and betrayal. The organization and the equipment of the various armies of the protagonists of those campaigns are treated together, along with the military operations, and the warfare of the first
modern conflict in Eastern Europe 1 vol, 80 pgs 2017 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover ......$32.00

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1-1947627 Cristini, Luca DER LANGE TURKENKRIEG (1593-1606): The Long Turkish War Vol. 2 Now with English text. Includes 16 full-color pages, with many b/w illustrations and maps.

The war of 1593-1606 can be regarded as the final episode of a long duel between Vienna and Istanbul that began after the Battle of Mohacs (1526). Following that Turkish victory, the Sultan extended his control over two thirds of Hungary and directly threatened Austria, which was the only power that opposed the Turks in the Danube region.

Austria tried to extend political control over the Kingdom of Hungary, but Hungary supported the election of Janos Szapolyai (1487-1540). The Austrians, however, acted swiftly against the decisions of the Hungarian diet and in 1527 forced Szapolyai, formerly elected King of Hungary, into exile in Poland.

In 1529, the dethroned Szapolyai obtained the support of the Sultan to reclaim his rights. Suleiman the Magnificent (1496-1566) vowed to march on Vienna and lays siege to the Habsburg capital. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2017 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, available late May 2015 ......$32.00

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1-237850 Davies, Jonathan THE TUDOR ARTE OF WARRE: Volume 2 - The Conduct of War in the Reign of Elizabeth I, 1558-1603: Diplomacy, Strategy, Campaigns and Battles Provides a comprehensive explanation of the part the Elizabethan army played in Elizabeth's long and increasingly troubled reign. Elizabeth was no Amazon Queen; she abhorred war because of its cost, its unpredictability and the inconstancy and insubordination of those she placed in charge. She could gain little personally from war as she was excluded from direct participation. Determined as she was to maintain domestic peace, the Northern Rebellion of 1569 made it clear that England's military preparedness was wholly inadequate. Thus began a long project to make widespread military service managed by the government, especially as after 1585 more and more men were sent for service abroad.

Gives considerable space to the Nine Years' War in Ireland because it was of central importance to Elizabeth and the military establishment. It involved several key battles as well as developments in strategy and tactics. Includes 31 b/w illustrations, 11 color illustrations, 9 color photos, 22 maps, and one table. 1 vol, 310 pgs 2023 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid August 2023 ......$60.00 with a discount of 15% inc

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1-240710 Davies, Jonathan THE TUDOR ARTE OF WARRE: Volume 3: The Conduct of War in the Reign of Elizabeth I 1558-1603 -- The Elizabethan Army Essentially an Elizabethan army handbook that explains its leadership, organization, tactics, and training and recruitment. Also describes how soldiers were paid, clothed, equipped, and provided for - or as was too often the case, not provided for. Wars are fought by armies; in Elizabeth's England the wars led to the creation of armies in a rather ad-hoc fashion, until the long-term commitments to Ireland and the Netherlands forced the creation of a semi-permanent institution. Considers the strengths and weaknesses of the county-based system that included a fair amount of endemic corruption.

An army is as good as its recruits and in Elizabeth's reign recruitment for service, either for the newly developed Trained Bands or for overseas service as pressed men, was predominantly managed by the counties. Provides a detailed explanation and description of infantry training and tactics and includes many diagrams from contemporary military handbooks which demonstrate how companies and larger formations could be deployed. Also summarizes the role of the cavalry. 1 vol, 366 pgs 2023 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid November 2023 ......$60.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-80970 Davies, Jonathon THE KING'S SHIPS: 1509-1547 Henry VIII and the Birth of the Royal Navy 1509 to 1547. Describes the ships, battles, strategy/tactics, and armaments along with the building and manning of the fleets. Includes 12 color pages. 1 vol, 96 pgs 2013 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-softcover ......$28.00 with a discount of 25%

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1-914027G Di Silva, Pacal VAE VICTUS BOARD GAME # 27: Infini Regret III French Wars of Religion, 1562 - 1598 - The battle of Moncontour, 1569 The Peace of Longjumeau, signed on 23 March 1568, ended the second Wars of Religion but was fragile. The royal power no longer trusted the prince of Conde, leader of the Protestant party. A few months after the signing, the Catholics attempted to capture the prince of Conde and Admiral Coligny by surprise. The plot failed and the Protestant commanders reassembled with their armies and took refuge at La Rochelle. Thus began the campaign constituting the third War of Religion at the end of the summer of 1568.

On 3 October 1569, the two armies faced off near Moncontour. De Coligny did not want to engage in battle, knowing he was outnumbered. However, German mercenaries among his troops were unhappy at not being paid and precipitated the movement. The Catholic troops were better prepared, greater in number, and more heavily armed and easily pushed back the assault of the Protestants who were forced into a disorderly retreat. Although it barely lasted two hours, this battle resulted in between 6000 and 10.000 men dead or taken prisoner on the side of the Protestants compared to 1000 for the Catholics. The Swiss soldiers of the Royal Army spared no lansquenet in retaliation for La Roche-L'Abeille.

Components: Two 59 x 41 cm maps (one printed front and back); 216 die-cut counters and markers; 1 rule book including scenarios; and 1 color player aid.
1 vol, 24 pgs 2021 FRANCE, CERIGO EDITIONS
NEW-softcover, available early February 2021 ......$35.00 rct

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1-237700 Duffy, Christopher SIEGE WARFARE VII :The Fortress in the of Vauban 1660-1789 Explains the influence of the fortress in wars of Bourbon, Habsburg, and Hohenzollern, The fortress in the age of Vauban and Frederick the Great. 8x10, numerous b/w illust, maps, index, biblio. 1 vol, 304 pgs 1985 LONDON, ROUTLEDGE & KEGAN
V.GOOD-dj, one copy only - first come, first served ......$60.00 inc

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1-215340 Ebben, Maurits ALBA: General and Servant to the Crown Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Third Duke of Alba, is one of the most formidable and controversial figures of the 16th century. He has been depicted as a great hero, an indefatigable defender of the Catholic faith, and a true buttress of the Spanish monarchy, but also as a terrifying man and the dark suppressor of the revolt in the Low Countries.

During his long and fascinating life, Alba revealed wide-ranging skills and interests. A successful soldier, he was also a distinguished courtier and an influential diplomat serving his monarchs, Charles V and Philip II, without fail.

Moreover, he was an avid art collector. Using a variety of sources, including previously unexamined data, 16 leading historians from eight countries present newly developed insights and offer a nuanced image of the Grand Duque. Adopting different perspectives, they shed new light on this intriguing and influential leader, thus showing that Alba continues to be deserving of study and discussion. 1 vol, 464 pgs 2013 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-dj, inventory reduction sale 50% off, limited quality available ......$85.00 with a discount of 50% spc

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2-225930 Fields, Nic LEPANTO 1571: Christian and Muslim Fleets Battle for Control of the Mediterranean Re-examines the Sunday, 7 October 1571 battle of Lepanto and concludes that, while it merely confirmed a strategic reality that had already emerged during the 16th century (i.e. that naval supremacy lay with the Sublime Porte in the eastern Mediterranean, and with Habsburg Spain and its Catholic allies in the western Mediterranean), it's vital importance was psychological. It sank the perception of Ottoman dominance and the inevitability of Islam's westward encroachment beyond the Balkans. Includes 20 color illustrations.

With over 200 ships per side, it was the largest naval battle in sixteen centuries and the last major fight between fleets composed entirely of the muscle-driven galley. These slender ships were the direct descendants of the Classical trireme but carried cannon and marines bearing firearms, although massed archery and cold steel still played a major role on the fateful day. 1 vol, 224 pgs 2023 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb edition ......$29.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-90120 Filjushkin, Alexander Ivan the Terrible Ivan the Terrible describes the organization and equipment of the Tsar's army and the forces of his enemies, the Poles, Lithuanians, Tatars and the Livonian Knights along with all the campaigns. 1 vol, 30 pgs 2008 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-dj ......$50.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-225340 Fox, E. T The Commotion Time - Tudor Rebellions of 1549 Examines the military history of two major rebellions and several minor uprising occurred spontaneously throughout England in 1549. In East Anglia Robert Kett, aggrieved at the abuses of enclosure, laid siege to Norwich until defeated by Royal forces at the bloody battle of Dussindale. At the same time, thousands of commoners of Devon and Cornwall rose up against the introduction of the English-language Book of Common Prayer and the systematic destruction of their traditional faith. Like Norwich, Exeter was besieged throughout the long summer until, in a brutal campaign by government forces and hired foreign mercenaries, the rebellion was finally suppressed. Includes 32 b/w ills & photos, 11 maps, and numerous tables.

Previous histories of the rebellions of 1549 have explored their causes in great depth, but little attention has been given to the military history of the campaigns. Yet the mid-Tudor period rests on the cusp between a medieval form of warfare and the new emerging ideas that defined warfare in the early-modern period, making the battles of 1549 of crucial importance in understanding the transition between the two. Explores how the 'medieval' rebels of the Devon and Cornwall militias fared against the German pikemen and Italian arquebusiers the government sent against them. 1 vol, 230 pgs 2020 UK, HELION AND SON
NEW-pb ......$40.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-66673 Gavier, Mario Diaz MUHLBERG 1547: El Apogeo de Carlos V This latest installment of 'Warriors and Battles' color illustrations and maps. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2012 ITALY
NEW-softcover, available late September 2011 [Spanish Text] ......$24.00

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1-229010 Glenn, Chris THE BATTLE OF SEKIGAHARA: The Greatest, Bloodiest, Most Decisive Samurai Battle Ever Sekigahara was the greatest samurai battle in history. Japan had long been at civil war until brought under the rule of Oda Nobunaga, and then, following his death at the hands of a traitorous general, that of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It was Hideyoshi who completed the unification of Japan and ushered in a period of peace.

After Hideyoshi's death in 1598, a power struggle emerged between those loyal to the Toyotomi, and those who supported the second most powerful warlord, Tokugawa Ieyasu. With Hideyoshi gone, Ieyasu made moves that brought the ire of a number of his contemporaries, and soon the entire country was divided into two great armies, East and West. Leading the loyalist cause was Ishida Mitsunari, who gathered a force of around 130,000 samurai, while the Tokugawa commanded just 80,000.

Reveals the developments in Japan that led up to the outbreak of war, the characters involved, how the battle itself unfolded, and the aftermath. The weapons and armor of the time are also fully explained, along with little known customs of the samurai and their warfare. 1 vol, 216 pgs 2021 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-dj, available late December 2021 ......$43.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-235680 Glenn, Chris THE SAMURAI CASTLE MASTER: Warlord Todo Takatora Bio explains the life of samurai warlord and respected castle architect Todo Takatora, his shifting allegiences, achievements in battle and in castle design, political and personal ideals, and how all these attributes were shaped during the course of his adventurous life that ended in 1630. Reveals why Takatora deserves the epithet of National Hero.

Born to a small landholding samurai family, the maverick youth worked his way to the top, becoming one of the most successful of daimyo warlords. He had served on the front lines of some of the most violent of battles andf turning points that forged the nation. In a land and time in which loyalty was held dear, he changed his allegiances a record seven times, serving a record 10 lords -- more than any other samurai in history.

Standing six feet tall in a time when the average Japanese man stood between 5 and 5 1/2 feet, Todo Takatora was a giant among men. He died aged 74, when the normal life span was around 50. He was also the finest, most innovative of castle architects, responsible for the design and construction of over 30 of the strongest, most innovative Japanese castles and structures, and influencing samurai castle construction across Japan. 1 vol, 272 pgs 2023 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-dj, available late January 2023 ......$37.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-67830 Glete, Jan WAR AND THE STATE IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE:1500-1660 This work examines Spain, the Dutch Republic and Sweden as Fiscal-military states and the development of permanent armies/navies, and their political, social, economic effects, tables, biblio, index 1 vol, 288 pgs 2002 LONDON, ROUTLEDGE PRESS
NEW-pb ......$37.00

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1-970003 Gomane, Jean Pierre CHAMOUSSET LES MOLLETTES 1597 FORGOTTEN BATTLES series:Covers the Battle between Duke of Savoy against Henri IV of France, (70) b/wand color art/drawings/maps/ heraldic art. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2012 ITALY
NEW-softcover, [French text] ......$26.00

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1-71420 Heers, Jacques BARBARY CORSAIRS, THE:Warfare in the Med 1480-1580 Enthralling history of piracy and naval Warfare in the Mediterranean, b/w illust, biblio, index. 1 vol, 304 pgs 2003 LONDON, GREENHILL BOOKS
NEW-dj ......$40.00

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1-207310 Hutchins, John M CORONADO'S Well-Equipped Army: The Spanish Invasion of the American Southwest The historic 1540-1542 expedition of Captain-General Francisco Vasquez de Coronado is popularly remembered as a luckless party of exploration which wandered the American Southwest and then blundered onto the central Great Plains of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

The expedition was made up of about 1,500 Spanish soldiers, Indian warrior allies, and camp followers. Despite the hopes for a peaceful conquest of new lands-including those of a legendary kingdom of Cibola-the expedition was obliged to fight a series of battles with the natives in present-day Sonora, California, Arizona, and New Mexico.

The final phase of the invasion was less warlike, as the members of the expedition searched the Great Plains in vain for a wealthy civilization called Quivira. While much has been written about the march of Coronado and his men, this is the first book to address the endeavor as a military campaign of potential conquest like those conducted by other conquistadors. This helps to explain many of the previously misunderstood activities of the expedition. In addition, new light is cast on the non-Spanish participants, including Mexican Indian allies and African retainers, as well as the important roles of women.
1 vol, 360 pgs 2015 US, WESTHOLME PUBLISHING
NEW-dj ......$30.00

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1-239520 Kling, Stephen SIEGE OF TENOCHTITIAN: Wargame Wargame of Spanish siege of the Aztec capital in 1521. One player commands the Spanish forces and the other player commands the Aztec warriors. Cards vary the game play. Games take about 90 minutes.

Features: 48 game pieces (5/8-inch inch); A single rulebook (4 pages); 20 game cards; A canvas game map (11x17-inch); and 1 six sided die. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2023 US, THE HISTORICAL GAME COMPANY
NEW-box, available mid October 2023 ......$40.00 rct

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1-666139 Larrafiaga, Ramon Batalla de San Marcial y Sitio de Hondarriba 1521-1524 At the beginning of the 16th century, Irun and Hondarribia, which form the present region of Lower Bidasoa and border between Gipuzkoa, France, and Navarra, acquired great strategic value in the war for European hegemony between King Francis I, Emperor Charles I, and the King of Navarra.

For years, its theater of operations were full of activity, including the 1522 attempted recovery of the castle of Behobia by French troops supported by German Lansquenet mercenaries, but opposed by contingents of Guipuzcoans and Castilians in the battle of the rock of Aldabe de Irun, now known as Mount San Marcial. Includes day-by-day information about the battle, with abundant strategic details precisely accompanied by highly researched historical. 1 vol, 100 pgs 2020 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-pb, [Spanish text] available mid September 2020 ......$33.00 rct

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1-971001 Levi, Guy LE CONQUET 1513: Forgotten Naval Battle Series FORGOTTEN BATTLES series: 40 B/W and Color illustrations

The white beach of les Sablons in le Conquet attracts thousands of tourists. How many know that five centuries ago, a hard-fought Renaissance naval battle occurred between the English and the French and Bretons? When it was all over, corpses floated onto the fine sands of this cove. 1 vol, 72 pgs 2015 FRANCE, HISTORIC ONE
NEW-softcover, [French text] ......$28.00

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1-666138 Lopez, Ignacio Empel 1585 - Milagro in Flanders The Miracle of Empel was an unexpected Spanish victory on 8 December 1585 near Empel, in the Netherlands, as part of the Eighty Years' War, in which a surrounded Spanish force miraculously won against an enemy who exceeded them in number. B/w and color illust.

After the campaign of 1585, the Governor of Spanish Netherlands and commander of the Spanish troops Alexander Farnese, Duke of Parma decided to go into winter quarters on Northern Dutch territory. The troops of Karl von Mansfeld occupied the area around Hertogenbosch. Some 3000-4000 men of the Spanish Tercio, including Juan del ?guila, under Maestre de Campo Francisco Arias de Bobadilla were stationed on Bommelerwaard, which was supposed to be rich enough to support these troops through the winter. But all farmers had left the island, taking their livestock with them.

To make the situation of the hungry Spanish troops even worse, Dutch commander Philip of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein arrived with a strong land force and 100 ships. Philip of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein breached the dikes of Bommelwaard, forcing the Spanish back over the Rhine to Empel. There they were unable to reach Hertogenbosch, because the terrain was flooded and guarded by the fleet of Hohenlohe. The island was attacked as well by artillery fire coming from a fort, at the other side of the river.

That night, a sudden further drop in temperature started to freeze the shallow waters of the flooded lands. This made possible for the Spanish troops to attack the rebels and burn their ships. Admiral Hohenlohe-Neuenstein supposedly responded by saying: 'It seems that God is Spanish to work such a miracle for them'.
1 vol, 160 pgs 2020 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [spanish text] available early July ......$33.00 rct

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1-50540 Lucas, Ray FRENCH WARS OF RELIGION 1562-1598, THE 5.5x8, brief but concise guide, b/w drawings/maps, troop types, details seven battles. 1 vol, 44 pgs 2003 HOPEWELL, OMM PUBLISHING
NEW-pb ......$10.00

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1-222480 Miller, Douglas THE ARMY OF THE SWABIAN LEAGUE 1525 The Swabian League was established as a defensive alliance of princes, prelates, and Imperial cities to maintain the peace within the territory of Southern Germany. In 1525 the League faced an existential threat in the form of an attempt by the exiled Duke Ulrich of Wurttemberg to retake his territory and a series of localized peasant uprisings which united into a movement for political reform. Includes 43 b/w photos/ills, 9 b/w maps, 1 diagram, and 8 color plates.

The League was forced to mobilize a mercenary army at a time of financial crisis and a shortage of Landsknechts, many of whom were fighting in the Italian Wars. This book presents a detailed inside account of the different components and internal organization of the League army. It focuses on two campaigns led by its supreme commander, Georg Truchsess von Waldburg, to maintain discipline during an intensive six-month campaign to thwart the Duke of Wurttemberg and smash the peasant rebellion whilst attempting to appease his political overlords within the League. 1 vol, 116 pgs 2020 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid January 2020 ......$30.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-237420 Miller, Douglas THE GERMAN PEASANTS WAR: 1524-6 Companion volume to the Army of the Swabian League in this series. Examines the popular 1524-1526 uprising which occurred within the German-speaking part of the Holy Roman Empire. Presents a description and analysis of the rebels' tactics and weaponry used against the Landsknecht armies of the German nobility and seeks to provide a more holistic explanation for the ultimate collapse of this revolution. Includes 67 b/w illustrations, 19 b/w photos, 29 color illustrations, and 20 maps.

The war took place against the backdrop of massive political, economic, technological, and cultural upheaval and a Reformation of religious worship and belief. These developments had a profound effect on the methods of warfare as the mounted fully armored knight with retinue gave way to the use of squadrons of light horse, the deployment of massed ranks of pike, and the continuing development of field artillery and firearms. 1 vol, 206 pgs 2023 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$50.00 with a discount of 15% inc

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1-1947616 Mistrini, Vincenzo GUERRE POLACCO-OTTOMANE Vol. 1 - Polish-Ottoman Wars 1593-1699: Armies Includes 16 full-color pages, with many b/w illustrations and maps. Italian text, but English captions to images. All color plates have full English translations.

Covers the 17th century conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Confederation of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The war was based on fast cavalry battles rather than the crash of armies of infantry. This volume showcases the armies. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2012 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] ......$32.00

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1-1947617 Mistrini, Vincenzo GUERRE POLACCO-OTTOMANE Vol. 2 - Polish-Ottomans Wars 1593-1699: Battles Includes 16 full-color pages, with many b/w illustrations and maps. Italian text, but English captions to images. All color plates have full English translations.

Covers the 17th century conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Confederation of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The war was based on fast cavalry battles rather than the crash of armies of infantry. This volume showcases the battles. 1 vol, 80 pgs 2020 ITALY, SOLDIER SHOP
NEW-softcover, [Italian text] ......$32.00

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1-190820 Moraitis, George et al MARIGNANO 1515:The Battle & The Commanders (2) color pages of Standard & Banners, brief bio's on all the various faction's leaders. Both the campaign and battle is examined, b/w battle maps, biblio. 1 vol, 52 pgs 2009 UK, LANCE & LONGBOW SOC
NEW-softcover ......$16.00

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1-666102 Moreno, Manuel THE BATTLE OF GEMBLOUX 1578: The Last Victory of the Hero of Lepanto After the 1673 dismissal of Duke of Alba as governor of Netherlands -- where the rebellion was consolidated in Holland and Zeeland islands -- and the death of Luis de Requesens, Spanish power in Flanders sank to almost nothing. New Governor don Juan de Austria dallied, Spanish soldiers were declared outlaws, and rebellion spread through all the Netherlands.

After some initial attempts at appeasement, don Juan was forced to call back the dreaded Spanish regiments of infantry, scraped together and army, confronted the rebels on January 31, 1578, and achieved total victory at Gembloux. This also marked the entry of one of the best generals of his time, Alexander Farnese.

This work will help readers understand in detail what happened in that period which was known as the Eighty Years' War. 1 vol, 110 pgs 2014 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$28.00

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1-666104 Moreno, Manuel LA BATALLA DE VILLALAR 1521 The Battle of Villalar was a battle in the Revolt of the Comuneros fought on April 23, 1521 near the town of Villalar in Valladolid province, Spain. The royalist supporters of King Charles I won a crushing victory over the Comuneros rebels. Three of the most important rebel leaders were captured, Juan de Padilla, Juan Bravo, and Francisco Maldonado. They were executed the next day, effectively ending armed resistance to Charles I. 1 vol, 110 pgs 2015 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$28.00

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1-666122 Moreno, Manuel Jesus DIEGO GARCIA DE PARADES 1486-1533 Biography of the knight Diego Garcia de Paredes, whose exploits and adventures in battle showcased his courage and fortitude and is remembered now by street names in Trujillo, Caceres, Badajoz, Leon, Cordoba, Motril, and Madrid.

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra quotes him in several chapters of his work Hidalgo don Quixote of la Mancha. In chapter 31, he says: 'And this Diego Garcia de Paredes, born in the city of Trujillo, was a gallant soldier and knight who stopped a mill wheel with only a finger, and later defended a bridge so valiantly, an innumerable army could not pass.' Another in the well-illustrated series. 1 vol, 88 pgs 2017 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [Spanish text] ......$33.00

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1-228750 O'Brien de Clare, T J ONE FAITH, ONE LAW, ONE KING: French Armies of the Wars of Religion 1562 - 1598 Contains:

A summary of the wars and major actions (including maps of the battles of Druex, Sainct Denys, Jarnac, Moncontour, La Rochelle, Coutras, Arques and Ivry). These maps are all newly-researched and are based on the formations and dispositions actually employed rather than vague indications of relative positions. The maps reveal some interesting insight into the position and extent of some of these battlefields.

A description of the great military offices of state, their holders and the chain of command. Military biographies of forty-three of the main commanders of the Wars. This section corrects a great deal of misinformation, including sorting out which 'Duc de Monpensier' or 'Seigneur de Hangest' is being referred to in many more general histories. It places some well-known, but purely understood, historical characters (such as Henry 'the Good' of Navarre, Admiral Coligny, 'Scarface' Guise and Henry III's infamous 'mignons') in their proper context.

A summary of the operation of French armies on the march, in camp, on the battlefield and during a siege. A glossary of contemporary French military terminology.

Detailed examinations of each of the element of the army: guard units, cavalry, artillery, and infantry. Each of these sections includes sections on organization, equipment and tactics as well as descriptions taken from primary sources and both color plates and black and white illustrations specifically produced for this work.

A section on military flags and banners used by the participants, again accompanied by numerous illustrations.

A select bibliography.

It also offers new conclusions on the impact of the Wars on the conduct of warfare throughout Europe during the later 16th and early 17th centuries, highlighting the origins of innovations ascribed to the likes of Maurice of Nassau and Gustavus Adolphus such as smaller, shot-based infantry formations, cavalry tactics and the use of commanded shot to support cavalry. 1 vol, 198 pgs 2021 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available early December 2021 ......$45.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-24190 Parker, Geoffrey ARMY OF THE FLANDERS & THE SPANISH ROAD, 1567-1659 Organization, high command etc are all here, b/w illust, appendices, biblio, index. 1 vol, 325 pgs 2002 LONDON, CAMBRIDGE UNIV
NEW-dj, 2nd Ed ......$75.00

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2-24190 Parker, Geoffrey ARMY OF THE FLANDERS AND THE SPANISH ROAD, 1567-1659 - The Logistics of Spanish Victory and Defeat in the Low Countries' Wars 2nd Edition covers organization, high command, etc., with b/w illust, appendices, biblio, index.

First published in 1972, the book emphasized military organization -- mobilization, pay, supply, morale, and, above all, logistics rather than military events such as sieges and battles. Constantly cited since its first publication in English (with translations into Spanish and Dutch), this revised updated second edition includes new sources and references but otherwise remains faithful to the original edition. 1 vol, 325 pgs 2004 LONDON, CAMBRIDGE UNIV
NEW-pb, 2nd Ed. back in print ......$75.00

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1-202560 Potter, David RENAISSANCE FRANCE AT WAR: Armies, Culture and Society, c.1480-1560 The 'other' Renaissance experienced by France was that of war. In Italy from 1494 to 1529, for instance, France was involved in at least a hundred battles, some of them 'battles of giants' like Marignano. After 1530, though the emphasis partly shifted away from Italy and major battles were replaced by complex sieges and wars of maneuver, the presence of war was universal. In the 'Habsburg Valois' wars that began in 1521, the country was subjected to major military incursions but continued to make notable attempts to occupy contiguous territory in the Pyrenees, the Alps and the north-east.

Explaining such prodigious military efforts is the theme of this book. Why did the rulers of France attach so much importance to war and did the development of French armies in this period contribute to a significant modernization of the country's military potential? The author attempts to answer these crucial questions, through an exploration of the strategy of the country's rulers in the light of contemporary writings, analysis of the nature of the country's high command, and a study of the major components of the king's armies.

He argues that France was a society geared to war, persuaded by a sophisticated network of printed communications; the reception of the triumphalist view of war favored by the rulers is discussed via an investigation of public opinion, as revealed in the literary, artistic and musical worlds. He also shows how the strengthening of the frontiers with new fortifications emerged as a major stage in the adaptation of France to age of artillery. 1 vol, 454 pgs 2008 US, BOYDEL & BREWER
NEW-dj ......$99.00

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1-902931 Querengasser, Alexander The Armies of the Schmalkaldic War In the middle of the 16th century, the Holy Roman Empire was shaken by a series of conflicts that anticipated the sectarian conflicts of the Thirty Years' War. In 1546/47 the Schmalkaldic League rose up against Emperor Charles V. After some inconclusive campaigns, the troops of the Confederation were decisively defeated in 1547 in M?ulberg, Saxony. When a little later the emperor's most important ally, Moritz of Saxony, sided with the unruly Protestant princes, a new uprising against the emperor took place in 1552, which could only be resolved by the Augsburg religious peace.

Includes 26 mostly colored illustrations, including contemporary illustrations and full-page drawings, and two maps. 1 vol, 64 pgs 2020 GERMANY, BERLIN ZINNFIGUREN
NEW-softcover, [German Text] ......$35.00 rct

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1-666148 Ribas, Alberto JEMMINGEN 1568: The Rebellion in Flanders The Spanish army consisted of 12,000 infantry (4 tercios), 3,000 cavalry, and some cannons. Louis of Nassau opposed them with 10,000 infantry (2 groups), some cavalry, and 16 cannons.

After three hours of skirmishes, Louis' army left its trenches and advanced. Pounded by effective musket fire and intimidated by the Spanish cavalry, the advance turned into a general retreat towards the river Ems. 1 vol, 112 pgs 2022 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-pb, available late April 2023 [Spanish text] ......$32.00 rct

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1-240450 Robert, Gresh 16TH CENTURY IRISH ARMIES: 1487-1587 The first of a series of two books for the Retinue to Regiment series covering Irish armies of the Tudor era, this covers military affairs in Ireland, 1487 to 1587. The second book in the series will cover the period of rapid Irish military modernization coincident with the Armada and the Nine Years War. Ireland at the outset of the Tudor era was a highly militarized society, with more than sixty Gaelic lordships maintaining independent armed forces. By 1540's, the centralizing Tudor state had ended the self rule enjoyed by the Anglo-Irish Pale, and was embarked on an increasingly severe program of reconquest.

Also included are comprehensive army lists and unprecedented detail on Irish arms and armor of the period, tracing developments over time. New period sources and iconography are made use of. Besides the 'rising out' of the Pale and the traditional Irish troop types (horseman, galloglass and kern), a thorough examination is made of Scots Highland mercenary activity in Ireland, including weapons and organization. Also featured are the naval forces of the West Highland Scots and maritime clans of Ireland, including strength and changes in ship types over time. 1 vol, 248 pgs 2023 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available late March ......$50.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-666136 Santiago, Francisco SAGUNTO 1811 y la RENDICION de VALENCIA Analysis of the year 1811 in the Peninsula -- a year of contrasts, for what began well for the Allies ended badly. After the victories of Fuentes de Onoro in March and La Albuera in May, defeats in Tarragona, in July, and Sagunto, in October, finished this with the capitulation of Valencia already entered the year of 1812. The fall of the latter city involved for the Spaniards a dramatic experience, comparable to that of Bailen for the French, and only the voracious demand for troops by the emperor for his campaign of Russia, prevented Suchet from completing the campaign that could end the full control of the southeastern Peninsula. 1 vol, 160 pgs 2019 SPAIN, ALMENA
NEW-softcover, [spanish text] ......$33.00 rct

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1-227950 Shaw. Jeffrey THE ETHIOPIAN-ADAL WAR 1529-1543: The Conquest of Abyssinia In 1529, an army from the Sultanate of Adal in modern-day Somalia invaded neighboring Ethiopia. For the next fourteen years, the conflict ravaged Ethiopia, planting the seeds of enmity and mistrust in the Horn of Africa that resonate to this day.

The Ethiopian-Adal War: The Conquest of Abyssinia brings sixteenth-century Arab, Portuguese, and Ethiopian primary source material from this conflict to contemporary readers for the first time in the English language in a single volume. Situating the conflict into the wider struggle for maritime supremacy between the Portuguese and Ottoman Empires, readers will have the chance to learn about a little-known conflict which nearly resulted in the subjugation of Christian Ethiopia at the hands of Imam Gurey, the Sultan of Adal. Included are maps of the conflict's major battles, never before seen in any publication. Photographs of the Ethiopian landscape and a range of other illustrations complete the account of this epic conflict. 1 vol, 146 pgs 2021 UK, HELION & COMPANY
NEW-pb, available late September 2021 ......$35.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-COM1120 Southard, Jon THE CONQUISTADORS: The Spanish Conquest of the Americas - 1518-1548 Your first task will be to seek out and discover the great Indian cities and empires of Central and South America as known in 1520 -- which may appear in their historical locations, or in quite different places.

Playable by one to five players, with an introductory Basic Game, a more involved Standard Game, and some optional rules. While the normal game system requires two or more players, solitaire play is enabled by a special solitaire module.

Product Information:
Complexity: Low to Medium 3/4/5 out of 10 (Basic/Standard/plus Optional Rules)
Solitaire Suitability: High (solitaire scenario), Low (other scenarios)
Time Scale: variable, one turn = 3 to 18 months
Map Scale: abstract, point-to-point area map covers Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru
Unit Scale: Individual leaders, 3 to 25 Spanish troops, up to several thousand Indian troops
Players: one or two
Playing Time: three hours (Basic Game), four to six hours (Standard Game)

Two Maps - each approximately 28 x 20 inches
Two Countersheets (5/8 size)
Deck of 130 Strategy/Conquistador Cards
Deck of 26 Asset Cards
Rules booklet
Four Player Aid Cards
One Logsheet 8.5 x 11
Two 6-sided dice
1 vol, 1 pgs 2020 US, COMPASS GAMES
NEW-pb, available late November 2020 ......$89.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-50880 Stradling, R.A. SPANISH MONARCHY AND IRISH MERCENARIES 1618-1668 The auhor provides and illuminating insight intothe reality of the European context behind thelegends of the 'wild geese', b/w illust, biblio. 1 vol, 220 pgs 1994 DUBLIN, IRISH ACADEMIC PR
NEW-dj ......$43.00

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1-16100 Tincey, John ELIZABETH'S ARMY & THE ARMADA Concise account of the replacement of the 'feudal' system with the Trained Bands of Militia, both the foot & horse, b/w illust, county muster lists. 1 vol, 70 pgs 1988 ESSEX, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-color softcover ......$12.00

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1-74330 Troso, Mario ITALIA, ITALIA 1526-1530 8.5x11, numerous b/w and color plates/maps/illust highlight this work on the 'first war of Italian Unification', biblio, index. 1 vol, 292 pgs 2012 ITALY
NEW-dj, Italian text ......$68.00

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1-221860 Turnbull, Stephen TANAKA 1587: Japan's Greatest Unknown Samurai Battle In 1587 the 1,000-strong garrison of tiny Tanaka Castle in Higo Province (modern Kumamoto Prefecture) on Japan's southern island of Kyushu, held out for 100 days against an army ten times their size sent by the great general Toyotomi Hideyoshi. When the castle fell, it was burned to the ground, and for four centuries the epic struggle lived on only through a handful of letters, two little-known war chronicles, and in the folk memories of the local people.

Tanaka 1587 uses evidence that is available from history, literature, folklore, archaeology, and cartography based on the author's own translations of the chronicles and the archaeological report together with his extensive fieldwork.

In 1986 everything changed. Prompted by the approaching fourth centenary of the battle, the local council set in motion a systematic archaeological investigation of the castle site. Many interesting finds were made, but the greatest discovery of all came in 1989 in a distant library when a researcher unearthed what turned out to be Japan's oldest surviving battle map. It featured a detailed drawing of Tanaka Castle during the siege that matched up exactly with the picture that was emerging from the excavation. The unique document also contained so much extra information that, when combined with the archaeological finds, the written materials and local folklore, the almost forgotten siege of Tanaka became one of the best documented battles in the whole of Japan's samurai history. Includes 55 b/w photos/ills, 3 b/w maps, and 8 color plates. 1 vol, 128 pgs 2019 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-softcover, available late October 2019 ......$33.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-239250 Turnbull, Stephen HOJO: Samurai Warlords 1487-1590 Analyzes a century of samurai warfare using Japanese sources not previously translated into English. Well illustrated with photographs of armor and weapons plus artwork. The history of this violent time is perfectly encapsulated in the campaigns waged by five generations of one outstanding warlord family: the Hojo of Odawara Castle. In 1487 the dynasty's founder attacked a wooden stockade using bows and arrows; in 1590 his great-great grandson defended a huge castle using cannons. Successive Hojo warlords were contemporaries of famous samurai such as Takeda Shingen, Uesugi Kenshin, and Oda Nobunaga, whose armies they fought and defeated, but their end came at the hands of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who defeated the Hojo in a massive siege of their mighty castle of Odawara.

Detailed and authoritative accounts of the campaigns show the Hojo samurai using every trick in the book from sea raiding to ninja attacks. There are also many surprises, such as the use of dogs as messengers and the revelation that the final siege of Odawara in 1590 was no easy matter. When the Hojo dynasty came to its glorious end and their last patriarch committed hara-kiri, Japan and samurai warfare were changed forever.

1 vol, 170 pgs 2023 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid October 2023 ......$45.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-914171 various VAE VICTIS # 171: Pizarro 1532-1537 - The Conquest of the Inca Empire NEWS: Nothing left to bomb; Seas of Thunder; King in the North; Ardennes II; Undaunted Battle of Britain; Mr President

BOARDGAMES: Vive l'Empereur; Sniper Elite; John Company; Les conquetes de Napoleon; Skies above Britain; Imperial Tide; On to Richmond; Barrack Emperor; Conflict of Heroes - Orages d'acier; Que Choisir : Ancient Civilizations 1 & 2 (...)

HOBBY: Des etudiants s'invitent au combat 5e partie; Ecrire des regles pour le jeu avec figurines

FIGURINES: Art de la Guerre : la cavalerie a travers les ages 4e partie; Le Trone de Fer 2: les armees; Supplement Silver Bayonet; Decors si?ge de Paris 889; Les nouveautes Blood Red Skies


RULES NEWS: Blood Bilge and Iron Balls; Throwing Thunderbolts; Forgotten Battles in Russia;
Bolt Action Campaign Italy; Modelling and painting Vietnam Games

ART OF WAR: The Conquest of Peru

WARGAME: Pizzaro: The Conquest of the Inca Empire

This game is part of the Gold and Steel series which play the campaigns of the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century on the strategic and tactical levels. Armies move on the map through zones representing the Incan empire and tactical battles are fought on a tactical map depicting the battlefield.

The diplomacy table indicates the evolving alliance of the Indian peoples of the Incan empire from unwavering support to doubt to change of camp which may have consequences on the battle and influence the allies' ability to recruit. Victory points are obtained through alliances, by winning major battles (involving more than ten strength points on both sides), the siege of fortresses and by controlling all nine zones designated as strategic objectives.

Throughout the game, the Spanish receive a random number of reinforcements from the New World which balance out the forces opposing the Incan military power and their enormous human resources and offers each camp a chance at victory. English translation of rules included.

Complexity: 5/10
Duration: 2-3 hours
One turn: one season
Combat unit: approximately 40 conquistadores or 4000 indian warriors 1 vol, 84 pgs 2023 FRANCE, CERIGO EDITIONS
NEW-pb, available mid December 2023 ......$31.00 rct

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2-191240 Verney, Victor WARRIOR OF GOD:Jan Zizka & the Hussite Revolution Jan Zizka (1370-1424) was a formidable figure whose life and military career was set amidst the whirlwind of monumental revolutions - military, religious, political and social - that engulfed medieval Europe in the 14th and 15th centuries. The leader of Bohemia's Hussite Revolution - the first of the religious wars during the Protestant Reformation - he was a forward-thinking military genius whose record is virtually unmatched.

He fielded a peasant militia, initially untrained and unequipped, and faced down the Holy Roman Empire's huge professional army of armored knights known as 'The Men of Iron'. Among his numerous innovations was the armored wagon fitted with small cannons and muskets, presaging the modern tank. All this, despite the fact that for much of his later career he went completely blind.

Yet remarkably, beyond central Europe, very little is known about him. In this original and engrossing study, historian Victor Verney combines an authoritative analysis with colorful anecdotes to reveal the incredible exploits of this forgotten military genius and the fascinating cast of characters who surrounded him.
1 vol, 256 pgs 2009 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-pb, new edition available late May 2020 ......$23.00 with a discount of 15% rct

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1-218370 von Wessen, Michaek Fredholm MUSCOVY'S SOLDIERS: The Emergence of the Russian Army 1462-1689 The book describes and analyses the emergence of the early modern Russian army, before the military reforms introduced by Tsar Peter the Great brought it in line with developments in Western Europe. It will be shown that Tsar Peter's reforms, although decisive, rested on a legacy of previous reforms. Yet, the origin of the early modern Russian army can be found in the East, not the West. The close association during the Middle Ages with the Mongol Golden Horde had transformed the Muscovite military system into a Eurasian one. Includes 60 black and white illustrations/photos, 8 pages of color plates, 3 maps, and 4 tables.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, links with the Northern Caucasus and Siberia brought further Oriental influences into the Russian military system. While the Mongol legacy of the early Muscovite army has been described elsewhere, the real and continuous impact of Oriental influences in the early modern Russian army has not yet been detailed.

Besides, the detailed information on the Russian army in 1673/1674 which can be found in the military handbook then produced by a Swedish intelligence officer has never been fully used in English-language works. This information shows that by the second half of the seventeenth century, Russia already had an army that although not up to date according to Western standards, still was able to hold its own against both Western and Eastern adversaries. The book ends with 1689, when Tsar Peter's reign began and Russia's border in the east with China was negotiated. 1 vol, 192 pgs 2018 UK, HELION & COMPANY
NEW-softcover ......$40.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-235010 Wanklyn, Malcolm THE ARMY OF OCCUPATION IN IRELAND 1603-42: Defending the Protestant Hegemony Established in 1603 and initially composed almost entirely of English officers and soldiers for the first 30 years of its existence, the army's strength waxed and wanes in accordance with the English government's assessment of the security situation in Ireland. However, during the governorship of Thomas Wentworth it was seen as a possible instrument for enforcing royal rule in all three of the Stuart kingdoms.

In 1640, some 8,000 strong, it was geared up for a campaign against Charles I's rebellious Scottish subjects, but it never left Ireland as by the time it was ready to do so the Scots had defeated the king. It was then reduced to only a third of its previous strength. Penny packet deployments across Ireland helped quell minor problems, but they largely focused on behavior of an army of occupation under control such as collecting fines levied by the law courts and unpaid taxes and requisitioning food when marching from one garrison to another and then failing to initiate the process by which farmers or shopkeepers were paid.

On October 23, 1641, surprise attacks during the Catholic uprising caused almost 25% casualties, but the remainder held onto the principal ports until reinforcements arrived in the following spring. 1 vol, 256 pgs 2022 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available late October 2022 ......$60.00 with a discount of 15% inc

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1-TPS10 Werbaneth, Jim TURNING POINT SIMULATIONS # 10: The Invincible Armada Players use both a Strategic and a Tactical map. The game contains very few physical counters in play but many information chits and dozens of 'Event Chits' that influence play.

With full color maps and die cut counters, the game allows players to examine different operational plans, and includes a series of optional rules that highlight how various historical changes could have tipped the balance either way.

The Invincible Armada includes: One full color, 11x17-inch mounted map; 180 full color, 5/8-inch and 1/2-inch die-cut counters, 12 page rulebook, 2 Squadron Charts, and 2 Player Aid Charts. 1 vol, 12 pgs 2017 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-box, available late April 2017 ......$35.00 with a discount of 10%

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1-43820 Wood, James B. KING'S ARMY, THE Warfare, Soldiers & Society during the French Wars of Religion 1562-76, an important contribution to debate over 'Military Revolution', b/w illust, biblio, index. 1 vol, 425 pgs 1996 NY, CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS
NEW-dj, o/p ......$75.00

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