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ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price

1-221200 THUNDER AT CASSINO: Wargame Thunder at Cassino is a mid-complexity war game on the Third Battle of Monte Cassino during the Second World War. The game covers the battle from 15 Mar 1944 to 23 Mar 1944. The Allied attackers consist of elements of the 2nd New Zealand Corps, comprising the New Zealand 2nd Division, the Indian 4th Division, and the British 78th Division. The German defenders are mainly from the elite 1st Fallschrimjager Division. The game map depicts the town of Cassino, its renowned monastery and the surrounding environs, divided into areas to facilitate movement and combat. Units are mainly infantry and armor platoons. 1 vol, 1 pgs 1987 US, AVALON HILL
V.GOOD-box, punched ......$40.00 rct

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1-930254 S&T #254:Hannibal's War 1 vol, 62 pgs 2008 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with GAME ......$25.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-930260 S&T #260:Black Prince-Crecy & Navarette Navarette is a simulation of the conflict between English and Castlian Forces with their French Allies in 1347. Crecy 1346 between English and the French Knights. 1 vol, 62 pgs 2009 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with GAME ......$25.00 with a discount of 10%

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1-AAB52 AXIS & ALLIES 15MM MINIATURES:War At Sea BOOSTER 2 (5) miniatures and stat cards. 1 vol, 5 pgs 2008 US, AVALON HILL
NEW-box ......$12.50

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1-COM053 COMMAND #53:The Iron Dream Features:

Bosworth Field, 1485
- Richard III - Death of a King
To War!
- Big Bethel - The First Battle of the Civil War
The Iron Dream
- A Strategic Analysis of the War in the East, 1941-45
The Messenger
- The story of Joan of Arc
Naval Camouflage in World War I
- The Original Kodak Moment
India vs Pakistan
- The Indo-Pakistan Naval War of 1971
The Iron Dream, issue game
- The War in Russia, 1941-42 1 vol, 60 pgs 2000 US, XTR PUBLISHING
AS NEW-softcover, unpunched - available (1) copy ......$36.00

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1-GMT0208 BARBAROSSA TO BERLIN 1-2 players card/board game. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2002 HANFORD, GMT GAMES
NEW-boxed game ......$50.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-SPW107 OSMANLI HARBI:The Ottoman Fronts 1914-1918 Easy to learn, Scale is 20km/hex and a turn equals four days. (5) scenarios for Caucasus 1914-17;Sinai-Palestine 1915-18; Mesopotamia 1914-18;Gallipoli 1915; Greece/Macedonia 1915-18 1 vol, 1 pgs 2009 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-boxed game ......$80.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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2-ST140 S&T #140:OBJECTIVE TUNIS 1 vol, 64 pgs 1991 CA, WORLD WIDE WARGAMES
NEW-magazine no GAME ......$4.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-ST153 S&T #153:OPERATION FELIX 1940 & PUNIC WARS-ZAMA GAME: Zama: Roman Empire
Zama: Triumph of the Roman Way of War
GAME: Operation Felix: Gibraltar 1940
Operation Felix: The Assault that never was on the Rock of Gibraltar
To See Her Redcoats Marching from the Hill: The British Regimental System since
Hector Bywater: Great Pacific War
Intelligence Operations During the Napoleonic Wars 1 vol, 64 pgs 1992 US, SPI
NEW-magazine with unpunched Game ......$20.00

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1-ST194 S&T #194:GERMAN ATTACK ON MURMANSK Contents: The Forgotten Axis: Oper. Platinfuchs M. Bennighof
Zeppleins, Gothas & Giants in WWI T. Scheben
So. African National Defence Force by Brian Train
The Pentomic Division by Brian Train
Stonewall in the Valley by Timothy Kutta
Peninsula Campaign of 1862 by Timothy Kutta
FYI by Editors
Simulation: Sea Devils Revised T. Garland
Simulation: The Forgotten Axis: Murmansk M. Bennighof
1 vol, 54 pgs 2000 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with GAME ......$20.00

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1-ST248 S&T #248:FIRST BLOOD-2nd Marne 15 July 1918 Alexander's Army in Bactria; Peterwardein-EugeneTurns the tide in Hungary 1716; Mongol training;Afghan National Army & Nato O/B's in Afghanistan 1 vol, 62 pgs 2008 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with GAME ......$24.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-COM023 Berg, Richard COMMAND #23:SHOGUN TRIUMPHANT - Battle of Sekigaha 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLSHING
AS NEW-softcover, unpunched - available (1) copy ......$10.00

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1-MH003 Berg, Richard FAMOUS VICTORY:The Battles of Blenheim & Ramilles A Famous Victory is MiHs game simulating the battles of Blenheim and Ramillies. Quote from the rules 'A Famous Victory (AFV) allows players to recreate two of the major battles - Blenheim and Ramillies - fought by England and her continental allies against the ambitions of the Sun King, Louis XIV, during the War of the Spanish Succession, a war that revealed John Churchill, First Duke of Marlborough, as England's greatest Field Commander and one of the true military geniuses in history.'
22x33 inch game map (back printed)
720 counters
rule booklet plus historical comment
4 aid charts
1 d6
1 d10

1 vol, 1 pgs 1996 US, MOMENTS IN HISTORY
NEW-boxed game ......$30.00

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1-956015 Bomba, Ty World at War #15- Soft Underbelly:Italy 1943 The War in Southern Italy, 1943 (SU). It's an intermediate-complexity, two-player wargame simulating that historic World War II campaign. It may also be used to explore the 'what ifs' inherent in the situation had the German high command chosen to react to the Allied landings in a much different manner: making that effort's defeat Berlin's main strategic goal for late 1943 (Operation Wacht am Tiber). The design therefore combines factual historical detail with studied counter-factual analysis to present players with a situation that will be familiar to most of them, while at the same time allowing for an easy and seamless transition into the less certain realm of alternative history.

Each extra-large-hex on the 34x22' mapsheet equals 11 miles (18 km) when measured from side to opposite side. Each game turn represents between two and 15 days, depending on the exact time of year of each one. That is, as the autumn weather worsens, and attrition and the inevitable declines in soldier morale and force-robustness take their tolls, each game turn comes to represent a longer period of time. That approach allows for the smooth building into the system of what would otherwise be burdensome factors of weather, ground conditions, operational tempo, etc. Every ground unit represents a division or division-equivalent (176 large-size NATO-style).

The game uses the well-liked system originally created by Ben Knight for Victory in Normandy. There are approximately 14,500 words in the rules. A complete game of SU generally takes from four to five hours to complete, and it's suitable for solitaire play. Rules cover such things as: Allied end-run second invasions, Luftwaffe seaport raids, reinforcements, withdrawals, paratroop drops, naval gun support, both sides' army and corps organizational schemes, German tactical superiority, tactical and strategic airpower and much more.
1 vol, 62 pgs 2010 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with game ......$30.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-956016 Bomba, Ty World at War #16 - Partizan Partizan is a two-player, intermediate-complexity, historical simulation of the struggle between the Communists and the Axis occupation forces for mastery of Yugoslavia 1941-1944. The 228 iconic and NATO-style counter-mix includes the brigades and divisions of German, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Bulgarian, and Ustashi units, as well as all the Partisan forces and Marshal Tito himself (the Chetniks are handled abstractly). Partisan units' exact strengths are mostly unknown by the Axis player (via 'tried' and 'untried' counter-sides).

The 34x22-inch extra-large-hex map contains various infrastructure (warehouses, fuel dumps, bridges, and so on) as well as resource hexes representing strategic mineral deposits, such as bauxite, copper and chromium, which the Axis player must protect, along with routes from them back to Germany, while also guarding possible invasion beaches along the coast. 1 vol, 62 pgs 2010 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with game ......$30.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-WAHOO Bomba, Ty WAHOO!: The Battle of Washington July 8 1863 -- Board Game Alternate-history game covering the climactic 8 July 1863 Battle of Washington. One player takes the role of Robert E. Lee, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, while the other player represents a combined Lincoln/Grant persona.

The game postulates that on the second day at the Battle of Gettysburg, the Confederate attack began earlier... Little Round Top was overrun and the bulk of the Army of the Potomac was forced to fall back on Baltimore to regroup.

The Confederate player is trying to conquer the City of Washington while (optimally) also destroying the Northerner's high command. The degree in which the Rebels succeed or fail is measured in victory points. This basically means, barring Lincoln's death, the Confederate player must gain control of the Capitol and the White House hexes to win. 1 vol, 1 pgs 1991 US, XTE CORP
NEW-softcover, inventory clear out ......$20.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-DG1025 Butterfield, John D-DAY AT TARAWA: 20 November 1943 Solitaire game simulating the amphibious invasion of Betio Island in the Tarawa Atoll. The US marines assaulting the tiny island, with its strategically vital airstrip, found themselves in their toughest battle of World War II, a fight to the death against 5000 Japanese defenders.

D-Day at Tarawa advances the solitaire game system of its award-winning predecessor D-Day at Omaha Beach to the next level. You control the US forces against a tenacious Japanese defense. An innovative diceless combat system highlights unknown enemy deployments and the importance of the right weapons and tactics. Event cards keep the action flowing and the rules simple, while introducing extensive historical detail.

Players familiar with Omaha Beach will recognize the harrowing amphibious landings, overlapping enemy fields of fire, uncanny Japanese strategies, and the emergence of US heroes and leaders, as the story of the two-day struggle unfolds. Tarawa adds new features covering LVT landing craft, movement through the surrounding coral reefs, close combat, Japanese night infiltration, US combat engineers and Japanese tanks.

Scenarios: The First Waves - can your marines survive the initial landings?; November 20, 1943 - establish a viable beachhead before nightfall; Two Days in Hell - can you secure the island in two days?; and November 21, 1943 - on D+1, expand your narrow beachhead against undiminished Japanese resistance.

Contents: One 33x22-inch game map, 352 die cut counters, 55 event cards, Rules booklet, and Player aid cards. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2014 US, DECISION GAMES
NEW-box ......$60.00 with a discount of 10%

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1-212150 cornett, Gunter AGAMEMNON: A Fast-Paced Strategy Game for Two Players 2 Players, 15-30 minutes, Ages 12 and up.

None can defy Fate but the gods themselves. Driven by the ambition of their king, the Greeks have arrived on the shores of Troy. Some seek power; some seek revenge, while others seek the great moment in battle that will define their place in history. From veteran designer Gunter Cornett, Agamemnon is a fast-paced strategy board game in which two players take the roles of ancient Greek gods during the Trojan War.

By tactically deploying warriors to where they're needed across the board, each player may influence the final outcome of the battles famously detailed in Homer's Iliad. Some areas will be decided by the strength of your warriors, some by sheer weight of numbers, and others by the inspiration your heroes provide. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2016 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available late August 2016 ......$24.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-COM024 Gryner, Dr. Peter H. COMMAND #24: CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1938 Two-player wargame that simulates what might have been the first campaign of World War II in Europe if the Prague government rejected the Munich accord. The game includes a 34x22-inch mapsheet, 142 counters, and 18 pages of rules. Includes magazine. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLISHING
AS NEW-softcover, unpunched - available (1) copy ......$15.00 spc

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1-ATO028 Joslyn, Mike AGAINST THE ODDS #028: Tarleton's Quarter Tarleton's Quarter! is a game about the British attempt to win the American Revolution by invading the Southern colonies. The object of the British efforts in the South was to bring the four southern colonies-Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia-back under British sway after almost four years of uninterrupted Continental control. Ideally, the English wanted to 'restore civil government,' i.e., to return the South to its pre-war status with British governors, taxes paid to the Crown, and no expensive garrison to enforce the situation.

Map - One full color 22x34 mapsheet
Counters - 280 full color 1/2 die-cut pieces
Rules length - 12 pages
Charts and tables - 2 pages
Complexity - Medium
Solitaire suitability - Average

1 vol, 60 pgs 2010 US, AGAINST THE ODDS
NEW-boxed game ......$35.00 with a discount of 15%

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1-930264 Koenig, Paul S&T #264 - Shiloh: Bloody April, 1862 The design, by Paul Koenig, uses an evolution of the old-Avalon Hill classic, Gettysburg '77. Each game turn equals one hour, and each hex on the map represents 100 yards. Units of maneuver are double-sided brigades. Rules cover: roads, surprise, fatigue, rout, organization, ranged fire, reinforcements, army organization, gunboats, night, and more. There are three scenarios: one for each day and a combined look at the entire two-day battle. Historical set-ups are provided for all scenarios. The short scenarios can be completed in about four hours. The game includes a 34x22 hex map and 176 large-sized NATO-style, back-printed units. Solitaire play is doable.

Articles include: Battle of Shiloh, Nigerian Empire: Fulani, The Battle of the Bulge, and Russia Invades Georgia 2008. 1 vol, 62 pgs 2010 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-pb ......$30.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-930276 Miranda, Joseph S&T 276 OPERATION ANACONDA Wargame: Operation Anaconda, designed by Joseph Miranda, is an intermediate-complexity, grand-tactical game covering that codenamed battle fought between US/Coalition forces and Al Qaeda in eastern Afghanistan in March 2002. It featured a combined US-Afghan-Coalition force attempting to surround and destroy enemy units while also capturing or killing Bin Laden. The operation ultimately failed in its larger objectives owing to poor command control. While technically and tactically a Coalition victory, the fighting demonstrated the strengths and weaknesses that have characterized both sides ever since.

The design uses the well-liked 'Boots' system, which makes command-control the central feature of play. Each player commands a force composed of one or more 'sub-commands.' Those sub-commands are moved and fought according to the random pick of Command Chits. When a particular chit is picked, its corresponding sub-command is activated. Since players don't know the order in which the chits will be picked, play becomes chaotic as they strive to create and exploit opportunities.

This is a two-player game, with one commanding Coalition forces and the other those of Al Qaeda. Combat is quasi-tactical. Additionally, the Coalition player has access to various types of fire support, such as airstrikes; however, that support (as well as reinforcement) become available at random. The Al Qaeda player has the advantage of his units being deployed face down, and his opponent must use ISR (Intelligence-Surveillance-Reconnaissance) to reveal them. Play is a tense contest between asymmetric forces. 1 vol, 62 pgs 2012 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover ......$30.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-956022 Miranda, Joseph WORLD AT WAR 22: Minsk '44 The second game in Joseph Miranda's new East Front Battles Series, which began with Guards Tank in issue 13 -- covers the crucial exploitation phase of the great Soviet summer offensive against the Germans' Army Group Center, in June of 1944. The game utilizes the classic quad series rules' mechanics and a retreat-emphasizing differential combat system to encourage encirclement tactics, so typical of Soviet armor strategy during World War II.

Minsk is a two-player (Soviet versus German) operational level game. The game includes 228 medium-sized die-cut counters, with the division as the primary maneuver unit, and also includes air units, untried units, blown bridge markers, and headquarters units. The colorful map features the area of the Third Belorussian Front during Operation Bagration, with each hex representing approximately 2 miles across, and includes such prominent locations as Berezina and the transportation center of Minsk.

The rules entail a variety of standard and unique rules, such as Railroad Movement, 'What if' Optional Reinforcements, Blowing Bridges, Untried Units, and the full range of historical unit formations, such as 5th Guards Tank Army, and the 505th Heavy Armor unit, etc.

Victory in the game is determined by the accumulation of VP for control of important hexes, as well as evacuating friendly units

Other articles include:

* Green US Forces at Kasserine, 1943. The fierce German counterattack against rookie US forces in North Africa that led to Patton's promotion to army command.
* Savo Island. A revisionist interpretation of this near-miss Japanese naval victory off the coast of Guadalcanal late in 1942.
* Hitler's Military Conferences. An analysis of the procedures Hitler used to arrive at his big military decisions 1 vol, 62 pgs 2011 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, inventory clear out ......$30.00 with a discount of 40% spc

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1-COM052 Racier, Ted COMMAND #52: Grunwald 1410 Features:

The Battle of Edgehill, 1642
- England's Battle of Bull Run
The Evolution of British Armor Doctrine
- From All Tanks to All Arms
The Kaiser's Forces in the Boxer Rebellion
- The Relief of the Boxer siege in Peking
Have Guns - Will Travel
- Executive Outcomes: Soldiers for Hire
Naseby, 1645
- The Decisive Campaign of the English Civil War
Oriental Illusions
- Napoleon & the French in Egypt
Grunwald 1410, issue game
- The First Battle of Tannenberg
Warmaster Chess 2000 variants
- The Fire Next Time, Back to Iraq 2nd 1 vol, 60 pgs 1999 US, XTR PUBLISHING
AS NEW-softcover, unpunched - available (1) copy ......$20.00

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1-CH041 various CRITICAL HIT: Vol 4 No 1 Volume 4, Number 1 of Critical Hit Magazine comes with new expansions for Advanced Squad Leader.

Included are the following articles:
* Fighting Soldiers from the Sky (ASL paradrops)
* Big Cat's Den (Designer Notes and play notes for that scenario)
* Cold Reception (Scenario replay of that scenario)
* Dictum Concentrate (ASL strategy article)
* SW Teams and MG Crews (variant rules)
* The Weapons Pit (variant rules)

There is also a countersheet with a few new vehicles and the 'Weapons Pit'

Also, it contains the following scenarios:
CH73: THE STAND OFF; 18 September, 1941; Outside of Romny, Russia
CH74: TROTEVAL FARM; 24 July, 1944; Near Verrieres, France
CH75: THE BIG CAT'S DEN; 19 August, 1944; St. Lambert-Sur-Dives, France
CH76: HURTGEN HELL; 6 October 1944; Hurtgen Forest, Germany
CH77: DROP ZONE A; 24 March 1945, Two miles west of Hamminkeln, Germany
CH78: THE OUTSKIRTS OF LEMBERG; 12 September 1939; Lemberg, Poland
CH79: BAR's AGAINST PANZERS; 26 December 1944; Verdenne, Belgium
CH80: CUT THE LINE; 17 December 1941; Route 1 near Ragay, Bicol Peninsula, the Philippines 1 vol, 52 pgs 1997 US, CRITICAL HIT, INC
NEW-softcover, inventory clear out ......$20.00

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1-198550 Youst, Joe WACHT AM RHEIN Wacht am Rhein is a grand-tactical simulation of that enormous battle. The more than 2,200 counters in the game represent every formation, at company and battalion levels, which fought in the Ardennes, including US, German, British, French, Canadian and Belgian units. Infantry, armor, anti-tank, reconnaissance, engineer, assault gun, howitzer, rocket, parachute, ranger, glider, and headquarters units are all fully represented in the counter-mix.

The four map sections are an accurate representation of the Ardennes region. Compiled from the 1944 German staff maps and the 1943-1944 1:50,000 US Army map series, the area portrayed shows all primary and secondary roads, trails and other types of terrain in relation to their suitability for armor and infantry, along with all the towns and villages that proved to be the bastions of the American defense, as well as every creek and river that couldn't be crossed by wheeled vehicles without a bridge.

Players may use single map sections for the six smaller scenarios. There is also a campaign game that utilizes all four map sections and portrays about three weeks of the battle. The Germans race for the Meuse River, the last hurdle before the open tank-country leading to the vital port of Antwerp, in the face of ever increasing concentrations of Allied infantry, armor and air power. Extensive supply, weather and air power rules are included.

This edition of Wacht am Rhein presents extensive modifications to the combat, artillery and supply subsystems of the first edition in order to better depict tactical and operational warfare at this scale. For example, an 'exploitation mode' has been added in order to allow mechanized units to take advantage of breakthroughs in the enemy frontline during the combat phase. That exploitation movement is actually interleaved with the opposing player's movement, working to completely recreate the fluid and chaotic situation as it existed during the first week of the fighting.

Other changes include the addition of 'vantage points,' which function like high ground, enabling units to spot more effectively for artillery barrages, as well as 'constricted terrain,' which accurately represents the channeling of mobility caused by the steep gullies and ravines running throughout the Ardennes. The orders of battle have also been extensively redone in order to provide an accurate and functional depiction of the armies of both sides. Units are now depicted in the organizations within which they actually fought, not the administrative formations that were, in reality, quickly discarded due to the requirements of combat.

* Four 22 x 34 inch maps
* 2,240 counters
* Two 10-sided Dice
* Rule Booklet / Scenario book
* Assorted Player Aid Charts
* Storage Bags 1 vol, 1 pgs 2012 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-boxed game ......$170.00 with a discount of 10%

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1-OSG202 Zucker, Kevin THE LAST SUCCESS: Quadrigame of the War Against Austria April - July 1809 BATTLES:

ABENSBERG-19-20 April 1809 Crisis on the Danube
ECKMUHL-22-23 April 1809 Napoleon vs. the Archduke Charles
ASPERN-ESSLING-21-22 May 1809 Passage of the Danube
WAGRAM-5-6 July 1809 Battle on the Marchfeld

Napoleon's Last Battles System, following Four Lost Battles: 525 yards (480 meters) per hex, 1 hour per turn, 400-800 men per strength point. Each game lasts about 40 turns.

These four games explore the major battles of 1809, where the French Army encountered a modernized Austrian Army under the capable Archduke Charles. Each game shows the approach to the battlefield on the day before battle. The Aspern-Essling and Wagram battlefields are on one map. Set at the scale of Napoleon's Last Battles-525 yards per hex and one hour turns-the game retains the Command System of Commanders and Corps Officers.

Three 22 x 34-inch full-color maps
Two Rulebooks (32 pages and 28 pages)
One game box
Two counter sheets = 560 units
Two Four-page folders
Four player aid cards 1 vol, 1 pgs 2012 US, OSG
NEW-boxed ......$109.00 with a discount of 25% spc

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1-OSG203 Zucker, Kevin NAPOLEON AT LEIPZIG - 1813: War of Liberation, Part IV - Oct. 14th to 19th Napoleon and his multi-national Grande Armee against a Coalition of Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden. Napoleon's Last Battles System, in the Library of Napoleonic Battles Series: 480 meters per hex, 1 hour per turn, 400-800 men per strength point. Each Approach to Battle game lasts about 20 turns. The Full campaign lasts one week-over 50 turns!


* Two 22x34-inch maps
* 560 counters
* 100 cards
* Two rulebooks
* 20 player aids
* Box
* Hanau includes a 17x22-inch map, additional Bavarian and Austrian brigades.

Surprises in this Edition:

* 11 additional hexrows of terrain added to the top of the north and bottom of the south maps provides 25% additional maneuver room for the armies.

* The reason Napoleon didn't build additional bridges for his army to escape-his Pontoon train was blocked from reaching Leipzig (this is covered by a card).

Battle Simulated

* Liebertwolkwitz, Epic Cavalry Battle, 14 Oct.
* Wachau-Mockern, Fire on Two Fronts, 16 Oct.
* Leipzig, Triple Envelopment, 17-18 Oct.
* Hanau, Grande Armee in Retreat, 29-30 Oct 1 vol, 1 pgs 2013 US, OSG
NEW-box ......$99.00 with a discount of 10%

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