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ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
rct - recent arrival or pending publication, spc - OMM Special Price

1-194300 PERSIAN INCURSION - Israel and a Nuclear Iran Persian Incursion explores the political and military effects of an Israeli military campaign against Iran. It uses rules adapted from Harpoon 4 to resolve the military action. But its goal is to look beyond the military action by modeling the political and intelligence actions and consequences of a potential political conflict by including a card-based diplomatic/political component to the game.

Players spend Political, Intelligence, and Military Points to influence allies or enemies, purchase reinforcements, execute military strikes, or shape their own domestic opinion. Players choose variable starting conditions that shape scenarios, while random strategic events influence play in unexpected ways.

Persian Incursion provides comprehensive and detailed information on:

Orders of battle for the Israeli and Iranian Air Forces and the Iranian Air Defense Force
Analysis of the Iranian nuclear and oil infrastructure
Iranian ballistic missiles and Israeli anti-ballistic missile defenses
Target folders for Iranian nuclear facilities, oil terminals, refineries, and airfields
Variable starting conditions

17 x 22-inch full color map; Short Deck of 'Super Cards' (4.25 x 6 inches); Two full decks of playing cards (110 cards); Cardboard counters and dice. 1 vol, 110 pgs 2010 US, CLASH OF ARMS
NEW-boxed game ......$60.00 with a discount of 25%

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1-195520 BORODINO '41 - WWII Eastern Front Battle for the Moscow Highway October 11-18, 1941. Based on the award winning Black Sea Black Death game system, Borodino '41 uses a map scale of 800 meters (one half mile) per hex, three or four impulses per daily turn, with infantry battalions and tanks and anti-tank guns by company (battery). The units are played mostly face down, with dummies, to recreate the Fog of War. Combat involves fire, and assault, which are influenced by troop morale, terrain effects, armor support, engineers, and various other specialized units. Included are some of the best troops of both sides, as well as Soviet reserve infantry, and tanks ranging from Pzkpfw IIIs and IVs, BT-7s, T-26s, T-34s, a few KV-1s, amphibious T-38s, and even a T-28 company without engines!

The game uses an updated version of the Black Sea system, with relatively little chrome and a high level of excitement. The impulse based game system keeps both players actively involved. Localized swings in initiative are common, and the situation presents many counterattack options for the Soviet player, even though he is on the operational defensive. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2011 US, CLASH OF ARMS
NEW-boxed game ......$36.00

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1-198790 AMATEURS TO ARMS; War of 1812 Historical simulation of the War of 1812, Americans vs. British/Canadians, that's playable in three hours or less. The game includes all of the theaters of battle including the US/Canadian border and the Great Lakes, the wilderness of the Northwest, the Atlantic Coast of the US, the civilized Indians of the South, and the site of Andrew Jackson's dramatic victory at New Orleans.

Components include: 22x34-inch period style map, deck of 150 full color cards, 352 5/8-inch full color counters, 30 wood expedition markers, multiple cardstock charts and player aids, 12-page rulebook, designer notes and historical commentary book, and two 10-sided dice. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2012 US, CLASH OF ARMS
NEW-boxed game ......$98.00

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1-AAB52 AXIS & ALLIES 15MM MINIATURES:War At Sea BOOSTER 2 (5) miniatures and stat cards. 1 vol, 5 pgs 2008 US, AVALON HILL
NEW-box ......$12.50

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1-ST195 S&T #195:BORODINO & FRIEDLAND Contents: Friedland to Borodino, 1807-12 W. Gray
Korea 1950-51 J. Miranda
Commonwealth Div. in Korea B. Train
FYI Editors
Simulation: Borodino & Friedland W. Dippel & J. Werth
1 vol, 54 pgs 2001 CA, DECISION GAMES
V.GOOD-softcover unpunched, (1) copy available ......$25.00

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1-ST233 S&T #233:DAGGER'S THRUST RULES:Dagger's Thrust-Montgomery or Patton acrossthe Rhine in 1944, what if's; Airland Battle ofthe Bulge; The Chimurenga War 1966-1980; GeorgeHenry Thomas 'Rock of the Union' 1 vol, 62 pgs 2005 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with GAME ......$25.00

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1-COM023 Berg, Richard COMMAND #23:SHOGUN TRIUMPHANT - Battle of Sekigaha Features:

Shogun Triumphant
- Rise of the Tokugawa Shogunate - Japan 1600
War Returns to Europe
- Militay Aspects of Conflict in Yugoslavia 91-93
Commentary: Destert Storm
- War Casualties and History
Sepp Dietrich & The SS Liebstandarte
- Combat History of the 1st SS Pz Div
Serbia in WW1
- The Balkan Powderkeg Revisited
Baltic Assault
- Operation Albion
The Baltic States, 1939-52
- Recent History of Baltic Nationalism
Clash of Steel
- Battleship Engagements of WW2
I Remember
- My Eight Days in Vietnam
Shogun Triumphant, issue game
- The Battle of Sekigahara
- Strategies for Shogun Triumphant
- 1918/1919 variant, The Anglo-French Naval Infantry Div
- Smithereens variant
- Antietam, Victory in Normandy, Smithereens 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLSHING
AS NEW-softcover, unpunched - available (1) copy ......$10.00

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2-COM044 Bishop, Dennis COMMAND # 44: Dark Victory & Second Front Now! The Mexican assault on the Alamo. This game uses the Hougomont : The Rock of Waterloo system. A small group of Texans defend the fort of Alamo against the veteran army of Santa Ana. Victory is determined by how long the Texans can hold until they bite the dust as well as casualty level of the Mexicans. Includes 'dead markers' to indicate where soldiers have fallen. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1997 US, XTR PUBLISHING
V.GOOD-unpunched game supplement, no magazine ......$20.00 inc

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1-956015 Bomba, Ty World at War #15- Soft Underbelly:Italy 1943 The War in Southern Italy, 1943 (SU). It's an intermediate-complexity, two-player wargame simulating that historic World War II campaign. It may also be used to explore the 'what ifs' inherent in the situation had the German high command chosen to react to the Allied landings in a much different manner: making that effort's defeat Berlin's main strategic goal for late 1943 (Operation Wacht am Tiber). The design therefore combines factual historical detail with studied counter-factual analysis to present players with a situation that will be familiar to most of them, while at the same time allowing for an easy and seamless transition into the less certain realm of alternative history.

Each extra-large-hex on the 34x22' mapsheet equals 11 miles (18 km) when measured from side to opposite side. Each game turn represents between two and 15 days, depending on the exact time of year of each one. That is, as the autumn weather worsens, and attrition and the inevitable declines in soldier morale and force-robustness take their tolls, each game turn comes to represent a longer period of time. That approach allows for the smooth building into the system of what would otherwise be burdensome factors of weather, ground conditions, operational tempo, etc. Every ground unit represents a division or division-equivalent (176 large-size NATO-style).

The game uses the well-liked system originally created by Ben Knight for Victory in Normandy. There are approximately 14,500 words in the rules. A complete game of SU generally takes from four to five hours to complete, and it's suitable for solitaire play. Rules cover such things as: Allied end-run second invasions, Luftwaffe seaport raids, reinforcements, withdrawals, paratroop drops, naval gun support, both sides' army and corps organizational schemes, German tactical superiority, tactical and strategic airpower and much more.
1 vol, 62 pgs 2010 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with game ......$30.00 with a discount of 25%

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1-956016 Bomba, Ty World at War #16 - Partizan Partizan is a two-player, intermediate-complexity, historical simulation of the struggle between the Communists and the Axis occupation forces for mastery of Yugoslavia 1941-1944. The 228 iconic and NATO-style counter-mix includes the brigades and divisions of German, Italian, Hungarian, Croatian, Bulgarian, and Ustashi units, as well as all the Partisan forces and Marshal Tito himself (the Chetniks are handled abstractly). Partisan units' exact strengths are mostly unknown by the Axis player (via 'tried' and 'untried' counter-sides).

The 34x22-inch extra-large-hex map contains various infrastructure (warehouses, fuel dumps, bridges, and so on) as well as resource hexes representing strategic mineral deposits, such as bauxite, copper and chromium, which the Axis player must protect, along with routes from them back to Germany, while also guarding possible invasion beaches along the coast. 1 vol, 62 pgs 2010 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover with game ......$30.00 with a discount of 25%

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1-COM034 Bomba, Ty COMMAND #34: DEATH AND DESTRUCTION - Russian Front 1942-44 Death & Destruction: 1942-44 on the Eastern front is an add-on gamette that allows extension of the play of Proud Monster through 15 April 1944.

The components include rules, one 13.5x18.5' mapsheet, one cardstock chart and table sheet, two cardstock turn record sheets, a card with holding boxes, a German replacement Army roster sheet and 1080 die-cut counters. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLSHING
V.GOOD-unpunched game supplement, no magazine ......$25.00

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1-WAHOO Bomba, Ty WAHOO!: The Battle of Washington July 8 1863 -- Board Game Alternate-history game covering the climactic 8 July 1863 Battle of Washington. One player takes the role of Robert E. Lee, commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, while the other player represents a combined Lincoln/Grant persona.

The game postulates that on the second day at the Battle of Gettysburg, the Confederate attack began earlier... Little Round Top was overrun and the bulk of the Army of the Potomac was forced to fall back on Baltimore to regroup.

The Confederate player is trying to conquer the City of Washington while (optimally) also destroying the Northerner's high command. The degree in which the Rebels succeed or fail is measured in victory points. This basically means, barring Lincoln's death, the Confederate player must gain control of the Capitol and the White House hexes to win. 1 vol, 1 pgs 1991 US, XTE CORP
NEW-softcover, inventory clear out ......$20.00 with a discount of 25% gam

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1-ST153 Cummins, Christopher S&T #153: Operation Felix 1940, and ZAMA (2 games) Features:

GAME: Zama: Roman Empire
Zama: Triumph of the Roman Way of War

GAME: Operation Felix: Gibraltar 1940
Operation Felix: The Assault that never was on the Rock of Gibraltar
To See Her Redcoats Marching from the Hill: The British Regimental System since
Hector Bywater: Great Pacific War
Intelligence Operations During the Napoleonic Wars 1 vol, 60 pgs 1992 US, SPI
V.GOOD-softcover unpunched, (1) copy available ......$20.00

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1-COM024 Gryner, Dr. Peter H. COMMAND #24: CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1938 Features:

Czechoslovakia, '38
- What If They'd Fought?
A Long Road Home
- The Czech Legion in Russia
Medical Department: East and West
- The State of Medicine in the 17th Century
The War in Nagorno-Karabagh
- Background and Developments
Backing Into Empire
- The Growth of Rome
The Strategy of Harold Godwinson
- How to Win a Battle and Lose a Kingdom
Fire vs Shock
- Tactics in the Age of Musket & Cannon
Czechoslovakia, '38, issue game
- Strategies for Czechoslovakia, '38
- Smithereens optional rules
- Antietam, Shogun Triumphant, Smithereens 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLISHING
AS NEW-softcover, unpunched - available (1) copy ......$10.00 spc

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1-198780 Kettler, Ed STEEL TYPHOON Scenario Book: Building on Clash of Arms' critically acclaimed 'The Rising Sun,' Steel Typhoon features 36 scenarios covering the biggest and most famous naval battles of WWII in the Pacific: Rabaul, Truk, the Marianas, Leyte, and Okinawa plus hypothetical scenarios that challenge the players with historical alternatives.

Designed specifically for the Command at Sea 4th edition rules, Steel Typhoon, along with the data supplements 'American Fleets' and 'The Emperor's Fleet' completes the picture of the USN versus the IJN in the Pacific Theater during the latter half of World War II. Steel Typhoon includes three full-color countersheets with all the ships, aircraft and game markers to make the Pacific War come to life on your tabletop. 1 vol, 1 pgs 2012 US, CLASH OF ARMS
NEW-boxed game, available late July 2012 ......$44.00

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1-COM032 Marsh, William COMMAND #32:BUNKER HILL The game is a two player simulation of the first organized engagement of the American Revolution. One player commands the American forces and the other the British with the latter seeking to drive the rebels from the positions on the Charlestown peninsula.

The game is a low-to-moderate complexity game. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLSHING
AS NEW-softcover unpunched, (1) copy available ......$15.00

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1-956022 Miranda, Joseph WORLD AT WAR 22: Minsk '44 The second game in Joseph Miranda's new East Front Battles Series, which began with Guards Tank in issue 13 -- covers the crucial exploitation phase of the great Soviet summer offensive against the Germans' Army Group Center, in June of 1944. The game utilizes the classic quad series rules' mechanics and a retreat-emphasizing differential combat system to encourage encirclement tactics, so typical of Soviet armor strategy during World War II.

Minsk is a two-player (Soviet versus German) operational level game. The game includes 228 medium-sized die-cut counters, with the division as the primary maneuver unit, and also includes air units, untried units, blown bridge markers, and headquarters units. The colorful map features the area of the Third Belorussian Front during Operation Bagration, with each hex representing approximately 2 miles across, and includes such prominent locations as Berezina and the transportation center of Minsk.

The rules entail a variety of standard and unique rules, such as Railroad Movement, 'What if' Optional Reinforcements, Blowing Bridges, Untried Units, and the full range of historical unit formations, such as 5th Guards Tank Army, and the 505th Heavy Armor unit, etc.

Victory in the game is determined by the accumulation of VP for control of important hexes, as well as evacuating friendly units

Other articles include:

* Green US Forces at Kasserine, 1943. The fierce German counterattack against rookie US forces in North Africa that led to Patton's promotion to army command.
* Savo Island. A revisionist interpretation of this near-miss Japanese naval victory off the coast of Guadalcanal late in 1942.
* Hitler's Military Conferences. An analysis of the procedures Hitler used to arrive at his big military decisions 1 vol, 62 pgs 2011 CA, DECISION GAMES
NEW-softcover, inventory clear out ......$30.00 with a discount of 25%

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2-COM054 Perello, Pete COMMAND #54:When Dragons Fight When Dragons Fight is an operational level game on the hypothetical invasion of Taiwan by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC) circa 2003-2004. The simulation is based on the premise that the PRC opens with a massive missile attack and is able to use their economic and military leverage to keep America out of the conflict. With no foreign power intervening, the PRC must conquer the island within 15 days or the Republic of China (ROC) wins. The war itself is conventional and fast-paced.

The game is of low-to-intermediate complexity. The system covers a wide spectrum of modern operational warfare, including rules for amphibious landings, air mobility, and land and air combat. Victory is determined for the PRC by seizing a significant portion of the island's population centers, which would render Taiwan's continued existence as an independent country economically and strategically impossible. The Taiwanese win through denial of Communist Victory Points or the capture of the landing beaches.

Units portrayed are mainly brigades and divisions, ranging from about 5000-10,000 men, and some 50-250 armored fighting vehicles in the mechanized units. The game map covers the entire island of Formosa (also known as Taiwan) with terrain types limited to clear, beach, mountain, cities & large towns, rivers and highways. 1 vol, 60 pgs 2000 US, XTR PUBLISHING
V.GOOD-unpunched game supplement, no magazine ......$22.00 inc

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2-COM040 Pfost, Richard COMMAND #40:Buena Vista & Moscow Burning (2) games Buena Vista is a simulation of the 23 February 1847 battle between Zachary Taylor's American Army of Occupation and Santa Anna's Army of North Mexico. Santa Anna hoped to defeat Taylor's force before returning south to stop Winfield Scott's invasion of central Mexico. this game only covers the second day of the battle (the decisive period of this conflict). The colorful map shows six types of terrain found around Buena Vista Hacienda as it existed in 1847.124 counters, of which 16 are double-sized, one 22'x34' mapsheet, 7 pages of rules. This game is of low complexity and can be played by two people in about 3 hours.

Moscow Burning is a 'what if' game simulating the first 30 days fighting that could occur in the Russian ethnic heartland if that nation's current experiment with capitalism and 'democracy' fails.
Though the game does allow for the accidental or terrorist detonation of individual nuclear weapons, it does not simulate the possiblity of a new Russian Civil War escalating into any kind of strategic nuclear exchange. The game system contains no ZOC, replacement or supply rules. Hex control and unit loyalties are the primary components to winning. Militia, regular Russian army and Ministry of the Interior units start the game without having any particular identification, indicative of the confusion and fluidity inherent in the opening phases of the conflict, while the Elite units are more crucial to determining the course of any new civil war in Russia and bear the specific I.D.s of their real-world counterparts. A player can bid with VPs to change the loyalties of elite units. Militia is converted by occupation of a city through advance after combat. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1996 US, XTR PUBLSHING
V.GOOD-unpunched game supplement, no magazine ......$10.00 inc

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1-COM025 Raicer, Ted COMMAND #25: WHEN EAGLES FIGHT - WWI in the East Game covers the entire Eastern Front of The Great War from 1914 to the end. Game 25 miles/hex , 1-2 months/turn, 171 counters, and 22x34-inch map. Includes magazine.
1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLISHING
AS NEW-unpunched game ......$20.00

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1-COM036 Rothwell, Stephen COMMAND #36: SS Panzer - Bloodbath at Kursk SS Panzer is a simulation of the tank battle near Prokhorovka on 12th July 1943 at the climax of the Kursk Battle. It pits the German 2nd SS Pz Corps against the Soviet 5th Gds Tank Army.

Game Scale is 500m per hex, each unit companies for Germans and battalions for Soviets. Each game turn represents one hour. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLSHING
V.GOOD-unpunched game supplement, no magazine ......$18.00 inc

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1-COM020 Tschanz, David COMMAND #20: CORTES - Conquest of the Aztec Empire Two-player wargame that covers the epic three month siege of Tenochtitlan, the climactic 1521 battle for control of Mexico. Game includes 14 pages of rules, 144 5/8-inch counters, and a 22x34-inch map. Includes Human Sacrifice Rules. Includes magazine. 1 vol, 60 pgs 1990's CA, XTR PUBLISHING
AS NEW-unpunched game ......$25.00

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1-CH041 various CRITICAL HIT: Vol 4 No 1 Volume 4, Number 1 of Critical Hit Magazine comes with new expansions for Advanced Squad Leader.

Included are the following articles:
* Fighting Soldiers from the Sky (ASL paradrops)
* Big Cat's Den (Designer Notes and play notes for that scenario)
* Cold Reception (Scenario replay of that scenario)
* Dictum Concentrate (ASL strategy article)
* SW Teams and MG Crews (variant rules)
* The Weapons Pit (variant rules)

There is also a countersheet with a few new vehicles and the 'Weapons Pit'

Also, it contains the following scenarios:
CH73: THE STAND OFF; 18 September, 1941; Outside of Romny, Russia
CH74: TROTEVAL FARM; 24 July, 1944; Near Verrieres, France
CH75: THE BIG CAT'S DEN; 19 August, 1944; St. Lambert-Sur-Dives, France
CH76: HURTGEN HELL; 6 October 1944; Hurtgen Forest, Germany
CH77: DROP ZONE A; 24 March 1945, Two miles west of Hamminkeln, Germany
CH78: THE OUTSKIRTS OF LEMBERG; 12 September 1939; Lemberg, Poland
CH79: BAR's AGAINST PANZERS; 26 December 1944; Verdenne, Belgium
CH80: CUT THE LINE; 17 December 1941; Route 1 near Ragay, Bicol Peninsula, the Philippines 1 vol, 52 pgs 1997 US, CRITICAL HIT, INC
NEW-softcover, inventory clear out ......$20.00

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