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Updated as of 5/25/2023

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1-2103411 Grant, Charles REFIGHTING HISTORY: Volume 11 - THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: The Saxon Army at Pirna 1756 -- A Series of What-If Scenarios Large format hardback. Scenarios for Hochkirk, Langensalza, Reichenbach, Amoneburg, and Freiberg. Plus rules additions and other extras.1 vol, 202 pgs 2023 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-hardback, available early June 2023 ......$63.00 inc

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2-216070 'NAM: The Vietnam War Miniatures Game Rules set based on Team Yankee system also includes missions and a comprehensive list of American, South Vietnamese, North Vietnamese, and ANZAC forces. 1 vol, 232 pgs 2018 UK, PARTIZAN PRESS
NEW-hardback edition, early June 2023 ......$43.00 inc

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1-237300 MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Fields of Eternia Board Game Fields of Eternia is an adventure-driven tactics and strategy game that features epic campaigns that can be played solo or with friends and family. Your objective is to rally and recruit troops, complete exciting quests while collecting ancient and powerful artifacts and building vehicles, and emerge as the victor who conquers Eternia. Skeletor finally did it, he went back in time to fight King Grayskull, long before King Randor and Prince Adam were even in existence.

The box set contains:

* 1 x game board
* 1 x rulebook
* 1 x mission book
* 2 x epic dice
* 20 x wilds dice
* 2 x combat grids
* 12 x hero miniatures
* 30 x soldier miniatures
* 304 x various cards
* 48 x cards for the solo/ co-op mode
* 130 x various tokens1 vol, 1 pgs 2023 UK, NORTH STAR
NEW-box, available early June 2023 ......$125.00 DISCOUNT:10% inc

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1-237340 Grant, Charles MUSKETS & SPRINGFIELDS: Wargaming the American Civil War 1861-1865 Rules for operational battles in the American Civil War is used with any scale and basing system. The player is the army commander with sub command groups. This will be typically a Corps. The basic unit is the infantry brigade grouped with cavalry and artillery into Corps or Divisions, but also include sharpshooters and skirmishers. Turns use a bag-pull system in which it is possible for the non-active player to able to interdict the play.?

The game system uses grids as the unit of measurement. The game space is broken into several square grids which represent 300 yards in ground scale. Taking a balance of the various drill guides of the period this is approximately equal to 600 men in two ranks. For a typical 6x4 playing space, it is recommended a ratio width x depth of 1.5 x 1. A typical 6x4 table provides the following 12 (3600 yds) by 8 (2400 yds) squares of battlefield.

Morale is handled at the corps level and attrition is held at the individual unit base. Morale is not the usual average, veteran, elite often used, but a reflection of the state of mind on the day: Unknown, Nervous, and Steady. The first time a unit takes damage, the player rolls on a chart to discover the morale rating (dependent on year and side). Morale failures are held at corp level until enough occur for the corps to run away.

Attrition at the unit level represents loss of cohesion, battlefield casualties, or supplies running low. A unit can absorb six hits before it is automatically destroyed.1 vol, 202 pgs 2023 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$38.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-21720 Rothero, Christopher MEDIEVAL MILITARY DRESS: 1066-1500 Blandford Book with 86 color line drawings.1 vol, 153 pgs 1983 POOLE, BLANDFORD PRESS
V.GOOD-dj, one copy only...First come, first served ......$28.00

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1-975087 McNab, Chris 087 THE SVD DRAGUNOV RIFLE Explores the development and performance of this USSR medium-range sniping rifle in the 1960s. The Dragunov stood out against most Western sniping rifle types by being semi-automatic, a configuration that marginally lowers accuracy compared to bolt-action sniping rifles, but which allows for faster follow-up shots. Even so, the SVD is still capable of taking precision killing shots out to 800m and beyond, making it a thoroughly practical combat weapon for marksmen and snipers. It is the world's most widespread sniping rifle, still in use in the former Soviet armies and sold to more than 40 countries worldwide. Illustrated with cutaway artwork and battlescenes, plus technical and historical photographs.1 vol, 80 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$23.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-995319 Konstam, Angus 319 BRITISH FRIGATES AND ESCORT DESTROYERS: 1939-45 Outlines the history of the nearly 200 Hunt-, Loch-, Bay-, and River-class escort destroyers and frigates, revealing how crews fought, and what life was like on board. Using archive photos, detailed colour profiles, a Hunt-class cutaway, and battlescenes of the ships at war, he explores the key role played by these small but deadly escorts.

Escort destroyers were essentially small destroyers optimized for anti-submarine warfare, with speed and anti-surface weaponry sacrificed, while frigates were simpler, designed so they could be built quickly in civilian shipyards. These warships were key to protecting convoys in the Atlantic Ocean where their range and seagoing qualities made them well-suited for operations. 1 vol, 48 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-996392 Herder, Brian 392 EARLY PACIFIC RAIDS 1942: The American Carriers Strike Back Documents the US Navy's high-speed, hit-and-run carrier attacks starting on Feb 1, 1942 against Japanese bases. With most of the Japanese carrier fleet in the Indian Ocean, Vice Admiral Bill Halsey started raiding the Japanese bases in the Marshall and Gilbert Islands, Rabaul, Wake Island, Marcus Island, and Lae and Salamaua in northern New Guinea. Includes usual plethora of artwork and photos.1 vol, 96 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-996391 Orr, Timothy 391 THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG 1863 (2): The Second Day Assisted by superb maps and 3D diagrams, this second booklet in the Gettysburg series describes the tactical actions, including Hunterstown and Benner's Hill, Little Round Top, Devil's Den, the Rose Wheatfield, the Peach Orchard, and Culp's and Cemetery hills. The critical decisions taken on the second day are examined in detail, and why the commanders committed to them.

July 2, 1863 was the bloodiest and most complicated of the three days of the Battle of Gettysburg. On this day, the clash involved five divisions of Confederate infantry and their accompanying artillery battalions, as well as a cavalry skirmish at nearby Hunterstown. The bulk of the Union army engaged on the second day of fighting, including men from the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 11th and 12th Corps.1 vol, 96 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$25.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-999550 Lohnstein, Marc 550 THE DUTCH-INDONESIAN WAR 1945-49: Armies of the Indonesian War of Independence After the Japanese surrendered in September 1945, a power vacuum occurred in the colonial Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). The wide dispersion of populations, and their ethnic, religious and political differences ensured that the struggle which followed was complex. Fragmented bands of nationalist permuda insurgents were slowly brought together under command of a republican army (the BKR, later TKR, and finally the TNI, complete with naval and air elements), but stubborn negotiations alternated with bouts of major fighting.

Using vivid colour illustrations and rare photos, this title depicts the various forces involved in the struggle for Indonesia: the British Indian Army troops sent to key areas to disarm Japanese garrisons, the Indonesian nationalists who immediately proclaimed an independent Republic, remaining Japanese troops, and the Dutch forces which arrived in 1946.

Details how the nationalists were defeated by Dutch and Dutch-led local forces in urban areas (e.g. during Operations Product and Crow, 1947 and 1948), but how their guerrillas evaded Dutch troops in the jungle hills and swamps. Illustrating a wide range of uniforms, insignia, personal weapons and equipment, this study showcases the troops and armour involved in the conflict.1 vol, 48 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-237330 Child, robert IMMORTAL VALOR: The Black Medal of Honor Recipients of World War II The remarkable story and their extraordinary acts of bravery of seven African-American soldiers denied the Medal of Honor for more than 50 years due to their race.

In 1945, when Congress began reviewing the record of the most conspicuous acts of courage by American soldiers during World War II, they recommended awarding the Medal of Honor to 432 recipients. Despite the fact that more than one million African-Americans served, not a single black soldier received the Medal of Honor. The omission remained on the record for over four decades.

But recent historical investigations have brought to light some of the extraordinary acts of valor performed by black soldiers during the war. Men like Vernon Baker, who single-handedly eliminated three enemy machine guns, an observation post, and a German dugout. Or Sergeant Reuben Rivers, who spearheaded his tank unit's advance against fierce German resistance for three days despite being grievously wounded. Meanwhile Lieutenant Charles Thomas led his platoon to capture a strategically vital village on the Siegfried Line in 1944 despite losing half his men and suffering a number of wounds himself.

Ultimately, in 1993 a US Army commission determined that seven men, including Baker, Rivers and Thomas, had been denied the Army's highest award simply due to racial discrimination. In 1997, more than 50 years after the war, President Clinton finally awarded the Medal of Honor to these seven heroes, sadly all but one of them posthumously.1 vol, 0 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2023 ......$20.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-237320 Stille, Mark LEYTE GULF: A New History of the World's Largest Sea Battle The battle of Leyte Gulf was a huge and complex action, actually consisting of four major battles, each of which are broken down in detail in this book. Critically examines the plans of both sides and how they dictated the events of the battle. Dismantles the myths surrounding the respective actions and overall performances of the two most important commanders in the battle, and the lost victory of the Japanese advance into Leyte Gulf that never happened.1 vol, 320 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid June 2023 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-237310 Wheatley, Ben THE PANZERS OF PROKHOROVKA: The Myth of Hitler's Greatest Armoured Defeat Today in Russia there are three official sacred battlefields: Kulikovo, where the Mongols were defeated in 1380; Borodino, where Russian troops slowed Napoleon's Grande Armee before Moscow in 1812; and Prokhorovka in July 1943 -- the most critical tank battle of the Second World War, which saw the annihilation of Hitler's elite Panzer force in the largest armoured clash in history and left Hitler with no alternative but to halt Germany's offensive against the Kursk salient.

The book seeks to expose myths about the battle and argues that German armoured losses were negligible and a fresh approach is required to understand Prokhorovka. The battle was indeed an important Soviet victory, but a very different one to that described above. Based on ground-breaking archival research and supported by hitherto unpublished images of the battlefield, the book presents a new analysis of this famous battle.1 vol, 320 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj available mid June 2023 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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2-228230 Cleaver, Thomas THE TONKIN GULF YACHT CLUB: Naval Aviation in the Vietnam War The 'Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club' was the tongue-in-cheek nickname of the US Seventh Fleet that was stationed off the coast of Vietnam. Examines the US Naval air campaign in the Vietnam War from 1964 to 1975. Covers operations from the USS Maddox in the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incidentof 1964 onwards through to the eventual withdrawal of the fleet following the collapse of South Vietnam in 1975.

The Seventh Fleet's Task Force 77, which at points during the war had as many as six carriers on station at any one time with 70-100 aircraft on each, provided vital air support for combat troops on the ground, while at the same time taking part in the major operations against North Vietnam itself such as Rolling Thunder, Linebacker I and II. All of these operations took place in a hostile environment of flak, missiles, and MiGs.1 vol, 304 pgs 2023 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb edition, available mid June 2023 ......$22.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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