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Updated as of 9/15/2022

ABBREVIATIONS: dj-dust jacket, biblio-bibliography, b/w-black and white, illust-illustrations, b/c-book club addition.
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1-VX0022 VICTRIX NAPOLEONIC FRENCH DRAGOONS 1807-1812 Set includes 12 highly detailed figures. These Dragoons have been done in the pre-Bardin regulation uniform which has the long tailed coat. This was supposed to have been replaced by the short tailed jacket in 1812 but many continued to wear the long tails well into 1813. These miniatures can easily be used for the invasion of Russia in 1812 and the battle of Leipzig in 1813.

Dragoon regiments had Elite companies which were distinguished by fringed epaulettes and quite often bearskin headdress.

The box contains: 12 x Figures (including an officer, musician and sapper), 3x Main Frames, and 1 x Command Frame. Multiple head variations (giving the option between line or elite companies). Unpainted. Assembly and painting required.1 vol, 12 pgs 2022 UK, VICTRIX
NEW-BOX, available late June 2022 ......$46.00 inc

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1-916471 various MINIATURE WARGAMES: Issue # 471 Cover: Can you stop an Alien invasion?
* Lost UFO (part 1 of 2) is a game inspired by a '70s TV show. Set in the far flung future of the 1980's, the setting is that Aliens are coming to earth to harvest humans This first article covers building and painting the components for the game with the rules being in the next issue.

* Command Decision: Colonial game scenario set in Deeg. Ask yourself, are you the Napoleon of India?
* Send Three and Fourpence: Cold War scenario: Having a Shufti is a two-part Recce piece for Black Ops rules.
* Live Free Or Die: Part three of this series on The War of 1812. This time: Battles of Thames River and Chippawa that includes special downloadable cards.
* Lion Rampart siege rules for Osprey's Lion Rampant rule set.
* Scratch Build: Greek church suitable for a Silver Bayonet game or similar.
* Goldilocks: Partizan 2022 coverage.

* Defence in Depth: Figure and rules reviews
* Quartermaster: Modeling and scenery reviews
* Forward Observer: News
* Recce: Book reviews
* Last Word Features contributor Dave Tuck1 vol, 96 pgs 2022 UK, WARNER PUBLICATIONS
NEW-pb ......$10.00 inc

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1-935120 Various WARGAMES SOLDIERS & STRATEGY # 120: Germany's 1940 Lightning War Theme: Germany's 1940 Lightning War
* Germany's Innovative War of Manoeuvre - Bewegungskrieg
* French Armoured Attacks on the German Bridgehead - De Gaulle at Abbeville, 1940
* Counterattacks Along the Ypres-Comines Canal - Mind the Gap
* A Tactical Challenge Set in 1940s Belgium - A Fighting Withdrawal
* The Allies of 1940 in Miniature - The Entente Cordiale
* German Armour Charges Into France - Panzer, Vor!

* The Roman and Seleucids at Thermopylae, 191 BC - Return to the Hot Gates
* Wargaming scenarios for the Early Tudor Wars - Gaming on the Margins
* The Battle of Villamuriel, 25 October 1812 - Wellington at Bay
* More Scatter Terrain for the Wargames Table - All Together Now
* Painting French from Epic Battles: Waterloo - Napoleonics are Epic

* Miniature Reviews
* Up Front - Opportunity or Choice
* The Irregular - Let History Be Your Guide
* The Latest, Greatest 2000 AD game from Warlord - Let's play Slaine
* Fast, Ultramodern Wargaming with a Dystopian Twist - Let's Play Black Powder Red Earth
* Game Reviews - Soldiers of Napoleon, DAK Attack, and Castles in the Sky
* Book Reviews
* Parting Shots1 vol, 88 pgs 2022 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-pb, available mid June 2022 ......$12.00 inc

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1-BRIG391 Bunde, Peter 391: KINGDOM OF PRUSSIA: CUIRASSIER REGIMENT NO.7 REITZENSTEIN 1806 Another in the terrific series. Uniform plate with 20+ color figures, flags or standards, facings, etc. Descriptions on reverse side.1 vol, 1 pgs 2022 GERMANY, PETER BUNDE
NEW-plate, available late June 2022 ......$14.00 inc

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1-996378 Stille, Mark 378 LEYTE GULF 1944 (2): Surigao Strait and Cape Engano Second volume in a two-part illustrated study of the October 23-26 Battle of Leyte Gulf, which resulted in a decisive defeat for the Japanese, focuses on the forces supporting the main Japanese thrust. Reveals how the Japanese Main Body succeeded in its mission of luring the US Third Fleet to the north, but at a tremendous cost in the ensuing Battle off Cape Engano. Also explored in full visual detail is the fate of the small detachment of seven IJN ships ordered to attack into Leyte Gulf through Surigao Strait in the south. The resulting Battle of Surigao Strait on October 25, 1944 would prove to be the last battleship duel in history.

The first volume covered the IJN's First Diversion Attack Force at the battles of the Sibuyan Sea and off Samar.1 vol, 96 pgs 2022 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid June 2022 ......$24.00 DISCOUNT:15% inc

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1-964039 Various ANCIENT HISTORY MAGAZINE # 39: Citizenship in Ancient Rome Theme: Citizenship in Ancient Rome
* Duties and privileges - Citizenship in Ancient Rome
* Roman citizenship and the justice system - Civis Romanus sum!
* Conveying status through fashion - Romans dressing the part
* Taking the Roman census - Making it count
* A Roman citizenship plot twist - Cicer-no
* Citizenship as a reward for service - Quid pro quo

* Dating ancient papyri - Chronology matters
* Strategies of commemoration under King Tutankhamun
* Between death and the underworld - The wolf in the Etruscan world
* Women at the table in ancient Rome - Impressing the guests
* The Spartans face Telesilla of Argos - Karma for Cleomenes
* Ostia, city of treasures - The gateway of Rome
* Modern Storyteller's new game with a classical twist - Excavating The Forgotten City1 vol, 68 pgs 2022 NETHERLANDS, KARWANSARAY
NEW-pb ......$12.00 inc

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1-230860 Kling, Stephen and Braden, Guy JAMES COLBERT AND HIS CHICKASAW LEGACY Two main articles: Reprint of 1958 Tennessee Historical Society article about James Colbert, a British agent who interacted with the Chickasaw Native American tribe during the American Revolution, and a new article that fills in the biographical gaps of the old article. Lots of illustrations and maps of the various forts and defenses attacked by the British in general and Colbert in specific.1 vol, 140 pgs 2022 US, THE HISTORICAL GAME COMPANY
NEW-softcover ......$25.00 inc

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