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1-2236919 Kinrade, Warwick BATTLEGROUP NORTHAG: 10mm Northag British SAS Patrol Contains:1 x SAS Land Rover and 4 x infantry.1 vol, 0 pgs 2020 UK, PLASTIC SOLDIER
NEW-blister, available mid August 2021 ......$8.00 rct

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1-2236920 Kinrade, Warwick BATTLEGROUP NORTHAG: 10mm Northag British Spartan Patrol Contains: 2 x Spartan tracked armoured personnel carriers and infantry fire teams.1 vol, 0 pgs 2020 UK, PLASTIC SOLDIER
NEW-blister, available mid August 2021 ......$10.00 rct

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1-2236921 Kinrade, Warwick BATTLEGROUP NORTHAG: 10mm Northag British Fox Patrol Contains: 2 x Fox armoured reconnaissance vehicles.1 vol, 0 pgs 2020 UK, PLASTIC SOLDIER
NEW-blister, available mid August 2021 ......$8.00 rct

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1-227760 Hardy, Douglas WARGAME TERRAIN AND BUILDINGS: WWI Trench Systems From the initial choice between stand-alone pieces on a mat or a fixed, bespoke layout, through to final detailing, experienced modeler Hardy gives practical advice on building your own trench system.

He considers the differences between British, German and French trenches, which differed in design and construction, as well as developments in defenses through the phases of the war. A trench system is not just the trench itself of course, but also the dugouts, barbed wire entanglements, sandbags, gun emplacements and pillboxes. Shell holes and shattered forests are also covered. Each element is explained in step-by-step detail, illustrated with numerous color photos and there are also reference photos of real trenches. Includes 250 color illustrations.1 vol, 128 pgs 2021 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available mid August 2021 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-225041 Wagman, Greg ALL QUIET ON THE POTOMAC: Scenario Book for Altar of Freedom ACW Rules Grand Tactical Scenarios for the 18 largest ACW battles fought in the East from 1861 through 1865. Historical orders of battle, full color maps, and period details.1 vol, 156 pgs 2020 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-wire bound softback ......$48.00 rct

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1-225042 Wagman, Greg ATLANTA IS OURS: Scenario Book for Altar of Freedom ACW Rules Grand Tactical Scenarios for the 18 largest battles fought in the West from 1862 through 1865. Historical orders of battle, full color maps, and period details.1 vol, 142 pgs 2020 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-wire bound softback ......$48.00 rct

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1-227770 Hekel, Waldemar WHO's WHO IN THE AGE OF ALEXANDER AND HIS SUCCESSORS: From Chaironeia to Ipsos (338-301 BC) Reprint.

Compilation of more than 1,150 concise biographies of the men and women involved in the life and campaigns of Alexander the Great, and the struggle for power after his death. From leading commanders in Alexander's army to the nobles of the Persian Empire, and the many other individuals he encountered throughout his life and reign, these complete and balanced biographies by a renowned Canadian scholar are drawn from the literary and epigraphic sources of the age.

When the first edition of this volume was originally published in 2006 (with some 800 entries) it was acclaimed as a vital reference resource for anyone interested in the period; this second edition has been greatly expanded and substantially revised to widen the coverage of the human and political landscape in which Alexander moved. 1 vol, 336 pgs 2021 US, CASEMATE
NEW-dj, available early August 2021 ......$40.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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2-192320 Swope, Kenneth M. A Dragon's Head and a Serpent's Tail: Ming China and the First Great East Asian War, 1592-1598 Kenneth M. Swope has undertaken the first full-length scholarly study in English of this important conflict -- the invasion of Korea by Japanese troops in May of 1592. It was one of the decisive events in Asian history and the most tragic for the Korean peninsula until the mid-twentieth century. Japanese overlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi envisioned conquering Korea, Ming China, and eventually all of Asia; but Korea's appeal to China's Emperor Wanli for assistance triggered a six-year war involving hundreds of thousands of soldiers and encompassing the whole region. For Japan, the war was 'a dragon's head followed by a serpent's tail: an impressive beginning with no real ending.

Drawing on Korean, Japanese, and especially Chinese sources, he corrects the Japan-centered perspective of previous accounts and depicts Wanli not as the self-indulgent ruler of received interpretations but rather one actively engaged in military affairs-and concerned especially with rescuing China's client state of Korea. He puts the Ming in a more vigorous light, detailing Chinese siege warfare, the development and deployment of innovative military technologies, and the naval battles that marked the climax of the war. He also explains the war's repercussions outside the military sphere-particularly the dynamics of intra-regional diplomacy within the shadow of the Chinese tributary system.

What Swope calls the First Great East Asian War marked both the emergence of Japan's desire to extend its sphere of influence to the Chinese mainland and a military revival of China's commitment to defending its interests in Northeast Asia. Swope's account offers new insight not only into the history of warfare in Asia but also into a conflict that reverberates in international relations to this day.
1 vol, 432 pgs 2009 US, UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA
NEW-pb ......$32.00

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2-194630 Campbell, Alexander V. The Royal American Regiment: An Atlantic Microcosm, 1755-1772 In 1755, the British army raised the 60th Royal American Regiment of Foot to fight the French and Indian War. Each of the regiment's four battalions saw action in pivotal battles throughout the conflict. And as Alexander Campbell shows, the inclusion of foreign mercenaries and immigrant colonists alongside British volunteers made the RAR a microcosm of the Atlantic world. Not just a potent, combat-ready force, it played a key role in trade, migration, Indian diplomacy, and settlement.

This book moves beyond the campaign orientation of most regimental histories to explore how the Royal Americans helped forge new Atlantic connections. Campbell draws on the regiment's rich archival legacy - including the private papers of its first three colonels-in-chief and of mercenary field officers - to describe more fully than previous accounts the lives these soldiers led in the context of their times.

Campbell takes a closer look at the motivations of regimental founder James Prevost, a Swiss mercenary in the courts of Kings George II and George III, and explores how migration to America attracted rank-and-file soldiers. He examines the unit's training, deployment, and operational conduct to reveal the use of new tactics, and also chronicles a year in the soldiers' lives as they attended to hard labor in preparation for the summer's campaigns. He also traces the postwar activities of these veterans, showing how many of them, by taking up land grants they had been promised upon enlistment, helped settle the frontier and expand commerce.

Rather than focus on previously documented animosity between British regulars and provincials, Campbell reveals how soldiers from different backgrounds formed a multiracial, multilingual society that reflected a truly cosmopolitan transatlantic identity.

15 b/w illust, 3 maps, tables, biblio, index.
NEW-dj ......$27.00

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2-209810 Schneid, Frederick C. editor EUROPEAN ARMIES OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION, 1789-1802 Contains nine essays analyzing the organization and constitution of European armies of the period, the challenges they faced, and the impact they had on the French Revolutionary Wars and on European military practices. The volume opens with editor Frederick C. Schneid's substantial introduction, which reviews the strategies and policies of each participating state throughout the wars, establishing a clear context for the essays that follow.

Drawing on the latest research and thought, each contributor focuses on the army of a particular power: France, Prussia, Austria, Russia, Britain, Spain, the German principalities, the Italian states, and the Ottoman Empire. Their essays examine the system, tactics, operations, and strategies that each army adopted and developed in the Revolutionary Wars. The authors explore the conflicts' wider influence on these policies and practices, along with significant battles and actions.1 vol, 296 pgs 2015 US, UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA PRESS
NEW-dj ......$26.00

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2-192330 Cross, Edward All for the King's Shilling The British Soldier under Wellington, 1808-1814 Cross draws on a comprehensive database on British soldiers as well as first-person accounts of Peninsular War participants to offer a better understanding of their backgrounds and daily lives. He describes how these neglected and abused soldiers came to rely increasingly on the emotional and physical support of comrades and developed their own moral and behavioral code. Their cohesiveness, Cross argues, was a major factor in their legendary triumphs over the French.1 vol, 392 pgs 2010 US, UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA
NEW-dj ......$25.00

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1-200960 Aleshire, William A BUFFALO SOLDIER'S STORY: Sergeant Thomas Boyne Biography of Sergeant Thomas Boyne, a native of Prince George's County, Maryland, who joined the 2nd Light Artillery Company B of the United States Colored Troops at Point Lookout, Maryland, on February 5, 1864 and went on to receive our nation's highest military award, the Medal of Honor, while serving in the 9th United States Cavalry during the Indian Wars.

This is also the story of Boyne's comrades-African-American Buffalo Soldiers and the officers who commanded his various assigned units-who helped to open and preserve the West while performing their military duty for their country. This is a story that needs to be told. The integration of official government records, historical events, and newspaper articles enhance this comprehensive look at the struggles endured by Boyne, and other African-Americans who served their country during this period.

Boyne's entire military career is covered in precise detail. Careful transcriptions of original muster rolls for the period covered include: Muster Roll Records and Returns for Company B 2nd Light Artillery United States Colored Troops, Company K 40th United States Infantry, Company F 25th United States Infantry, Company C 9th United States Cavalry, Company L 9th United States Cavalry, and Company H 25th United States Infantry. Specific details from a variety of pertinent documents, orders, acts, and news articles; as well as an abundance of names, numerous vintage photographs, illustrations, a bibliography, and a name index.1 vol, 708 pgs 2021 US, HERITAGE BOOKS
NEW-softcover, new printing ......$66.00 rct

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1-LWG2101 Kanger, Kim HEART OF DARKNESS: An Adventure Game of African Exploration This is a game of adventure and exploration set in the mid-19th century where you, together with up to four other players, venture into deepest Africa. Your journey is financed by a major newspaper and publisher back home, and they expect you to bring home fantastic stories that they can publish. Your expedition consists of you, armed askaris, and porters that carry food and gifts.

There will be occasional local guides and goats to keep you company. The quest is to trek into what is unknown to you. You will interact with people that you meet, while searching for the myths and legends that are said to exist somewhere in Africa. To walk the land among people that might not appreciate your presence, to face hunger and predators, and to reveal what perhaps should remain hidden is dangerous. Not only are the lives of your expedition at stake, but your sanity as well.1 vol, 1 pgs 2021 US, LEGION WARGAMES LLC
NEW-box ......$76.00 DISCOUNT:10% rct

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1-227790 Koszela, Witold CRUISERS OF THE III REICH: Volume 1 Describes their history in the order in which they entered the service, devoting much attention to their construction and defining the differences. Also includes the history of the service, considering policy and people who had a direct influence on the ships' fate. Many excellent quality photographs primarily from private collections. All the ships are described and illustrated with full technical specifications. Profusely illustrated with scale drawings and color illustrations.

Cruisers described in Volume 1: Emden, Konigsberg, Karlsruhe, Koln, and Leipzig.1 vol, 200 pgs 2021 POLAND, MMP BOOOKS
NEW-dj, available mid August 2021 ......$52.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-227800 Isaev, Alexey HITLER'S FORTRESS IN THE EAST: The Sieges of Ternopol, Kovel, Poznan and Breslau, 1944-1945 'Fortresses must carry out the same tasks as the fortresses of old..They must allow themselves to be surrounded and thus tie down as many enemy forces as possible.' So Hitler directed in March 1944 and, in so doing, sealed the fate of Ternopol, Kovel, Poznan, and Breslau -- cities that were in the path of the Red Army's advance towards Germany. German forces, under orders to resist at all costs, adopted all-round defense and struggled to hold out while waiting for relief - which never came. Includes: 60 black and white illustrations.

Describes, in vivid detail, what happened next -- intense and ruthless fighting, horrendous casualties among soldiers and civilians, the fabric of these historic cities torn apart. Offers insight into the tactics on both sides, the experience of the close-quarter fighting in the streets and houses, and the dreadful aftermath. At the same time, he shows why these cities were chosen and how the wider war passed them by as the Wehrmacht retreated and the battlefront moved westward.1 vol, 272 pgs 2021 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-dj, available mid August 2021 ......$35.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-227810 Kavalerchik, Boris THE TANKS OF OPERATION BARBAROSSA: Soviet Versus German Armour on the Eastern Front Drawing on technical and operational documents from Russian archives, many of which were classified until recently and are unknown to Western readers, compares the strengths and weakness of the German and Soviet tanks and the different ways in which they were used by the opposing armies. Examines how German superiority in tactics overcame inferiority in numbers.1 vol, 288 pgs 2021 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available mid August 2021 ......$27.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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1-227780 Choo, Roy MODERN TAIWANESE AIR POWER: The Republic of China Air Force Today Comprehensive study of Taiwan's air force with in-depth analysis backed by high-quality images. It examines its aircraft fleet, combat capabilities today, and what the future holds for the air arm.

The sovereign status of Taiwan - or the Republic of China - has been a source of instability in the Asia-Pacific region for much of the last 70 years. While Taiwan aspires to be an independent and democratic nation, the communist-led People's Republic of China sees it as a breakaway province. With Beijing flexing its muscles in recent years amid rising tensions between China and the US, the potential for a military flashpoint along the narrow Taiwan Strait cannot be overstated.

The strategy of the Republic of China Armed Forces is to present Beijing with a credible deterrent, and should this fail, defend against a People's Liberation Army attack and possible invasion. The Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) is charged with the defense of airspace over and around Taiwan and enabling military operations in land and sea domains. If necessary, it could also take the battle into China as part of a multi-pronged offensive effort.

While the ROCAF is relatively well-equipped and trained, attempts to modernize have been hit by political and fiscal challenges. The ROCAF has made some headway with mid-life upgrades for the majority of its more than 20-year-old fighter fleet and will receive a much-needed boost with the introduction of F-16C/D Block 70s in the coming years. However, it still lacks many force-multiplier capabilities such as aerial refueling and electronic warfare. Amid qualitative and quantitative improvements to the PLA air combat fleets, the military balance across the Taiwan Strait continues to tip towards Mainland China.1 vol, 96 pgs 2021 UK, HARPIA PUBLISHING
NEW-pb, available mid August 2021 ......$30.00 DISCOUNT:15% rct

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