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1-59930 Parker, Chris

DAY OF BATTLE - The Middle Ages 2nd Edition full color
Great set of medieval rules allows you to field medieval armies as a great warlord. Choose your style of play via your warlord type (Raider, Mercenary, or Chivalric) and the clever honor mechanism rewards your actions -- and punishes your failures -- in every battle. The higher the honor, the more capable and prestigious your leader. Makes for a great campaign-style series of battles every time you play a one-off game.

Summon your forces through simulated feudal system using deck of regular playing cards. Stand-based system, variable moves, special formations such as shield wall and wedge, and 10 domains (Army Lists) allow you build armies for Normans, Anglo-Saxons, feudal English, feudal Scots, feudal French, feudal Germans, Crusaders, Seljuk Turk, 100 Years War French, 100 Years War English, and Wars of the Roses.

8.5x11, well-illustrated, two card-stock reference cards included.1 vol, 56 pgs 2012 US, OMM PUBLISHING
NEW-wire bound softcover ......$24.00
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1-59932 Parker, Chris

DAY OF BATTLE - The Norman Conquest
Day of Battle Supplement set in the 11th century follows the rise of the Normans in France. March with them to England, Italy, Byzantium, and beyond to the beginnings of the First Crusade. A copy of Day of Battle: The Middle Ages is required. Supplement includes: 15 new Army Lists for Northern Europe, Italy, and Byzantium -- Normans, Vikings, Papal Italians, and 12 more; Advanced Warlord and Campaign Rules; Includes Dynasty (an area based campaign for one to five players); Three area maps: England, France, and Italy; and two battle scenarios: Hastings and Durrazo.1 vol, 52 pgs 2012 US, OMM PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover ......$20.00
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1-59933 Parker, Chris

DAY OF BATTLE - Crusader Warfare
Crusader Warfare is the latest Day of Battle - the Middle Ages supplement covering the period 950AD to 1450AD. The Reconquista, The Baltic Crusade, The Albergensian Crusade and The Crusades in the Levant are all covered. Each chapter gets new Domains and a new campaign map for our medieval campaign system 'Dynasty.' Included in this sourcebook are 20 new Domains (Army Lists) and four new maps. Though a copy of Day of Battle: the Middle Ages is recommended, readers may easily convert the Domains and campaign system for use with other popular rule sets.1 vol, 48 pgs 2012 US, OMM PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover ......$20.00
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1-201081 Wood, David amd Surdu, Buck

FATE OF BATTLE: The Last Days of the First Empire - Napoleon's 1814 Campaign
Napoleon's campaign of 1814 is not well known, often treated as a footnote between Leipzig
and Waterloo. Frequently, authors make general statements about the Emperor once again displaying the brilliance of young Napoleon but being defeated by overwhelming numerical superiority. This book provides play-tested scenarios to allow players to recreate the
important battles of this campaign.

* Brienne (29 Jan.)
* La Rothiere (1 Feb.)
* Montmirail (11 Feb.)
* Chateau-Thierry (12 Feb.)
* Vauchamps (14 Feb.)
* Montereau (18 Feb.)
* Bar-sur-Aube (27 Feb.)
* Craonne (7 Mar.)
* Laon (9 Mar.)
* Reims (13 Mar.)
* Arcis-sur-Aube (20 Mar.)
* Fere-Champenoise (25 Mar.)

The scenarios in this book are suitable for use with any Napoleonic miniatures rules. Each battle includes a brief description of the battle, order of battle, full color map, special scenario rules, and victory conditions. Battles can be played separately or as part of a campaign, in which the results of one battle have an impact on forces present in following battle. 1 vol, 68 pgs 2014 US, ON MILITARY MATTERS
NEW-softcover ......$30.00
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1-212010 Abdale, Jason

FOUR DAYS IN SEPTEMBER: The Battle of Teutoburg
Examines the ancient sources and challenges the hypotheses of modern scholars to present a clear picture of the prelude to the battle, the fighting itself, and its aftermath.

In late September of 9 AD, three Roman legions, while marching to suppress a distant tribal rebellion, were attacked in a four-day battle with the Germanic barbarians. The Romans, under the leadership of the province's governor, Publius Quinctilius Varus, were taken completely by surprise, betrayed by a member of their own ranks: the German officer and secret rebel leader, Arminius. The defeat was a heavy blow to both Rome's military and its pride. Though the disaster was ruthlessly avenged soon afterwards, later attempts at conquering the Germans were half-hearted at best. 1 vol, 272 pgs 2016 UK, PEN & SWORD
NEW-pb, available late July 2016 ......$40.00 discount: :15%
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1-89630 Barbero, Alessandro

DAY OF THE BARBARIANS:First Battle in the Fall of
A concise look at the Battle of Adrianople. The author presents his argument that this was thefirst battle in the fall of Rome. Reading list,biblio.1 vol, 192 pgs 2008 US, WALKER & COMPANY
NEW-pb ......$16.00
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2-195390 Sadler, John

TOWTON: The Battle of Palm Sunday Field 1461
The battle at Towton in Yorkshire on 29 March 1461 was the largest, longest fought and bloodiest day in English medieval history. In terms of the number of troops involved, the ruthlessness of the fighting, the quantity of casualties and the decisive nature of its outcome, Towton stands out from the long sequence of battles fought for control of England in the fifteenth century.

This bitter contest of arms was a turning point in the Wars of the Roses and -- as a result of the discoveries of modern archaeological research - it is one of the best known. John Sadler, in this vivid reconstruction of the battle, offers a fresh view of a pivotal episode in English history and an unflinching insight into the cruelties of medieval warfare.1 vol, 224 pgs 2011 UK, PEN AND SWORD
NEW-softcover, available mid May 2014 -- NEW PB Edition ......$25.00 discount: :15%
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1-210000 Cornwell, Bernhard

WATERLOO: The History of Four Days, Three Armies, and Three Battles
On June 18, 1815, the armies of France, Britain, and Prussia descended upon a quiet valley south of Brussels. In the previous three days, the French army had beaten the Prussians at Ligny and fought the British to a standstill at Quatre-Bras. The Allies were in retreat. The little village north of where they turned to fight the French army was called Waterloo. The blood-soaked battle to which the town gave its name would become a landmark in European history.

In his first work of nonfiction, Bernard Cornwell combines his storytelling skills with a meticulously researched history to give a riveting chronicle of every dramatic moment-from Napoleon's daring escape from Elba to the smoke and gore of the three battlefields and their aftermath. Through quotes from the letters and diaries of Emperor Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, and the ordinary officers and soldiers, Cornwell brings to life how it actually felt to fight those famous battles-as well as the moments of amazing bravery on both sides that left the outcome hanging in the balance until the bitter end.1 vol, 352 pgs 2015 US, HARPER
NEW-dj ......$35.00 discount: :10%
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1-14190 Howarth, David

The book follows the fortunes of men of both sides. Color and b/w illust, end maps, index.1 vol, 239 pgs 1968 NEW YORK, ATHENEUM
V. GOOD-dj, Inventory clearance sale (3) copies ......$12.00 discount: :50%
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2-14190 Howarth, David

The book follows the fortunes of men of both sides. Color and b/w illust, end maps, index.1 vol, 239 pgs 1968 NEW YORK, GALAHAD BOOKS
GOOD-dj, b/c edition ......$12.00
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1-219980 Mertz, Gregory

ATTACK AT DAYLIGHT AND WHIP THEM: The Battle of Shiloh - April 6-7, 1862
The Confederate plan on the morning of April 6, 1862 was to attack at daylight and beat the unsuspecting Union Army of the Tennessee. A brutal day of fighting ensued, unprecedented in its horror-the devil's own day, one union officer admitted. Confederates needed just one final push.

Grant did not sit and wait for that assault, though. He gathered reinforcements and planned a counteroffensive. On the morning of April 7, he intended to attack at daylight and whip them. The bloodshed that resulted from the two-day battle exceeded anything America had ever known in its history.1 vol, 192 pgs 2019 US SAVAS BEATIE
NEW-softcover ......$15.00 discount: :15% rct
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3-32050 Ascoli, David

DAY OF BATTLE, A:Mars-La-Tour 16 August 1870
Detailed account of the climatic battle that was to change the face of Europe. Battle maps, illusts of the terrain, o/b's, biblio, index.1 vol, 384 pgs 1987 LONDON, HARRAP LIMITED
V.GOOD-dj ......$60.00
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1-228380 Moran, Jim

BATTLE OF PELELIU 1944: Three Days That Turned into Three Months
The Palau Islands formed part of Japan's second defensive line, and Peleliu's garrison amounted to more than 10,000 men. Consequently, when the US preliminary bombardment began on 12 September 1944, it was devastating. For two days the island was pounded relentlessly. Such was the scale of the destruction that the commander of the 1st Marine Division, Major General William H. Rupertus, told his men: 'We're going to have some casualties, but let me assure you this is going to be a fast one, rough but fast. We'll be through in three days - it may only take two.'

At 08.32 hours on 15 September 1944, the Marines went ashore. Despite bitter fighting, and a ferocious Japanese defense, by the end of the day the Marines had a firm hold on Peleliu. But rather than Japanese resistance crumbling during the following days as had been expected, it stiffened, as they withdrew to their prepared defensive positions. The woods, swamps, caves and mountains inland had been turned into a veritable fortress - it was there where the real battle for possession of Peleliu was fought.

Day after day the Americans battled forward, gradually wresting control of Peleliu from the Japanese. Despite Major General Rupertus' prediction, it was not until 27 November, after two months, one week, and five days of appalling fighting, and a final, futile last sacrificial charge by the remaining enemy troops, that the Battle of Peleliu came to an end.1 vol, 224 pgs 2021 UK, FRONTLINE BOOKS
NEW-pb, available mid October 2021 ......$25.00 discount: :15% inc
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1-204440 Szamveber, Norbert

DAYS OF BATTLE: Armoured Operations North of the River Danube, Hungary 1944-45
Presents detailed accounts of four important clashes of German-Hungarian and Soviet armor north of the river Danube 1944-1945, in the southern territory of the historical Upper Hungary (part of Hungary between 1938 and 1945, at the present time now part of Slovakia) in three separate studies. 24 b/w photos, 16 color maps.

The first is an account of the battle between the Ipoly and Garam rivers during the second half of December 1944, in which the elite Hungarian Division Szent Laszlo saw action for the first time.

The second study is about the fierce tank battle of Komarom, fought between the 6-22 January 1945. This was an integral part of the Battle for Budapest, parallel in time with Operation Konrad.

The third part of the book describes the combat during the German Operation Sudwind in February 1945 and the Soviet attack launched in the direction of Bratislava in March 1945.

The author, chief of Hungary's military archives, has based his research firmly on files and documentation from German, Hungarian and Soviet sources. The book's authoritative text is supported by photographs and color battle maps. This is a very important new study that throws much-needed light on armored warfare on the Eastern Front during the final months of the war.1 vol, 288 pgs 2014 UK, HELION AND COMPANY
NEW-dj, available late January 2014 ......$70.00 discount: :15%
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2-197640 Zaloga, Steven

ARMORED ATTACK 1944: U.S. Army Tank Combat in the European Theater from D-Day to the the Battle of the Bulge
First of two-volume set contains 1,199 photos of American and German tanks with Zaloga's expert captions. Covers D-Day, Normandy, southern France, the Siegfried Line, the push to the Rhine, and the Battle of the Bulge. It includes all varieties of American armor, from Shermans to Hellcats. Perfect for modelers and World War II enthusiasts.1 vol, 512 pgs 2012 US, STACKPOLE BOOKS
NEW-dj, INVENTORY REDUCTION 25% discount ......$45.00 discount: :25%
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1-197590 Zetterling, Niklas

BISMARCK: The Final Days of Germany's Greatest Battleship
The sinking of the German battleship Bismarck-a masterpiece of engineering, well-armored with a main artillery of eight 15-inch guns-was one of the most dramatic events of World War II. She left the port of Gotenhafen for her first operation on the night of 18 May 1941, yet was almost immediately discovered by Norwegian resistance and Allied air reconnaissance. British battlecruiser Hood was quickly dispatched from Scapa Flow to intercept the Bismarck, together with new battleship Prince of Wales. They were ordered to find the ship quickly because, on their way from the USA, several large convoys were heading for Britain.

On 24 May, Bismarck was found off the coast of Greenland, but the ensuing battle was disastrous for the British. The Hood was totally destroyed within minutes (only 3 crewmen surviving), and Prince of Wales was badly damaged. The chase resumed until the German behemoth was finally caught, this time by four British capital ships supported by torpedo-bombers from the carrier Ark Royal. The icy North Atlantic roiled from the crash of shellfire and bursting explosions until finally the Bismarck collapsed, sending nearly 2,000 German sailors to a watery grave.

Tamelander and Zetterling's work rests on stories from survivors and the latest historical discoveries. The book starts with a thorough account of maritime developments from 1871 up to the era of the giant battleship, and ends with a vivid account, hour by hour, of the dramatic and fateful hunt for the mighty Bismarck, Nazi-Germany's last hope to pose a powerful surface threat to Allied convoys. 1 vol, 328 pgs 2012 US, CASEMATE PUBLISHING
NEW-softcover, available late January 2012 ......$17.00 discount: :15%
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1-218020 Neville, Leigh

DAY OF THE RANGERS: The Battle of Mogadishu - 25 Years On
On October 3, 1993, Task Force Ranger was dispatched to seize two high-profile lieutenants of a Somali warlord. Special Forces troops were transported by ground vehicles and helicopters, and the mission was meant to be over within the hour. They quickly found themselves under heavy fire, and two Black Hawk helicopters were shot down. With a hastily organized relief column many hours away, the American troops faced a desperate battle for survival.

Focusing on the stories of the soldiers on the ground, and in the air, Day of the Rangers reveals the experiences and recollections of the Special Forces units, including the Rangers, Delta operators, and Nightstalker crews who fought in the battle of Mogadishu.

Published to mark the battle's 25th anniversary and using recently declassified documents and new interviews with many of the participants, Day of the Rangers is a fascinating and revealing new history of a battle that would influence American Special Forces for decades to come.1 vol, 352 pgs 2018 UK, OSPREY PUBLISHING
NEW-dj, available mid September 2018 ......$30.00 discount: :15%
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